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Online edition May 2024 | Food Safety

On January 1, 2026, new allergen policy will take effect in the Netherlands. The Dutch directive is the result of close consultation between the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, FNLI, CBL, NVWA ..

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Benus: 'Bug breeding: an industry with lots of potential'

14 September 2020

Bug breeding for the food industry "will certainly grow", but there are still some bumps ahead: legislation, consumer acceptance and further automation. There is also a lack of knowledge sharing and cooperation in the ch...

Vegetarian: mainstream or niche?

14 September 2020

momentum. It's starting, because more than $1,000 billion a year is still sold on meat worldwide. Market researchers predict that meat sales will rise to 1,200 billion in the coming years; for vegetarian, they expect an ...

New packaging solutions for plant-based

14 September 2020

The development, production, packaging and marketing of plant-based food is an inspiring and dynamic process. The North American company Reiser supports companies that sell their vegetable meat substitutes worldwide, say...

Minder verspilling tijdens lockdown

14 September 2020

Een kwart van Nederlandse consumenten verspilde minder voedsel tijdens de covid-19 lockdown. Dit blijkt uit een onderzoek onder 1500 consumenten, uitgevoerd door Wageningen Food & Biobased Research en het Voedingscen...

WUR: Global biodiversity loss still to be halted

10 September 2020

There is still hope for the preservation of animal and plant species that are rapidly disappearing. This is the conclusion of the international research institute IIASA in collaboration with Wageningen University & R...

MBO Challenge Food waste 2020 kicks off

08 September 2020

More than 30 student teams have now registered for the MBO Challenge Food Waste 2020. In addition, the organisation has received more than 25 challenges from companies, organisations and institutions. These can be found ...

Jumbo starts 'bread of bread' against food waste

01 September 2020

At the start of the Dutch waste-free week (first week of September) Jumbo Supermarkets introduces the concept 'Bread of Bread'.  With this concept Jumbo uses returnable bread to bake new, daily fresh bread. Initially it ...

Food Waste Monitor 2018 published

01 September 2020

The per capita food waste in the Netherlands in 2018 is no more, but also no less, than in 2017. This is evident from the update of the Food Waste Monitor, published on 1 September 2020 by Wageningen Food & Biobased ...

Launch Coalition of Action on Food Waste

01 September 2020

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has launched a CEO-led Coalition of Action on Food Waste on 17 August 2020, bringing together 14 of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers with the goal of halving per capita globa...

Less food waste during corona crisis

03 July 2020

A quarter of the households in the Netherlands said they wasted less food during the COVID-19 crisis than before. An online survey of 1,500 consumers, conducted by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and the Dutch Nu...

The future of food safety

15 May 2020

The horsemeat affair, salmonella in smoked salmon, Q fever, bird flu, the pesticide fipronil in eggs; one might almost think that food safety in the Netherlands and Europe is poor. Is it? We discuss it with Marco Balhuiz...

Albert Heijn does online trial with food choice logo Nutri-Score

14 May 2020

Albert Heijn is starting a new trial today with the food choice logo Nutri-Score. For six weeks, the supermarket chain will place the logo on the website for approximately 2,000 products. The aim is to see whether custom...

Dutch Supermarkets make food waste transparent

12 March 2020

An average of 98.3% of all food offered by supermarkets in the Netherlands is sold. 1.7% of the food, expressed in kilograms, does not reach the consumer. This shows research carried out by supermarkets, the Central Bure...

New approach to prevent noroviruses on fruit and vegetables

03 March 2020

A team of researchers from the Technical University of East-Westphalia-Lippe has investigated whether and to what extent noroviruses on fruit and vegetables can be rendered harmless by cold atomization of hydrogen peroxi...

Food waste consumers higher than expected

17 February 2020

Research by Monika van den Bos Verma and her colleagues at Wageningen University & Research shows that consumers are likely to waste far more food than is generally assumed.  In 2005, the Food and Agriculture...