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Digital transformation with food-specific software

Since November 2019, Schouw Informatisering has been part of the global Aptean network in food and IT. Schouw is now able to bundle an enormous amount of knowledge and experience and remove technical limitations, say Jor..

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Intelligent robots on the work floor

11 October 2016

Big data, smart industry, IoT, cloud robotics, virtual and augmented reality – none of this is science fiction any more. Aiming to keep it all as simple as possible, this article ‘merely’ explores the trends and developm...

“We need to step out of our comfort zone!”

11 October 2016

The Netherlands is starting from a unique position of strength in the digital revolution – for now. “We need to hurry up and expand our head start; other countries are not sitting still,” says Ineke Dezentjé, chair of FM...


13 September 2016

Many companies still keep their HACCP records on paper. However, paperwork takes up a lot of time, does not provide an overview of the current situation and makes it harder to analyse the information. As a result, it ...

Özgazi opts for QiSOFT

13 September 2016

Özgazi is striving to become the world’s largest and most efficient manufacturer of high-quality soft white cheese (feta). In order to achieve its ambition, the company recently installed an ultra-modern production line ...

‘Food to Be’ Expo

14 June 2016

From 3D-printed hospital meals to robotic milking systems and from floating farms to test-tube meat, the Netherlands is bursting with innovative entrepreneurs. Here are a selection of the innovations that were on display...


10 May 2016

Group of Butchers is an innovative manufacturer of meat products with facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over the past few years the company has repeatedly won the ‘Indistrubutie Trofee’ award recognising the ret...

Digitising the chain

10 May 2016

The new Field Lab called ‘The Smart Connected Supplier Network’ opened recently at the Hannover Messe. The Field Lab is focused on collaboration and sharing information across company borders in the high-tech supply chai...

BIG DATA in practice

10 May 2016

Left Loyalty together with its media partners Wallbrink Crossmedia and b2b Communications is unlocking the secrets of big data in food. Virtually every company uses LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, their own newslett...

Hoge automatiseringsgraad

12 April 2016

Marel lanceert tijdens IFFA (hal 8.0, stand J96/K90) een groot aantal innovatieve oplossingen voor de primaire en secundaire verwerking van vlees. De systemen voor de verdere verwerking hebben een hoge automatiseringsgra...

QiSOFT: new Technical Analysis module

12 April 2016

QiSOFT has updated the Technical Analysis module, adding new functions and a modern user interface. The Technical Analysis (TA) module makes it easy for QIS users to conduct statistical analysis based on the data gath...


12 April 2016

Big Data, the Internet of Things, Smart Industry: the digital transformation offers countless opportunities for the food sector – but only if you can get the bits and bytes to ‘talk’ to you. Otherwise the ‘great unknown’...

A journey through the history of packaging

08 March 2016

The concept of food packaging is ‘as old as the hills’. Evidence from ancient times shows that, even then, people had devised ways of making it easier to transport food and keep it fresh for longer. Empack, the Netherl...

Südpack expands

08 March 2016

Individual, fast and cost-effective: Südpack Packaging GmbH & Co. KG has recently added a digital print process to the possibilities it offers in the area of rotogravure and flexographic printing, thus completing its...

‘I like short lines of communication and direct customer contact’

08 March 2016

Rabobank Foodzone is an online platform for experts, business people and stakeholders from the food supply chain. Hans van Haaren, Sector Manager Food at Rabobank, is in charge of the platform. He publishes news, updates...

What can we expect?

09 February 2016

What lies ahead for the food industry in the coming years? Which social developments will have a strong impact on the food sector? What will drive innovation? We have prepared this overview of three important topics for ...