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Construction: Important considerations for food entrepreneurs

You want to expand or renovate. So, you decide to build! Once you’ve made that decision, questions start arising. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? How does this choice affect fire safety? What about ..

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Vergeer and adapa develop innovative cheese packaging

12 December 2023

Vergeer, a leading Dutch cheese supplier, and adapa, a specialized packaging company, join forces to create an innovative cheese packaging that not only catches the eye on the refrigerated shelf but also meets strict req...

Vacuum packaging is once again in style!

12 December 2023

Vacuum sealing fresh food not only saves plastic, space, and extends shelf life but also makes the product stackable and provides optimal protection. When using mono-material, the packaging is also ready for recycling! M...

How 3°C can change the global food chain

07 December 2023

Recent research conducted by an international team of scientists reveals a simple yet impactful solution to enhance the sustainability of the global food chain. By increasing the temperature of frozen food by a mere 3°C,...

EU takes a step forward in battle against waste and pollution

06 December 2023

On Wednesday, November 22, the European Parliament made a resolute stand to address the escalating waste crisis while simultaneously promoting reuse and recycling. With an overwhelming majority of 426 votes in favor, 125...

Microplastics under the microscope: 7 bold projects

04 December 2023

Seven innovative research projects collectively receive a subsidy of €2.1 million from ZonMw. These initiatives, united in the MOMENTUM 2.0 consortium, focus on micro- and nanoplastics. Spanning four crucial themes, the ...

Cloetta's New Electric Factory Sparks Debate

29 November 2023

In the town of Roosendaal, Netherlands, Cloetta, a well-known confectionery manufacturer, has stirred a bit of controversy with its recent decision to fully electrify its new factory. This factory, associated with popula...

Sustainable Floor Solutions at JIMMY's with DR Flexjoint

28 November 2023

How reassuring it is to rely on a durable, elastic transition between different floor sections. A permanent joint that you can effortlessly drive over, resistant to molds and bacteria, and even adheres to a concrete floo...

RBK: Integrated Hygiene in Food Industry

27 November 2023

"Today, there are wonderful hygienically designed machines, equipment, and solutions available on the market. But that's not the end of it... That's just the beginning!" says Rinke Kortenbach from RBK. He explains where ...

Sea Fresh Retail: More certainty, less disinfectant

27 November 2023

Those who supply to retail must have their business in excellent order: sustainability certifications, the ability to deliver quickly, and perfect hygiene. Sea Fresh Retail meets all these criteria with flying colours. ...

Dalco Food Relocates from Oss to Oosterhout

25 November 2023

Dalco Food is set to move its operations from Oss to a facility in Oosterhout. This decision has sparked concerns among the workforce in Oss, where over 50 employees are faced with significant changes. The Oss production...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at MULTIVAC

23 November 2023

Exciting offers on Black Friday 2023 from MULTIVAC! We're showcasing four brand-new, state-of-the-art MULTIVAC showroom packaging machines at significantly reduced prices. Along with these deals, enjoy additional benefit...

Steam Boiler Maintenance: Key to Longevity

23 November 2023

Understanding the origin of a steam boiler can be crucial in the long term. Initially, it's vital to recognize how maintenance significantly affects a steam boiler's lifespan. Various types of preventive maintenance can ...

Rising revenues despite labour shortages in the food industry

21 November 2023

A poll conducted in October 2023 among food industry entrepreneurs revealed a generally optimistic outlook. At that time, 26.7% of business owners anticipated increased revenues in the coming year, outweighing the 7.0% w...

Online edition November 2023 | Hygiene, Cleaning & Disinfection

20 November 2023

The November issue of Vakblad Voedingsindustrie delves into key areas of the food industry, highlighting food safety, sustainability, and innovation. The edition underscores the significant role technol...

Hygiene Management Optimization at Vion

20 November 2023

"The cleaning of our production sites, slaughterhouses, cutting plants, and retail locations is an extension of production," says Hugo Pol, Group QA Manager at Vion. "Its execution significantly impacts the quality of ou...