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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Two-thirds of vegetarian burgers are unhealthy

27 February 2023

The composition of almost two-thirds of vegetarian burgers is not very healthy. This is according to research by the Dutch Consumers' Association. According to the organisation, the nutritional value is easy to improve. ...

3D food printing at industrial scale almost a reality

27 February 2023

Gastronology has started construction of a production site for 3D food printing on an industrial scale in collaboration with Budelfood, part of the Budelpack Group.  Construction of the dedicated '3D food print' ...

ABN: Stagnation in meat substitutes can be reversed

27 February 2023

Throughout 2022, sales of meat substitutes in Dutch supermarkets fell by 5 per cent. A major cause of the sales decline is that consumers bought their food less often in supermarkets and went back to restaurants more oft...

Monkeys by the Sea wins Agrifoodpluim

27 February 2023

The young start-up 'Monkeys by the Sea' from Roosendaal makes fish substitutes with healthy ingredients from the neighbourhood. In doing so, it contributes to Brabant's protein transition goals, the transition to more pl...

TOP BV develops plant-based braised meat

24 February 2023

TOP BV has succeeded in developing a fully vegan version of braised meat. With some minimal modifications, the technology is also suitable for producing vegan boeuf bourguignon and rendang. "When we started this proje...

France embarks on protein transition with AlinOVeg project

23 February 2023

Six French companies have announced the launch of a collaborative project: AlinOVeg "Innovating in plant-based food". For the next five years, these companies will work together on the challenges of innovation in plant-b...

Master plan for protein transition as economic engine

20 February 2023

Farmers growing plant proteins on a large scale and consumers eating twice as much legumes may seem like a distant prospect, but it is feasible within six years. This is according to the five initiators of the master pla...

Gemak drijft fooduitgaven naar nieuwe records

16 February 2023

Nederlanders geven steeds meer geld uit eten en drinken. De foodmarkt groeit in 2023 naar een omzet van €68,9 miljard, een stijging van 3,9%. Deze omzetstijging is niet alleen te danken aan prijsverhogingen, maar ook aan...

RIVM: The Dutch eat a lot less red and processed meat

13 February 2023

The Dutch eat more vegetable products such as fruit and vegetables, unsalted nuts and legumes and less red and processed meat. We also drink fewer sugary drinks. This is according to the new Food Consumption Survey (VCP)...

30% of consumers opt for unhealthy food

10 February 2023

Elke Godden (Antwerp University) investigated the motivations and strategies behind our choices in the supermarket - and also took a closer look at the usefulness of the Nutri-Score, her research shows that it does not h...

How to make insect food mainstream?

09 February 2023

How do consumers react to insect food? And can their opinion change if there is more awareness of its sustainable and circular benefits? Wageningen University & Research conducted research into it. The study consi...

Fresh produce consumption under pressure

08 February 2023

The outlook for consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables remains under pressure in the European union. A conclusion from the latest Freshfel Europe Consumption Monitor. Despite a very positive momentum for consumption g...

Meat substitutes based on protein from grass

07 February 2023

Using protein from grass to develop meat substitutes. That is the goal of the cooperation between Schouten Europe and Grassa. Grass protein is a suitable alternative to soy, an ingredient now often used in meat substitut...

Baking bread and making chocolate with fermentation

07 February 2023

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has started brewing beer, baking bread and making chocolate, three key pillars of a major fermentation pilot project. The brand-new microbrewery, microbakery and microchocolatery are now op...

Winnaars HAS Food Experience 2023

06 February 2023

Op 31 januari 2023 werden de felbegeerde FoodmanShip Awards uitgereikt aan negen veelbelovende jonge talenten die (bijna) klaar zijn om de arbeidsmarkt te betreden. Deze studenten van HAS green academy bedachten allemaal...