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Verpakking is de nieuwe grondstof

Of we het nou leuk vinden of niet: er komt zeer strenge wet- en regelgeving op ons af op verpakkingsgebied. We bevinden ons in de stilte voor de storm. LEES DIT ARTIKEL NIET als je een fan bent van struisvogelpolitiek. ..

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More uptime and less costs at Sea Fresh Retail

15 November 2021

It's like the Champions League, delivering to retail. After all: flexibility and speed are crucial. In order to optimise the availability of the machines, Sea Fresh Retail concluded a maintenance contract. And that works...

Five-star remodelling at Huhtamaki

15 November 2021

At Huhtamaki they know that the future of packaging lies in paper. That's why they're investing heavily in a new factory and why parties who can supply high-quality applications are involved in the renovation. The fact t...

UK food allergy labelling laws tightened

21 October 2021

Since 1 October, the UK Food Information Amendment, better known as Natasha's Law, has been in force, requiring the labelling of pre-packaged food for immediate sale to include a full list of ingredients with the 14 most...

CBL ambitions 'Sustainable Packaging' in detail

12 October 2021

In 2025, twenty percent less packaging material in the supermarkets than in 2020 and 95 percent of the packaging material is recyclable. How are the members of the CBL going to achieve these ambitious targets drawn up in...

The New Plant opts for sustainability: MULTIVAC

12 October 2021

The New Plant operates two packaging lines, equipped with robots and a labelling and marking system. MULTIVAC's two smart thermoformers are able to produce effectively: "By using robots, the production process is less la...

Packaging contributes to customer service

11 October 2021

Belgian company DECO Frites delivers potatoes peeled and cut into chips to its own region, and to a part of the southern Netherlands. Service and quality are of paramount importance. A new packaging machine helps to keep...

Soft fruit from BerryWorld safely into the world

11 October 2021

Success often depends on being able to respond to changing demand. This also applies to BerryWorld. The fruit company supplies tons of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to the retail sector every we...

How do you start with MAP packaging?

01 October 2021

Air Liquide is passionate about MAP technology and supports professionals in implementing the gas packaging process and providing approved gases for food handling. Discover in the free eBook the business cases of food pr...

New directive for dairy exports to Russia

28 September 2021

For the export of cheese products of product group 0406 and long-life dairy products from the EU and other countries to Russia, a special declaration requirement must be implemented by the end of 2021. The purpose of thi...

K3® r100: the self-separating cup

24 September 2021

An innovative development from Greiner Packaging is revolutionizing the recyclability of cardboard-plastic combinations. Making sure that waste was sorted correctly used to be fully reliant on consumers playing their par...

Grolsch launches cardboard can packaging

16 September 2021

Royal Grolsch is setting a new standard in tin can packaging with the introduction of the cardboard TopClip. The new packaging is 100% plastic-free and by replacing all tin foil packaging in the Netherlands with this car...

Revolutionary bacteria-inhibiting packaging

13 September 2021

Global Flexibles from Krimpen a/d IJssel will soon be marketing a special vacuum and skin film. A packaging film with proven bacterial inhibition that can ensure a longer shelf life of fish, meat and cheese, and less foo...

Sustainable packaging with Repak

13 September 2021

To keep our world viable for future generations, there is great pressure from society on both food producers and retailers to reduce the amount of plastic packaging materials. In cooperation with selected partners, Repak...

Plastic costs society a fortune

07 September 2021

The plastics crisis is assuming unprecedented proportions and the current approach to the problem is failing. This is the conclusion of the new report 'Plastics: The cost to society, environment and the economy' by the W...

AH minced meat from tray to bag: 500,000 kg less plastic

03 September 2021

From now on, Albert Heijn's minced meat comes in a bag instead of a box. This saves more than 500,000 kilos of plastic on an annual basis - a 70% saving. For customers, the new packaging also has an advantage in the kitc...