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Van Geloven: Lots of cheese, good crust, little dust

A tasty snack is partly characterized by a nice crispy crust. But applying a good, even breadcrumb layer while limiting dust formation and waste is no easy task. Van Geloven Cuijk therefore purchased the latest CrumbMast..

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Top scientists offer advice to EU on food transition

03 July 2023

A working group of leading scientists from across Europe has made recommendations to the European Commission on how to make food consumption in Europe healthier and more sustainable. These recommendations relate to the p...

Symposium prompts food system change

03 July 2023

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) recently organized the symposium "The environmental impact of food systems," where nearly 600 participants reflected together on a new design of our food system. Researcher Hann...

Unexpected side effects of dietary changes

26 June 2023

Wageningen University & Research used a global economic model to examine the consequences of the shift to the EAT-Lancet diet on a global scale. While healthier eating and a more sustainable diet offer benefits, the ...

Lidl aims for 50% plant-based protein by 2030

23 June 2023

Lidl has announced that it has set a concrete target for the protein transition by 2030. The supermarket chain aims for 50% of proteins sold to be of plant origin, with no more than 50% coming from animal protein. Curren...

From disillusion to innovation: plant-based meat in transition

22 June 2023

The plant-based meat alternative (PBMA) market is coming to terms with a more realistic growth perspective. European meat alternative manufacturers and food retailers are rationalizing both production capacity and their ...

Proteins fermented by fungi win ReThink Waste

21 June 2023

Team Afterlife won first prize in the ReThink Waste Challenge with their idea to convert food waste into proteins using fungi. The judges praised their approach to a waste stream that is difficult to ferment. The team re...

Spreadability will make food production more sustainable

20 June 2023

Anouk Lie-Piang has developed a model to predict the influence of "enriched ingredients" on the structure of foods. Thinking from the functionality of ingredients opens new possibilities for more sustainable food product...

Jorg Brouwer - Iglo: 'Transforming frozen food section'

19 June 2023

Jorg Brouwer has only been in the position of general manager Iglo Netherlands for a few months. Even so, he has a plan. Brouwer - an FMCG beast at heart - has been with parent company Nomad Foods for about five years an...

Product temperature, know what you're measuring

19 June 2023

Measure and display a temperature seems trivial. ‘Numbers tell the tale’ you may think, but it doesn't stop there. There are quite a few aspects to consider. For example, what do you measure exactly, how do you carry out...

Food innovation unraveled: Hype versus real impact

14 June 2023

The consumer food industry has experienced a surge of disruptive innovation in food products over the past decade. From plant-based meats to insect protein bars and precision fermented milk proteins, these products have ...

Study reveals insight into diffusion of Listeria

13 June 2023

Minh Tran, a researcher at the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB), has gained important insights into bacterial diffusion processes and their implications for controlling Listeria monocytog...

Ice cream innovation: Vegan ice cream made from potatoes

12 June 2023

Vegan ice cream that provides cooling on hot days is becoming increasingly popular. And now, with summer just around the corner, there is good news for ice cream lovers. Veg of Lund has developed delicious creamy potato-...

ProVeg commits to doubling bean consumption by 2028

12 June 2023

ProVeg International announces a collaboration with leading organizations to jointly double global consumption of beans, peas, legumes, lentils and pulses by 2028. This collaboration marks the launch of the Beans is How ...

Lamb Weston opens new Innovation Center

09 June 2023

Lamb Weston EMEA opened its new Innovation Center in Bergen op Zoom on June 8, 2023. This investment in a state-of-the-art facility and pilot plant accelerates innovation at the international potato processing company. ...

Public organizations set course for protein transition

09 June 2023

Wageningen University & Research reveals that public organizations may be the key to accelerating the shift from animal to plant-based proteins. The research shows that governments, schools, universities, hospitals and p...