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Million-euro grant for research on pathogens in plant-based products

Researchers of Wageningen University & Research have received a grant of one million euros through the international platform Plant2Food. This funding is intended for a study on pathogens in plant-based products. The..

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Red Band maker Cloetta waves gelatin goodbye

18 July 2024

Cloetta, known for brands like Red Band, Venco, and Sportlife, is taking steps toward vegan products to reduce its carbon footprint. This shift aligns with the growing demand for plant-based options and the company's sus...

Vision report | Digital and sustainable transformation

18 July 2024

How advanced are Food & Beverage companies in their digital transformation concerning sustainability? In this report, we discuss the progress and challenges of this transformation with 8 professionals. The Food &a...

Nijsen and Insect Engineers join Insect Valley Europe

18 July 2024

Nijsen and Insect Engineers, leading players in insect farming and protein transition, have joined Insect Valley Europe (IVE). This initiative, supported by Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the Province of Limburg, an...

Dutch consumers hesitant to embrace legumes as meat substitutes

17 July 2024

The National Bean Research by HAK reveals that 67% of Dutch people do not yet consider legumes, such as brown beans and lentils, as suitable meat substitutes. This is notable given the financial and ecological benefits o...

Ancient wheat holds promise for future generations

16 July 2024

Ancient wheat varieties are essential for developing new strains that are more resilient to climate change. A century ago, British plant scientist Arthur Watkins collected wheat samples from around the world. His collect...

Chinese pork dumping probe may disrupt EU market

15 July 2024

On June 17, 2024, China initiated an anti-dumping investigation into the import of EU pork, including fresh, chilled, and frozen meat and by-products. Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, and France will be most affected. Imp...

Strategies for scaling up alternatieve protein sector

12 July 2024

Despite growth to €10 billion by 2030, alternative protein startups face scaling issues. Foodvalley NL and Invest-NL have identified challenges and made recommendations for developing a Dutch ecosystem for alternative pr...

AI in food with Royal Smilde and Westfort

09 July 2024

AI offers unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and productivity in the food industry. By combining machine learning and advanced data analysis, companies can make more accurate decisions. This helps the food indust...

Dairy industry on track to reduce CO2 emissions

05 July 2024

The Dutch dairy industry is committed to significantly reducing its CO2 emissions by 2030. A recent report by KWA bedrijfsadviseurs indicates that the sector is well on its way to meeting its reduction targets. The findi...

Three in five Dutch people ready for cultivated meat

05 July 2024

Recent research from Good Food Institute Europe reveals that three out of five Dutch people are willing to try cultivated meat. This innovative solution, produced in cultivation facilities, has the potential to make the ...

Heemskerk fresh & easy and Fruity Pack join forces

05 July 2024

Heemskerk fresh & easy and Fruity Pack have announced that they will collaborate from July 1, 2024. This partnership strengthens their market position by focusing on their core activities. The collaboration allows them t...

Health effects of organic food on pigs

04 July 2024

Scientists from Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Utrecht University (UU), and the Louis Bolk Institute (LBI) have initiated a large-scale study to investigate the effects of organic food on pig health. This re...

AI and robotics are transforming food production

04 July 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes production processes in the food industry more efficient, accelerates product development, and contributes to a more sustainable food system. A company culture that encourages experimen...

The 10 most-read articles of June 2024

03 July 2024

From energy-saving innovations and sustainable production methods to health warnings and groundbreaking technologies, these are the stories that captured the most attention in June 2024. 1. Schmidt Zeevis invests in t...

Lineage organizes Food Chain Innovation Challenge 2024

03 July 2024

Lineage, the largest provider of temperature-controlled logistics solutions, is once again hosting the Food Chain Innovation Challenge in the Netherlands this year. On November 19, students and startups will gather in Am...