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Can AI develop the perfect meat and fish substitutes?

Perfecting vegetarian burgers, sausages, and fish presents a challenge. Every aspect, from taste to color, scent, texture, and price, must be spot on. But what if AI could accelerate this development? AI might un..

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Smart Industry: Stop putting out fires!

11 October 2021

Our food production has to be more sustainable and fully circular by 2050, but also healthier, safer and more transparent. To achieve these goals, we need to produce smarter. Digitalisation is essential to achieve this. ...

The Digital Twin; a promising new technology?

11 October 2021

The term "digital twin" is appearing more and more frequently. What is it? What can you do with it and what is its added value?  Digital twins are used to describe, analyse and simulate processes in, for example,...

Fully automated packing department at Hoogvliet

11 October 2021

Bleiswijk is home to Hoogvliet's brand-new DC; state-of-the-art and ready for the future. Delivery reliability, efficiency and quality and especially hygiene were given top priority in the design. Alex Goedemondt, Proces...

Unlimited creativity?

11 October 2021

In a previous job, I once developed a robot in a small team that was able to imitate very complex human movements; the type of robot used in the car industry. The whole analysis was automated from beginning to end. That ...

delaware ‘State of the art’ ERP solution

11 October 2021

Delaware assists global food, automotive and engineering customers with their business and digital transformations. In the Benelux, more than 150 food customers use the company's services, from meat processors to biscuit...

Complex food company thrives on standardisation

13 September 2021

For a complex production company with a continuous flow of new food concepts, products and customers, an automation system for the control of information flows is extremely important. The Future Food Group found assuranc...

Used, originally reconditioned machines at Empack

31 August 2021

As a fresh produce producer you have the choice at MULTIVAC of state-of-the-art packaging or processing machines as well as used machines with original spare parts. Fast delivery for a smaller budget and still responsibl...

Number of food webshops through the roof

23 August 2021

Because of corona we shop online massively. So it's only logical that the number of new webshops is going through the roof. The number of new food webshops grew the fastest in 2021, with 39% (from 4,660 to 6,500). Among ...

Digitalisation at manufacturer Autodrop

14 June 2021

Twelve million kilos of sweets roll off the conveyor belt of manufacturer Concorp, known for Autodrop. The third generation of this family business is preparing for the next phase of growth, and is focusing on innovation...

Intelligent robots increase the benefit from fresh produce

21 April 2021

Around the world, grading, sorting and assembling of fresh fruits and vegetables is done predominantly manually. “It would save companies a lot of time and costs if these time-consuming, dull and repetitive tasks were ca...

Concurrentie voordeel met de juiste tools

12 April 2021

Save the date! 05.05.2021: Forward21. Voor virtuele inzichten in digitalisering in de procesindustrie. Want het niet langer de vraag óf bedrijven digitaliseren, maar met welke ideale aanpak. De procesindustrie kent bijzo...

Zilver voor AI-oplossing Jamboflash

08 March 2021

Hoge kosten voor kwaliteitsborging, gebrekkige processen, slecht gebruik van grondstoffen; er zijn veel ongunstige scenario's voor levensmiddelenbedrijven. Kunstmatige intelligentie kan vele processen in de voedselverwer...

Axitour enables guided tours 'at a distance'

19 February 2021

Because of the coronavirus we are living in the 1.5 meter society. This makes guiding people around a location or during an event difficult and with the current lockdown it is even impossible. Axitour, a provider of comm...

A Manufacturing Execution System, Easy as pie?

12 January 2021

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an information system for planning, monitoring and controlling production processes with a continuous character. It is the vertical, digital connection between the office and the...

DSM and TU Delft launch Artificial Intelligence Lab

12 January 2021

Royal DSM and TU Delft announced the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Lab for Biosciences (the AI4B.io Lab). This lab is the first of its kind in Europe to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to the entire fie...