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Fungi For Future Wins Lineage's Hackathon

On September 21, Lineage, a leading business in cold chain logistics, announced the winner of their hackathon 'Tackling Food Waste for a Sustainable Future' held in Amsterdam. After two days of intensive collaboration an..

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Control everything you eat in one app

15 August 2019

Foodned wants to bring together different companies, services and applications in one app. In this app you collect all your eating moments and with this app the app maps out your nutrition. The app serves consumers with ...

Tomorrow's food: Pills, powders and insects

15 August 2019

On Wednesday 10 July, De Studio, the new location of the NEMO Science Museum at Marineterrein Amsterdam, opened with the exhibition 'Voedsel van morgen' (Tomorrow's food). In this exhibition, NEMO, in collaboration with ...

Too Good To Go saves 1 million meals

13 August 2019

Since 22 January 2018, Too Good To Go has been effectively combating food waste in the Netherlands. The app now has a community of more than 800,000 registered app users who can go to more than 2,000 affiliated locations...

MBO-challenge Food Wastage

16 July 2019

Food waste goes far beyond the scraps that go into the garbage can at home. Throughout the entire chain, food is lost or wasted. Worldwide, this involves 1.3 billion tonnes per year, one third of all the food produced. I...

Less waste with smaller legumes

02 July 2019

Smaller households need smaller vegetables in order to waste less food. The demand for organic and unpackaged vegetables is also growing. This study by The Greenery, a fruit and vegetable distributor, and Rijk Zwaan, a v...

AH pleads for Nutri-score

01 July 2019

Starting this summer, online customers will find the Nutri-Score logo on all Albert Heijn private label products in the webshop. Albert Heijn no longer waits for the government to decide on a food choice logo, but ...

Stixfresh: longer shelf life for fruit

01 July 2019

StixFresh produces stickers that protect fruit against fungal infections. The natural components in the sticker create a protective layer around apples, pears, mangos and other citrus fruits. The American company sets up...

FutureGoods on the shelves at Lidl

01 July 2019

Insects, granola with mealworm powder, seaweed wraps, vegan ice cream and rescue food. As of 27 June, Lidl, the supermarket chain, in collaboration with incubator StartLife, will organise the 'FutureGoods' theme week. Fo...

Halving food waste 2030. How?

21 June 2019

The government has set itself the target of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, it is now up to the consumer, as the biggest waste, to make the move, says ABN AMRO on the basis of recent re...

Air distribution mats for containers

10 June 2019

Great temperature differences in reefer containers cause many problems for fruit importers and exporters. Due to the difference in temperature, some of the fruit can no longer be sold and exporters receive many damage cl...

AH-medewerkers: ‘Master in vers’

05 June 2019

Albert Heijn zet vol in op het beste versaanbod in Nederland. Daartoe worden drie winkels per week omgebouwd naar het nieuwste winkelconcept met meer ruimte voor vers eten en kookinspiratie. Medewerkers krijgen bovendien...

Too Good To Go takes action

03 June 2019

During the European Week for Sustainable Development (30 May - 5 June 2019), Too Good To Go, the world's largest app against food waste, will launch a unique campaign. Too Good To Go identifies food waste as the 3rd larg...

Online against food waste

24 May 2019

On 23 May, Instock launched an online marketplace against food waste! With, Instock connects surpluses and imperfect products to the hospitality industry. The products are collected at the new food rescu...

AH starts dynamically discounting products

20 May 2019

On Monday 20 May, Albert Heijn took a new step in reducing food waste with the 'dynamic price reduction' trial. The products are automatically discounted on the basis of the shelf life: the shorter the shelf life, the hi...

Improving the quality of fruit and vegetables

19 March 2019

Project leader Eelke Westra (WUR): "One of the most groundbreaking results, in my opinion, is the objective measuring method that can assess large quantities of fruit and vegetables for quality at the same time. This mak...