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The smart food factory of the future

The resources we have at our disposal to feed the world are limited. How can new chip and digital technologies contribute to a society where everyone in the Netherlands has access to healthy and sustainably produced food..

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'To go packaging' is hardly ever recycled

12 December 2022

The packaging of to-go stores and fast-food chains is hardly recycled and the possibilities for reuse are very limited. This is according to research by Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment). Whether it is coffe...

Circular bioplastics partial solution to climate crisis

12 December 2022

With unchanged policies, global plastic production is likely to triple by 2100. By fully powering a circular biobased plastics industry with emission-free electricity, and by abandoning waste incineration, the sector cou...

Winter offer of used Multivac machines

06 December 2022

Do you need a traysealer, thermoformer, labeller, portioner or slicer at short notice? MULTIVAC can move quickly and offers used machines for sale and for rent in addition to brand new packaging and processing machines. ...

Europe wants stricter rules for packaging waste

01 December 2022

The European Commission wants to reduce packaging waste by imposing stricter rules. For example, companies will have to offer a certain percentage of their products in reusable or refillable packaging and disposable, sin...

KIDV: Beverage cartons are quite recyclable

28 November 2022

According to research by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR), the recycling rate of beverage cartons was 31 per cent in 2020. Only the paper fibres were recycled; incidentally, these are not used in new bevera...

Antibacterial and antiviral through and through

21 November 2022

No coating, but antibacterial and antiviral through and through: this is what Jackit has been successfully installing with Sealwise recycled panels in renovations for the food processing industry for over two years. The ...

Start with the basics: Don't give bacteria a chance

21 November 2022

Bacteria are everywhere but often unwanted. Especially in environments such as laboratories and food plants, they should not be given a chance. So how can you prevent bacterial growth? With high-quality antibacterial wal...

Vakona mixers and tumblers

21 November 2022

Vakona specialises in the development and production of machinery for the food industry. The main focus of this Sismatec partner is on tumbling, mixing and massaging; both with and without vacuum. The Vakona ESK tumblers...

GEA launches Smart Sealing System

15 November 2022

The renowned GEA SmartPacker CX and SX400 vertical packaging machines, can now be equipped with the innovative "Smart Sealing System". This system uses coated sealing strips instead of Teflon tape, giving it a significan...

Made specifically for small batches of fresh food

01 November 2022

Do you produce small or medium-sized batches of fresh food? Then read on! After all, our packaging solutions are very flexible and offer an excellent return on investment.  You can already benefit from a MULTIVAC au...

Optimised business processes with RBK Group

18 October 2022

streamlines business processes with software solutions such as the well-known FOBIS®. But there is more. With innovative new construction and remodelling, the group acts as a one-stop shop for any company that wants to b...

Major construction project at Voncken Bakery

17 October 2022

Every day, some 150 delivery points plus its own 23 shops are supplied from Voncken Bakery's production location in Kerkrade with, among other things, fresh bread, flans and chocolate products. A huge logistics operation...

Blueberry requires fast and gentle handling

17 October 2022

With the peak season just around the corner, they could use some extra hands on the packing line at Berry Packing Services. That is why the super-fast Proseal Case Packer was recently purchased. 'Handle with care' is ...

Save money with wall panels from Sealwise

17 October 2022

Jackit is a renovation and sealant company specialising in the food industry. The exclusive Sealwise WCB panel material they use for walls, corners and ceilings is thoroughly antibacterial as well as antiviral. It is als...

11 food sector companies in KVK Innovation top 100

04 October 2022

On Tuesday 4 October 2022, KVK presented the ranking of 100 concrete innovations realised by Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises for the 17th time. In 2022, there are 11 companies from the food and agri sector in th...