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Over 20 algae species admitted to European market

The Dutch food industry is poised for a significant shift, following the recent addition of over 20 algae species to the EU Novel Food Catalogue. This decision by the European Commission, in collaboration with the compet..

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Kidney Foundation: ‘Food industry sabotages healthy choices’

24 October 2023

Our pursuit of health is evident. Yet, why do we find it continually challenging to consistently make healthy food choices? According to recent data, 50% of the Dutch population is overweight or obese, escalating the ris...

The resilience of the Dutch food sector: Reflecting on 2022

24 October 2023

As global crises challenged economies everywhere, the Dutch food industry proved its resilience, stability, and essential economic role in 2022. The 'Food Industry Monitor 2023', compiled for FNLI, scrutinizes these achi...

First Dutch circular meat substitute in the making

24 October 2023

Consumers are on the hunt for healthy and sustainable products, which is why they're increasingly opting for plant-based choices over meat. That's precisely where four Dutch companies aim to make a splash. PeelPioneers, ...

Consumer votes against 'lemonade tax' on plant-based milk

20 October 2023

As the world transitions towards more sustainable and healthier consumption, the government has recently decided to implement the so-called "lemonade tax" on plant-based milk. Yet, astonishingly, sugary milk products suc...

World Meat Congress: 'We produce food to feed people'

19 October 2023

11-13 October 2023, the biennial World Meat Congress was held in Maastricht. Over 300 stakeholders from all parts of the world gathered at the MECC for the two-day conference. Politicians and representatives from the ind...

Winning recipes for a future-focused food business

19 October 2023

The way we produce and consume food has undergone significant changes over the past two decades. But what does this mean for your food business? Which trends, issues, and challenges need attention to ensure the long-term...

Denmark's blueprint for a sustainable palate

16 October 2023

Plant-based foods represent a sustainable vision for our future, with the potential to significantly reduce our climate footprint. In line with the Official Dietary Guidelines, the Danish government is championing the en...

Column Judith Witte: Me versus AI

16 October 2023

Feeling the pressure. A looming deadline is hovering over me, I want to join a company visit, there's a long list of tasks awaiting me at home, I promised friends I'd drop by, and there's a training session I need to pre...

Bas Haring: "Artificial Intelligence isn't scary!"

16 October 2023

Bas Haring studied artificial intelligence. Since this field was categorized under the philosophy department back in 1988, people started calling him a ‘pilosopher’. However, he prefers to describe himself as a ‘professo...

Innovation in food Industry: time to reap the digital benefits

16 October 2023

Internationally, the Netherlands is considered to be an excellent hub for technological innovations. According to the Digital Transformation Scoreboard, one in three Dutch businesses is highly digitalized. In the field o...

2024: A year of growth and resilience in food?

16 October 2023

How are food and beverage companies preparing for what 2024 will bring? What are the key trends that will impact the food industry? Over 100 food and beverage producers and distributors from the Netherlands and Belgiu...

Pieter Vos: A different ball game: getting to the deeper layers

16 October 2023

There's a trend of wanting to 'nudge' the consumer in a certain direction: preferably towards healthier, plant-based, and/or sustainable products. But it doesn't work. Not really. When push comes to shove, customers - de...

Food-safe production with the 3D printer

16 October 2023

A gripper designed to move a pretzel is not necessarily suitable for picking up a cookie. Therefore, at PWR, different grippers need to be designed for each pick & place machine. 3D printing technology provides a sol...

ICoMST: From Tradition to Green Innovation

16 October 2023

Every year, just before the start of the academic year, the 'International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST)' takes place. This year, over 500 scientists from 44 countries gathered to discuss the progress ...

Column Saskia Stender: Trade fair for the food industry

16 October 2023

Remember the Industrial Meat & Food Fair, commonly known as IMEFA? We introduced this trade fair for machinery for the entire food industry about 20 years ago. It was our answer to a gap that emerged due to the downs...