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Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developed into the food innovation center of Europe. The Netherlands can and should play a major role in developing the food system of the future. Discover how and taste the opportuniti..

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Growth van der Meer requires new smoke cabinet

10 May 2021

The fourth generation is now at the helm of Keurslagerij Van der Meer. The three brothers have honoured the craft, but have also increased the capacity considerably. With thanks to the new smoke cabinet.  The sme...

Doors are part of development

10 May 2021

In 2017, Hems moved to a new building in Oss. With high expectations, they continued their meat activities at the new location. However, after six months problems arose with the humidity. Adjustment of passageways was ne...

Pioneering labelling for pizzas

28 April 2021

Automatic labelling, high-quality appearance and a large information area with an unobstructed view of the product: MULTIVAC's full wrap labelling solution for pizzas and other flat foods fulfils the requirements in ever...

Braas Brood- en Banketbakkerij chooses Fobis

28 April 2021

At Braas Brood- en Banketbakkerij b.v., bread and pastries are produced in a precise and very modern way. Here, automation and robotisation are used to a great extent.  Braas aims to continuously improve the comp...

Intelligent robots increase the benefit from fresh produce

21 April 2021

Around the world, grading, sorting and assembling of fresh fruits and vegetables is done predominantly manually. “It would save companies a lot of time and costs if these time-consuming, dull and repetitive tasks were ca...

Process optimisation with Repak

12 April 2021

There is a trend among producers of fresh potatoes and fries in the Benelux towards process optimisation: higher capacity with fewer people. Repak's thermoformers offer a solution that is tailored to the needs of the ind...

Sustainable and ambitious project nears completion

12 April 2021

Westfort Vleesproducten (Westfort Meat Products) is a very modern slaughterhouse, where considerable investments have been made in animal welfare, improved meat quality and sustainable energy solutions. In IJsselstein, t...

Concurrentie voordeel met de juiste tools

12 April 2021

Save the date! 05.05.2021: Forward21. Voor virtuele inzichten in digitalisering in de procesindustrie. Want het niet langer de vraag óf bedrijven digitaliseren, maar met welke ideale aanpak. De procesindustrie kent bijzo...

Doors make the difference

12 April 2021

Warm air supply and ice formation in the cold store gave Seacon Production headaches. It endangered the quality of the deep-frozen fish products. A new air door in combination with a high-speed door provided the desired ...

Tomassen Vlees: 'Improvement is a continuous process'

12 April 2021

Mike Tomassen is in charge of Tomassen Vlees in Someren, together with his brother Dennis. They slaughter purely for third parties, of which 70% is Beter Leven, a portion organic and the rest regular. "Mass production is...

LEGISLATION and ingredients

12 April 2021

The growing demand for plant-based products, alternative protein sources and a more sustainable food system inevitably goes hand in hand with new and adapted legislation, also with regard to food labelling. In this artic...

Food additives and their functionality

12 April 2021

Food products have a structure, colour, taste, smell and a certain shelf life. To make and/or improve these aspects, functional additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and modified starches are used. Howev...

Hessing builds production site in Greenport Venlo

01 April 2021

Hessing has started building a new vegetable production site in Horst aan de Maas, Greenport Venlo. Today the first concrete was poured, in the presence of Joost van den Akker, deputy of the Province of Limburg, Ryan Pal...

Sustainable food packaging without quality loss

30 March 2021

With the global movement to reduce plastic use and waste, food producers are in a difficult position. Plastic remains the best material for food packaging. After all, products packaged in plastic have a much longer shelf...

Packaging solutions in Food

30 March 2021

How can the shelf life of delicate products be extended? How can the consumption of packaging materials be reduced? What sustainable packaging concepts does MULTIVAC offer especially for fresh produce and convenience foo...