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Robotisation, digitisation and automation in the food industry

The food industry is facing a number of challenges: reducing CO2 emissions, a shortage of raw materials and resources, rapidly changing consumer trends and a lack of (skilled) personnel, to name a few. What is the role o..

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Meat transport as an extension of cold storage

09 September 2014

In 2013, the European Commission requested a scientific opinion on the public health risks related to the maintenance of the cold chain during storage and transport of meat. To this end, TNO carried out research in The N...

Tools for optimising processes

10 June 2014

‘Trends in automation’ is a very broad topic. It covers traceability, analysis of big data and machines which are ever-better aligned with one another. Tablets are also becoming increasingly commonplace on the factory fl...

Nieuwste generatie Rühle tumblers

10 June 2014

Rühle heeft haar assortiment uitgebreid met een nieuw type tumbler: de MGR-500. Deze multifunctionele machine is in te zetten voor het tumblen, mengen en marineren van een grote verscheidenheid aan producten. De MGR-500 ...

Succesvol met Webomatic dieptrekkers

10 June 2014

Sismatec heeft opnieuw een aantal dieptrekkers verkocht, waaronder een compacte ML2600 aan TRIPLE MEAT. Naast de bekende toepassingen met flexibele en/of harde folie is er ook steeds meer vraag naar de SKIN machine. Ook ...

Weeg-/etiketteer machine WLS 400

10 June 2014

Accuraat wegen, hoge printkwaliteit, complete etiketinformatie en hoge verwerkingssnelheid zijn enkele belangrijke kenmerken van de WLS 400 weeg-/etiketteermachine. Het toetsenbord en de grafische display geven de gebrui...

BlowerBelt 5.5 kW industrial drying system

10 June 2014

It can be difficult to position labels or barcodes precisely on products with moisture on the exterior of the packaging, but EKUtech Foodmachinery now has the answer: two cleverly positioned air knives dry the product at...

Laminated films and laminated barrier films

10 June 2014

Laminated films and laminated barrier films provide food products with precisely the right kind of protection: a moisture-impervious barrier (to prevent dehydration), an oxygen barrier (to slow the rate of bacterial grow...

Updated agitator kettles from Spako

10 June 2014

The TRK agitator kettle is tiltable, optionally available with touchscreen control and, with a capacity of 200 litres, is ideal for medium-sized companies. Thanks to an electric heating element at the bottom, the agitato...

Dependable factor in the food industry

10 June 2014

As an established supplier, Baaijens Industrial Equipment has been a dependable factor in the food industry for many years. Over the years, in addition to meat and poultry segments, the seafood and petfood sectors have b...

3D food printing

10 June 2014

Nowadays, 3D printers can produce shapes using many different kinds of materials. From silver earrings to iPad covers, and from chocolate bars to toys printed from recycled plastic – the list of products that can be 3D p...

Striving for the very best

10 June 2014

Daily Fresh Food is focused on quality, even when purchasing packaging machines. They come from Multivac. “We did try a cheaper-brand machine once,” says Marcel Devilee, director at Daily Fresh Food. “But we soon reconsi...

VSD switches to Henneken

13 May 2014

From 1 June 2014 onwards, VSD Food Machinery will be supplying machinery from the German manufacturer Henneken. “Henneken has a large product range and the machines are adapted to product-specific characteristics,” expla...

Belgische Mora kiest voor Tramper S-360 traysealer

13 May 2014

A Tramper type S-360 servo-controlled tray sealing machine has recently been installed and is now operational at snack specialist MORA’s facility in Mol, Belgium. Running at a continuous capacity of an impressive 16 cycl...

New microcutter

13 May 2014

Baaijens Industrial Equipment has a long-standing reputation as a reliable supplier to the food manufacturing industry. Over the years, the fish and petfood sectors have become increasingly important in addition to the c...

A Smooth-Running System at Marfo

13 May 2014

At meal-solution manufacturer Marfo, food safety is fully integrated into the company’s operations. The QA department forms the heart of this approach and supports the other departments every step of the way, from the so...