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The smart food factory of the future

The resources we have at our disposal to feed the world are limited. How can new chip and digital technologies contribute to a society where everyone in the Netherlands has access to healthy and sustainably produced food..

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A Manufacturing Execution System, Easy as pie?

12 January 2021

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an information system for planning, monitoring and controlling production processes with a continuous character. It is the vertical, digital connection between the office and the...

Moving towards a low-plastic world

12 January 2021

As a pioneer in the packaging industry, MULTIVAC has been working for years to offer its customers alternative plastic-saving packaging options. There are plenty of opportunities to meet all plastic saving and recycling ...

DSM and TU Delft launch Artificial Intelligence Lab

12 January 2021

Royal DSM and TU Delft announced the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Lab for Biosciences (the Lab). This lab is the first of its kind in Europe to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to the entire fie...

Companies are asking massively for GS1 barcodes

12 January 2021

Dutch companies are eager for GS1 barcodes. In the past year, over 4,500 new companies have signed up with GS1 Netherlands, because they want a unique barcode on their products for (online) sales. GS1 Netherlands now has...

FrieslandCampina switches to 100% recycled PET bottles

08 January 2021

As of February 2021, FrieslandCampina will produce PET bottles from 100% recycled PET (rPET). Because a PET bottle can only be recycled if the consumer has removed the label, FrieslandCampina's Research & Development...

Consumers' Association: 'Consumers don't trust label'.

08 January 2021

Almost everyone is busy living a healthier life. Whether it's eating healthier (66%), losing weight (45%) or getting fitter (73%). Almost all Dutch people (91%) are interested in one or more of these themes, according to...

Finnish institute makes PEF from citrus peels

05 January 2021

The shift from fossil to renewable bio-plastics requires new efficient methods. The Finnish research institute VTT has developed a new technology to use pectin-containing agricultural waste, such as citrus peelings and s...

Azura Group: First tomato producer 100% CO₂-neutral

18 December 2020

At the end of 2020, the Azura Group, one of the market leaders in fruit and vegetable production, will become the first tomato producer and supermarket supplier to achieve CO₂ neutrality for all its activities, from the ...

MULTIVAC is one of the '50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders'

15 December 2020

For MULTIVAC, sustainability is an integral part of its business strategy. This has led to the appointment of one of the 50 model companies in the field of climate protection and energy efficiency. In this top 50, they a...

Limit in circularity for plastic packaging is 72%

11 December 2020

Scientists have determined the theoretical limit in circularity for plastic packaging. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research, Ghent University and the University of Twente have collaborated on this. They ...

Grant for accelerating innovation

10 December 2020

In order to speed up innovation, the government wants SMEs to cooperate more. In order to stimulate that cooperation, there is the subsidy scheme 'MIT R&S Collaborative Projects'. The Province of Gelderland supports ...

The love-hate relationship between consumer and packaging

10 December 2020

Consumers are confronted with packaging on a daily basis, such as the plastic wrapping around the sweet bell pepper, the cardboard milk carton or the glass jar containing peas. Consumers want more sustainable packaging, ...

BASF and UM join forces on durable vegetable growing

09 December 2020

BASF's vegetable seed company and Maastricht University (UM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the Brightlands Future of Farming Institute (BFFI). The aim of the cooperation is to study sustaina...

Plant-based cheeses from Boermarke

01 December 2020

At the beginning of 2021, Boermarke will produce 10 tons of vegetable cheese daily, for which an entirely new production line will be set up. For this high quality product, they have found a suitable partner in MULTIVAC ...

Distribution Source Technology via start up Taaas BV

01 December 2020

The Danish company Source Technology, inventor of the PowerHeater™, offers customers innovative technology to produce texturized food products. The process reduces traditional processing and cooking costs for higher valu...