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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Revision of EU Novel Foods Regulation

24 November 2015

On Wednesday 29 October the members of the European Parliament voted on proposals to simplify the approval procedures for new foods or food ingredients (‘novel foods’). An update to the existing regulation is urgently ne...

‘Steam is an essential part of the production process'

24 November 2015

At Dutch meat producer Koetsier Vleeswaren, everything revolves around authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainability, despite – or perhaps because of – the state-of-the-art manufacturing resources, such as the use of a ...

Smilde Foods & Hago Food & Industry

24 November 2015

For many years, quality, flexibility and safety have been Hago Food & Industry’s recipe for success in providing effective cleaning services to Smilde Foods, and the contract was extended recently. Previous perfor...

Better hygiene management with chlorine dioxide

24 November 2015

Bacteria count in the water: less than a hundred. Mould count: zero. The water: Legionella-free. Those are the results achieved by a producer of ready-to-eat-products by using chlorine dioxide, supported by cleaning spec...

Disinfection using oxygen radicals

24 November 2015

“Can you disinfect a room at the touch of a button? Yes you can!” say Hugo ter Hoeve and Robert Kostrubiec from the Dutch company called Simpel Desinfecteren. They are launching the Nocospray method for the food industry...

Beyond cleaning and hygiene

24 November 2015

Hygiene codes, HACCP, disinfection…when it comes to cleaning and hygiene, there’s nothing new to report. Or is there? We spoke to six experts about management systems for measuring and analysis, about enzymatic cleaning ...

3D Foodprinting

13 October 2015

Picture the scene: you go into a restaurant, possibly with the CAD files for your self-designed pasta which you give to the chef. A little later your personal pasta is served to you on a plate, accompanied by a delicious...

Smart Industry: Eat or be (b)eaten!

13 October 2015

The unstoppable rise of digitalisation in combination with new advancements will result in dramatic changes to the global economy over the next decade. In the Netherlands too, this development will lead to a new industri...

Trends in automation a view of the future

13 October 2015

The pace of change in the food industry is fast. Trends follow one another in quick succession and the consumer is becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, food production must be even more hygienic, efficient, cost-e...

Royal De Koning Vlees BV

08 September 2015

De Koning Vlees B.V. produces tasty meat products for supply to the food processing industry, the food service sector and institutional kitchens at home and abroad – and even to the Dutch royal household. Managing direct...

Paperless order picking

30 June 2015

The advantages of paperless order picking with Reflex 3000: significant reduction in the number of order pick errors! Decrease in the number of split deliveries! Simple packaging registration! Productivity an...

Automatic double Clipper

30 June 2015

Clip specialist Clip-XL has introduced the new ‘K4-60’ automatic clipper from Lorenzo Barroso. This fully automatic double clipper can be used for a wide variety of natural and artificial casings of up to approx. 65mm in...

Enjoyment slice for slice

30 June 2015

The Polish dairy OSM SIERPC offers its high-quality hard cheese in an innovative consumer pack: it is easy to open, can be reclosed and keeps the cheese slices fresh for a long time. There is an almost 60 metre long pack...

The art of making it happen!

30 June 2015

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a pioneer in devising creative, innovative solutions for the food processing industry. “Every day, our impassioned team inspires our customers to utilise ingredients and processing technology in...

Improved insulation leads to savings

12 May 2015

AAK Netherlands refines vegetable oils and fats for use in various types of foodstuffs. The company has already implemented a number of measures aimed at saving energy and is now focusing on insulation. Such improvements...