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Transition Time! A Circular Economy for Plastics

The Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC) wants to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics. An integral approach aimed at groundbreaking innovation and cooperation is necessary now. Primarily bec..

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Future Food Group launches new PLNT brand

15 May 2020

Future Food Group has developed its own brand. Under the name PLNT it markets an extensive line of meat substitutes. Products that are not only good for people but also for our planet. With the vision of making meat subs...

COV: Call FNV hurtful, unsubstantiated and inappropriate

11 May 2020

This is how Richard van der Kruijk, General Secretary of the COV, qualifies the FNV's call for hard intervention in the meat sector. It is a slap in the face for the thousands of employees who are committed to our food s...

Flexibility as a priority

01 May 2020

Globally, we see a growing demand for flexible deep-draw packaging solutions, driven by changing consumer needs. The current situation around the coronavirus reinforces the speed at which this is happening. Repak produce...

Future Farm ready to conquer Europe

07 April 2020

Future Food Group enters into a unique partnership with Fazenda Futuro. Fazenda Futuro is the first Brazilian food technology company to produce meat from plants and has already made a name for itself on the South Americ...

The future of food processing

06 April 2020

The food processing industry is becoming increasingly 'smarter': thanks to automation processes and new techniques. What does this mean for the work floor? What is the industry up against, what solutions are being offere...

Lazy Foods supplies Europe with fresh chilled guacamole

06 April 2020

Avocados require smooth processing due to their rapid discolouration. If that process is partly manual, the machine part cannot fail. A tamper-proof sealing machine is then indispensable.  "No party in America wi...

Hogeslag invests in sustainable employee policy

06 April 2020

"Our people are the company's capital asset. When we stop investing in our people, all other expenses will be a waste", says Rudi Holleboom, director of operations at Hogeslag Olst BV.  Beef producer Hogeslag Ols...

Smart and efficient processing system for chicken fillets

06 April 2020

Processing chicken fillet; that's what Van Leeuwen Chicken Specialities is all about. As quickly and as flexibly as possible, while maintaining the highest quality. With this in mind, Jansen Techniek, in collaboration wi...

Pay per packaging, or free packing?

06 April 2020

As a Dutch manufacturer of thermoformed packaging machines, we are very involved in the crisis that befalls us all. The new circumstances call for new forms of cooperation. Yesterday's certainties have suddenly become un...

Ultra-efficient new micro sieve technology

06 April 2020

Do you want to purify food, or detect contaminants in water at breakneck speed? Then microfiltration is extremely useful. The Dutch company Aquamarijn has developed a new type of micro sieve, 90 percent more economical t...

Empack postponed to June

12 March 2020

Following the postponement of several food trade fairs, the next edition of the Empack packaging trade fair will also be relocated due to the corona virus. Initially the fair would take place on 31 March, 1 and 2 April 2...

Antibacterial packaging less effective for greasier meat

12 March 2020

Researchers at Food Quality and Design discovered that the effect of antibacterial packaging depends, among other things, on the fat content in the meat. The packaging is more effective with lean minced meat than normal ...

Organisatiechange als succesfactor voor de food

11 March 2020

Veel partijen in de food zijn bezig met ketenintegratie, ze zoeken hun plek in de keten. En dat heeft impact, want om mee te kunnen gaan met de behoefte van de klant en dit terug te vertalen naar jouw bedrijf en de gehel...

Sustainable ambitions of Van Oers United

09 March 2020

Cees van Diest, Facility and HSE manager at Van Oers United wants to work smarter. So does Ronnie Schiltmans, director and owner of Prodoor in Apeldoorn. Together, they are already well on their way when it comes to the ...

Bolscher: Butcher of the future

09 March 2020

We have to be more careful with our planet. For example, by taking a larger part of our proteins from vegetable sources and opting for sustainable energy. The brothers Roy and Chiel Bolscher, owners and directors of the ...