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The smart food factory of the future

The resources we have at our disposal to feed the world are limited. How can new chip and digital technologies contribute to a society where everyone in the Netherlands has access to healthy and sustainably produced food..

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Espera contributes to consumer trust

27 November 2020

The food industry is the most critical sector with regard to product declaration. For the end user, the label on a product is the platform for all product-specific information, such as nutritional values and allergen inf...

1.2 million for research into bio-plastics from sugar

26 November 2020

Over the next three years, the University of Groningen (RUG) and various companies and knowledge institutes will conduct research into how bioplastics can be made from sugar in an efficient way, so that the price will be...

Ban on disposable plastic starting in 2021

18 November 2020

As of 3 July 2021, disposable plastic items such as straws, cutlery and plates will be banned in the EU. These are products that are most likely to end up in the environment and for which there are affordable alternative...

Save on purchase, maintenance and energy costs

16 November 2020

Family business Detailresult Groep N.V. (DRG) operates the Dirk and DekaMarkt formulas. They called in BOGE Kompressoren for an improvement plan for the butchery and bakery departments of the production and distribution ...

Hygiene as a pillar for Eetgemak

16 November 2020

According to meal supplier Eetgemak, everyone deserves a fresh, healthy and tasty meal. The basis is good ingredients and the right recipe, but optimal hygiene during preparation is just as indispensable. Many Dutch p...

New concept for weighing, labelling and sorting

16 November 2020

Fish processing company Profish can easily meet the growing demand for different labels within one order with less manpower. Thanks to two new weighing and labelling lines from Espera, plus a unique adaptation of the ERP...

Efficient and sustainable all under one roof

16 November 2020

Westfort Vleesproducten in IJsselstein realises one of the most modern meat processing locations worldwide: efficient, innovative, animal-friendly and sustainable. A modern processing and packing facility with an integra...

Getting over the corona ditch together

16 November 2020

We back-up everything. It must be packed in 'the cloud' in the meantime. I see a rental company for storage boxes, every loft filled with beautiful stuff (data), but also with a lot of unnecessary junk. If something goes...

Food group Ter Beke renovates factory

16 November 2020

Ter Beke's meat cutting and packaging plant had to be future-proof and hygienic. Many small production areas were converted into a few large rooms, in which no joints could be found. To realise this, the company turned t...

Warm contacts

16 November 2020

Are you already getting used to Teams? I am not. I don't think I'll ever get used to it; I'm still a people person.  We miss so many moments of personal contact with each other; both in private life and at work. ...

Hessing Supervers builds 'factory of the future'

11 November 2020

Hessing Supervers is going to build a new 'factory of the future' in the area Greenport Venlo in North Limburg. By realising this new production location, Hessing is taking an important strategic step to guarantee the co...

Refrigeration sector joins forces

11 November 2020

Providers and end users of refrigeration technology have recently set up the Stichting Netwerk Koude- en Klimaattechniek (NKK). The foundation will supervise the safety and quality of refrigeration systems. Due to the in...

Breakfast shock 2040: Scarcity of coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.

10 November 2020

More than 75% of the Dutch cannot imagine life without a cup of coffee or tea. However, they should do so, because if we continue to produce and consume in the same way as we do now, that cup of coffee or tea at breakfas...

Process optimisation at Zandvliet

10 November 2020

At the beginning of October, Sismatec installed a completely new Treif Twister SP+ at the company Zandvliet in Delft. Zandvliet has been working for years with various Treif dicing machines, including some very old ones....

National Cobot Day Corona Edition

05 November 2020

There are still many entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of automation. Certainly as an SME, you often do not know where to start, what the possibilities are, what the advantages and disadvantages of certain forms of ...