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Working together on the most groundbreaking innovations

Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developed into the food innovation center of Europe. The Netherlands can and should play a major role in developing the food system of the future. Discover how and taste the opportuniti..

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NIZO receives grant form REACT-EU

06 October 2021

In response to the Covid pandemic, EU government leaders have decided to establish an “EU Next Generation” recovery programme. Part of this is the REACT-EU program that is being implemented for the Dutch provinces Overij...

LT Foods chooses delaware's extensive food knowledge!

05 October 2021

LT Foods already works worldwide with SAP S/4HANA. To optimize the use of the application they were looking for a partner. They also wanted to automate more tasks and connect to the newest techniques. Based on delaware's...

How do you start with MAP packaging?

01 October 2021

Air Liquide is passionate about MAP technology and supports professionals in implementing the gas packaging process and providing approved gases for food handling. Discover in the free eBook the business cases of food pr...

New directive for dairy exports to Russia

28 September 2021

For the export of cheese products of product group 0406 and long-life dairy products from the EU and other countries to Russia, a special declaration requirement must be implemented by the end of 2021. The purpose of thi...

Join us at delaware discover week 2021

28 September 2021

Write it down in your agenda: 3 and 4 November 2021! This year again, we proudly and enthusiastically host our Delaware discover week. We will treat you to sparkling delaware discover talks, during which our host, Annema...

Makeover MULTIVAC building for a sustainable future

28 September 2021

Customer contact, product perception and modern working methods are the central focal points of the metamorphosis of the MULTIVAC headquarters. After the makeover there is an office ready for the future. An eye-catcher t...

K3® r100: the self-separating cup

24 September 2021

An innovative development from Greiner Packaging is revolutionizing the recyclability of cardboard-plastic combinations. Making sure that waste was sorted correctly used to be fully reliant on consumers playing their par...

Grolsch launches cardboard can packaging

16 September 2021

Royal Grolsch is setting a new standard in tin can packaging with the introduction of the cardboard TopClip. The new packaging is 100% plastic-free and by replacing all tin foil packaging in the Netherlands with this car...

New protein options; where do we stand?

13 September 2021

The consumption of meat alternatives is increasing rapidly and sales value in the Netherlands is also growing. In the past two years by as much as 50% (Nielsen). Where are the opportunities? What are the challenges? We d...

Complex food company thrives on standardisation

13 September 2021

For a complex production company with a continuous flow of new food concepts, products and customers, an automation system for the control of information flows is extremely important. The Future Food Group found assuranc...

Zweistra on the way to a clean label

13 September 2021

Butcher Zweistra is testing a whole new vegan-blend for his product range. Like many other food producers, he wants a clean label for his products. Natural additives can make an important contribution to this.  K...

Revolutionary bacteria-inhibiting packaging

13 September 2021

Global Flexibles from Krimpen a/d IJssel will soon be marketing a special vacuum and skin film. A packaging film with proven bacterial inhibition that can ensure a longer shelf life of fish, meat and cheese, and less foo...

A tasty vegan cheese

13 September 2021

Is it possible to make a tasty vegan cheese? It seems that the biggest hurdles have been overcome. The first vegan cheese products with natural flavours will be on the market this month.  Last year, a number of c...

Sustainable packaging with Repak

13 September 2021

To keep our world viable for future generations, there is great pressure from society on both food producers and retailers to reduce the amount of plastic packaging materials. In cooperation with selected partners, Repak...

Mindyourmeat; Product development with passion

13 September 2021

On October 4th, Leo van Etten, owner of 'De Nieuwe Slager', will start a new company specialised in meat substitutes for chefs and butchers. Pieter de Ruijter, commercial manager DEGENS (the butcher's branch of SOLINA-GR...