Flevosap as good as new thanks to renovation
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Flevosap as good as new thanks to renovation

  • 20 June 2022
  • By: Marjolein Straatman

When you drink apple juice, it should only be the apple that you taste. It is exactly that pure taste that the people behind the Flevosap brand are working for every day; in their own orchards in Biddinghuizen and at the production site. Just like the juices, the production location must remain at the best level. This is why the building was recently the subject of a renovation.

The family business Flevosap now exists for 60 years and has been producing juices since 1992. "We started out in the fruit trade. Recently, we said farewell to this business in order to fully concentrate on the fruit juices that are supplied to supermarkets, the hotel and catering industry. This has transformed us from an agricultural company into an industrial processor," says director Wyno Vermeulen.
The past few years have been characterised by growth. Barn after barn was built in order to steer it in the right direction. Naturally, everything has to be right to keep the juice pure and the hygiene up to scratch and to meet various requirements. "Bacteria and mould must not be given a chance. Because the premises had aged a bit, with cracks and loosening sealant in the seams, cleaning became more difficult and a renovation was needed."


No sooner said than done. Ceilings and walls in all three production areas were covered with new panels. These are Sealwise WCB panels. This circular product consists of recycled UPVC that is recyclable and it is waterproof, antiviral and antibacterial. This makes it ideal for use in the food industry. "The panels reduce the risk of contamination and have the highest possible fire rating for plastic, viz: Bs1d0. This is important, because the requirements for this are becoming higher and higher. Moreover, they last a lifetime," says Ernest Conradi, general manager of Sealwise Nederland in Waalwijk. Even if a dent or hole is made, the antibacterial effect remains intact, he says. 

Responsible for the work at Flevosap is Jack Pluim from Jackit in Beekbergen. He carries out both renovation and new construction projects in the food industry and the diverse work that goes with it. "At Flevosap, for example, we expanded a production area with stainless steel plates and installed new doors," he says. Jack also likes to work together. For example, the Ruys Group is still planning to lay new floors at the fruit juice supplier. Jack: " We are talking about a total renovation. But with one contact person. That saves time and money."

Renovation project at Flevosap


Jackit works throughout the country and is no longer unknown in the food industry. Cleaning and disinfecting every day leaves its traces behind; that's just the way it is. Jack explains: "For one of our customers, we first placed a stainless steel impact profile against the tiled walls that protects the walls against the impact of pallet trucks and trolleys. On top of that we continued with Sealwise panels because this is the best panel material available and also because this customer had high requirements regarding the fire class. We use PIR panels for the ceilings, which also have a high fire rating. If there is no room, we stick the Sealwise panels directly on the concrete ceiling. I only work with the best materials, and exactly what the situation requires. For example, I use the Innotec sealant for its quality and the fact that it comes with a five-year guarantee instead of the six months you get with other sealants. We have a solution for everything, whether it's a renovation or a new building." 

No downtime

The fact that companies keep choosing him is, in Jack's own words, because he is 'extremely flexible'. And that has to be said, they agree at Flevosap. Downtime is one of the last things a company needs. Therefore, renovations are carried out in such a way that the production process is affected as little as possible. Without downtime. "In our case, he worked as many weekends as possible and fully coordinated the work with our planning. We suffered absolutely no inconvenience from the renovation. That's good, of course, because it's expensive to spend hours standing still," says Wyno.
He is pleased with the results. "It is great when everything is perfect in your company. It makes you walk around with even more pride."


Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2022