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Robotisation, digitisation and automation in the food industry

The food industry is facing a number of challenges: reducing CO2 emissions, a shortage of raw materials and resources, rapidly changing consumer trends and a lack of (skilled) personnel, to name a few. What is the role o..

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Complete transparency at Groothedde

14 April 2015

Meat specialist Groothedde based in the Dutch town of Vaassen supplies beef and pork from carefully selected suppliers, primarily to retailers, the meat processing industry and foodservice/wholesale customers. How does t...


10 March 2015

Tijdens Anuga FoodTec presenteerde Stäubli Robotics, live het uitgebreide robotgamma: P80 Fast Picker, TS Scara en TX/RX 6-assige robots, zowel standaard als HE-modellen (resistent tegen reinigingsproducten). Stäubli rob...


10 March 2015

De Saniclip is de nieuwe innovatieve ontwikkeling van Habasit voor het snel demonteren en reinigen van kunststof modulaire banden, zonder gebruik te maken van gereedschap. Regelmatig reinigen in hygiënisch-kritische proc...

Long-term project

10 March 2015

Today's food is too sweet, too salty and too fatty. Consumers like to blame it all on the food industry, but that's not entirely fair. Sugar, salt and fat contribute to a product's unique taste, so it's only logical that...

Replacing regular salt with mineral salt

10 March 2015

Snijders Vleeswaren from Born is keen to stick to its traditional preparation methods, while the market is demanding healthier products with lower salt and fat contents. “That’s no easy task,” says the company director, ...

Efficiency all along the line

10 March 2015

At Anuga FoodTec (24-27 March 2015 in Cologne, Germany) Multivac presented various innovations: new machines which are characterised by intelligent processing and control technologies. The result: optimal efficiency, bot...


10 February 2015

Hilgenkamp Food Machinery heeft per 01 januari 2015 het handelsagentschap voor Unifreezing in de Benelux getekend. Unifreezing is een Internationaal engineerings - en productiebedrijf voor koel – en vriesoplossingen, met...

‘Innovation is the way to go'

10 February 2015

Global demand for high-quality carbohydrates and proteins is growing fast. How can we make sure everyone in the world has access to sufficient food of sufficient quality? And can this be achieved sustainably? The glob...

Higher quality on plates

10 February 2015

Family-run fresh fish wholesaler Versvishandel Jan van As is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. This ultra-modern company still maintains an artisanal approach to this day. It is innovative and pioneering yet al...

The thermal imaging camera

18 November 2014

In a comprehensive test by the trade magazines Photon and Photon-International the Testo thermal imaging cameras (the testo 876 and testo 885) came out on top. A follow-up study by the Fraunhofer Institute confirmed the ...

Semi-automatic filling

18 November 2014

For its agitator kettles, Spako has developed a semi-automatic drain tap: a practical tool for companies focused on craftsmanship such as caterers and butchers. It enables them to quickly fill packs of soups and sauces t...

Entry-level thermoformer

18 November 2014

The R085 thermoforming packaging machine is ideal for small volumes. Its thermoforming depth of max. 80 millimetres offers many packaging opportunities for both vacuum and MAP packaging. Thanks to the quick-change system...

Innovative packaging concept: Mylar

14 October 2014

An innovative packaging concept which enables food products – and their packaging – to be placed from the freezer directly into the oven or microwave or on the contact grill. It saves energy, reduces food waste and impro...

Automation without a care

09 September 2014

Insufficient supplies, redundant extra work, incorrect customer details, production costs that are not up to date, invoices that are overdue, understaffing, miscalculated discounts – they are every executive's nightmare....

New series of semi-automatic tray sealers

09 September 2014

Het Packhuys is introducing a new series of semi-automatic tray sealers for the Benelux market, which are able to produce MAP and/or SKIN packages. The machines are favorably in terms of price, have a compact and mobile ...