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New AI technology enhances crop resistance

Michael Schon from Wageningen University & Research has designed an advanced AI tool. This innovation enables the analysis of non-coding RNA in plants. With his work, supported by a Veni grant, Schon is making signif..

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Verstegen introduces plant-based mixes: KNEED & KLAAR

12 February 2024

Verstegen takes a significant step towards a more plant-based future. The Rotterdam-based company introduces KNEED & KLAAR, a line of seven 100% plant-based, long-lasting mixes that enable consumers to quickly and ea...

Fungi: the Unsung Heroes of Sustainability

12 February 2024

Fungi don't just grow on old loaves of bread; they also hold potential for large-scale sustainable applications such as construction materials, mushroom leather, and meat substitutes. Professor Arthur Ram from Leiden Uni...

How does the mbo student perceive plant-based food?

07 February 2024

On January 26, representatives from seven universities of applied sciences, seven vocational schools, two municipalities, and various organizations gathered in Den Bosch to launch the research project "Mbo Student in Act...

'Boermarke can be a major player in plant-based'

06 February 2024

Over the past 35 years, Boermarke has evolved into a significant dairy processor in the dessert industry. Therefore, it came somewhat as a surprise when the company recently decided to gradually phase out its dairy branc...

Fish substitutes rarely a good alternative to fish

06 February 2024

Research by the Consumers' Association shows that most fish substitutes do not contain the healthy properties of real fish. Of the 22 alternatives for tuna, fish sticks, and salmon that were examined, only 3 prove to be ...

Schouten and Agrifirm Collaborate on Local Tempeh Chain

06 February 2024

In a promising development in the agricultural sector, Schouten Europe and Agrifirm have announced their partnership to explore the feasibility of a local tempeh chain. This announcement was made during the World Pulse W...

'Savings are often possible with simple, small adjustments'

05 February 2024

How do you make a brewery sustainable that was built in a time when water and energy were hardly costly, and the use of double glazing was a rarity? Nowadays, at the Heineken Brewery in Den Bosch, operational since 1958,...

How do you finance sustainability in your business?

05 February 2024

The question is no longer whether you'll embrace sustainability, but rather: what to do first, when, and most importantly, how will you finance it? Ceel Elemans (ING) and Niek Gillis (Subvention), experts in sustainabili...

Construction: The Benefits of an Integrated Approach

05 February 2024

The food industry faces substantial challenges in 2024. Economic conditions and climate change compel companies to undergo transformation. The key to saving resources, energy, and money lies in sustainable, efficient bui...

Column Pieter Vos: Reciprocity

05 February 2024

We can't ignore it; our Earth's climate is changing. Action needs to be taken, but getting things in motion is not easy. There are so many excuses. "We'll wait a bit with concrete steps because, well... the recession, yo...

Facing Every Renovation Head-On; Jackit is Ready

05 February 2024

Renovation and construction specialist, Jackit, is renowned as a flexible partner for the food industry, with CEO Jack Pluim being someone who tackles challenges head-on. With a new impact-resistant wall material, he exp...

'Technology fuels the future of the food industry'

05 February 2024

Curious about what's happening in the food industry? And which technological innovations will shape the future? Four suppliers to the food processing and manufacturing industry share insights into the smart technical sol...

Measuring Water Activity: Key points and pitfalls

05 February 2024

Water activity (aw) is a crucial parameter in determining the food safety and quality of a product. However, it is crucial to note that achieving accurate and reliable measurements is essential! In this article, we shed ...

Turning Point Achieved: Going Plant-Based Pays Off

01 February 2024

It appears that times have changed in supermarkets, and this time in favor of the price-conscious consumer. Recent research by the think tank Questionmark, commissioned by ProVeg, reveals that filling your shopping baske...

Food industry in transition: from energy to AI

01 February 2024

As we still grapple with the aftershocks of last year's inflation, a new landscape unfolds in the 2024 food market. Rising prices seem an inevitable path, but it's the strategic course that producers, retailers, and hosp...