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New AI technology enhances crop resistance

Michael Schon from Wageningen University & Research has designed an advanced AI tool. This innovation enables the analysis of non-coding RNA in plants. With his work, supported by a Veni grant, Schon is making signif..

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Winners Revealed for the FoodmanShip Awards 2024

30 January 2024

On January 30th, HAS green academy unveiled the promising winners of the FoodmanShip Awards 2024 during the annual HAS Food Experience. Now in its 16th edition, the event serves as a platform for six projects by driven s...

New Rules for Genetically Modified Plants

30 January 2024

In an effort to enhance the sustainability and resilience of the food system, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have taken a stance on the Commission's proposal regarding New Genomic Techniques (NGT). The Committ...

Get a head start in 2024 with food industry insights

29 January 2024

How do you set the tone for the year 2024 in the food and beverage industry? What are the key insights and developments that will impact the food industry this year? In the dynamic world of the food and beverage indus...

Tastings of Cultivated Meat and Fish Soon a Reality

29 January 2024

Dutch companies engaged in the production of cultivated meat and fish now have the opportunity to submit applications for tastings through the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation (CANS). This move comes in the wa...

BOON Shifts Focus to Beans

25 January 2024

In a surprising turn of events, BOON has announced its decision to cease the sale of their popular meat substitutes in retail outlets. The company has decided to shift their focus to beans. BOON believes that the chal...

New Joint Venture Enters Plant-Based Milk Alternatives Market

23 January 2024

Bitburger Braugruppe, renowned for brewing beer, has joined forces with confectionery manufacturer Zentis to venture into the growing market of plant-based milk alternatives. The collaborative venture, named V-Comp Pro, ...

Confectionery industry addresses sugar and salt intake

19 January 2024

Recent figures from the Food Consumption Survey (VCP 2019-2021) by the RIVM show that the average intake of sugar and salt among Dutch residents has decreased, while fiber intake has increased. A positive trend aligning ...

Food producers tap into the CHIPS lifestyle trend

18 January 2024

The FSIN FoodShopper Monitor 2024 focuses on the CHIPS lifestyle model, an acronym representing convenience, health, indulgence, price, and sustainability. These five themes characterize the lifestyle, particularly of th...

Meat and Meat Substitutes Equally Satiating

17 January 2024

A few years ago, consumer research revealed that people quickly felt hungry again after consuming plant-based meat substitutes. This raised questions about their satiating effects compared to traditional meat. Liesbeth Z...

Italy Regulates Insect Flour for Human Consumption

16 January 2024

Italy has a clear message for consumers: know what you eat! On December 29, 2023, four regulations were published in the Italian Official Gazette, aiming to regulate the sale of products based on insect flour for human c...

IFF, Unilever and WUR Enhance Flavor of Meat Alternatives

16 January 2024

International flavor and fragrance producer IFF is joining forces with Unilever and Wageningen University and Research (WUR) to address flavor challenges in plant-based meats. In a four-year project, IFF and Unilever ...

Opportunities for Bread in Emerging Protein Trends

15 January 2024

Food development trends, arising from consumer needs, economic shifts, and societal changes, present both opportunities and challenges for the bakery sector. Whole grain bread, with its diverse health benefits, plays a c...

Beyond Meat Introduces Beyond Steak in the Netherlands

15 January 2024

Beyond Meat unveils Beyond Steak® for the first time in the Netherlands during the Horecava 2024. This launch follows the recent introduction of Beyond Chicken-Style products, extending the range committed to offering pl...

No New Guidelines for Vegetarian Labels in Belgium

08 January 2024

Belgium will not be introducing any new guidelines regarding the labeling of vegetarian products. This decision stems from a lack of consensus among stakeholders and political figures, as indicated by Federal Minister of...

RIVM: The Netherlands is adopting a healthier diet

05 January 2024

The Food Consumption Survey (VCP) 2019-2021 reveals positive changes in the eating habits of the Dutch. There is an increase in the consumption of plant-based products such as vegetables, fruits, unsalted nuts, and legum...