Schouten makes plant-based mince from residual streams
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Schouten makes plant-based mince from residual streams

  • 15 June 2021

Tempeh mince is the latest product from the Dutch family business Schouten Europe. The completely plant-based mince is partly made from residual flows from one of the company's production facilities. With this product, Schouten is responding in a sustainable way to the increasing demand for fermented products. The tempeh mince will be available to retailers, the out-of-home channel and the food processing industry.

Preventing food waste

During the production of other tempeh products, residual flows are released. "Because we want to prevent food waste as much as possible and the residual product is completely safe and usable, we offer it, after a minor processing, as Tempeh Mince", says R&D director Niek-Jan Schouten. Minced meat is one of the most important product groups in the plant-based market. 

Two variants

Schouten is putting two variants on the market. A seasoned variant and a non-seasoned variant. The latter is particularly intended for consumers or product developers who want to add their own flavour to the product. The product is very easy to prepare and can be used in existing recipes where normal minced meat is used.

Source: Schouten Europe