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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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GS1 DatakwaliTijd 2.0: hard consequences

18 September 2018

After frequent encouragement, the curtain has fallen on GS1 Data Source for some fifty suppliers in the food and drugstore sector. They are the first companies to be excluded from the database because they do not meet th...

Strategische alliantie Carrefour en Google

09 July 2018

Carrefour en Google hebben een strategisch alliantie ondertekent die stoelt op 3 pijlers: de beschikbaarheid van het Carrefour gamma op de nieuwe Google Shopping site en de Google Assistant in Frankrijk, de oprichting va...

Tracing based on the blockchain

08 May 2018

Bureau Veritas is launching Origin, a tracing label for the entire course taken by a foodstuff, from farm to table. This solution was presented in Tokyo on 5 March 2018 to an international audience during the Global Food...

Eerste grondstoffen transactie via de blockchain

09 January 2018

ABN AMRO, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), Shandong Bohi Industry Co. Ltd (Bohi), ING en Société Générale hebben met succes de eerste volledige grondstoffentransactie via een blockchain-platform afgerond. Door het blockchain...

Blockchain: The Trigger for Disruption in the Food Value Chain

11 December 2017

Companies that want to remain successful in the future food value chain should start to explore options for participating in blockchain initiatives to help them lower costs, increase efficiencies, and explore opportuniti...

Smart Industry offers countless opportunities

14 November 2017

What every manufacturer ultimately wants is to make customised products with better quality and at lower costs. Recent figures reveal that the food industry is investing heavily in the enabling technologies such as big d...

Blockchain in the food sector

14 November 2017

The term ‘blockchain’ is creating a buzz in the food industry. Some people are enthusiastically claiming that it has the potential to radically change the sector, leading to substantial investment in the technology by ma...

Hebben wij jou gezien of gemist op de Anuga Food Fair?

10 October 2017

Wij zijn inmiddels weer bekomen van de grootste foodbeurs van Europa, oftewel Anuga Food Fair. We hebben met veel mensen kennis gemaakt en informatie uitgewisseld. Misschien zat jij daar ook wel bij en heb je onze eerste...

‘All stakeholders are in control, 24/7'

10 October 2017

As a food processing company, Kleendesk gives you an at-a-glance insight into your hygiene performance at any point in time. The online platform provides a real-time overview of technical problems, microbiological statis...

10 tips voor een digitaal veiliger bedrijf

11 September 2017

De digitalisering loopt op rolletjes, elk bedrijf is tegenwoordig afhankelijk van ICT. Je hebt een website, e-mailt constant en betalingen gaan alleen nog maar online. Misbruik van online diensten en digitale netwerken i...

Digital catch-up on the horizon

11 September 2017

Online grocery shopping still hasn’t really caught on among Dutch consumers. Although the online share of food sales rose slightly to 2.1% in 2016 compared with 1.2% in 2015, that percentage is still low in comparison...

‘The correct product data is essential for customers’

10 July 2017

Dutch grocery chain Albert Heijn is a staunch supporter and advocate of the GS1 DatakwaliTijd 2.0 data quality programme and demands that its suppliers comply with the programme requirements – because only then can retai...

QiSOFT introduces digital signature

09 May 2017

In the new release of QIS, QiSOFT is introducing the ‘digital signature’ which will further formalise the insight into production processes. “QIS is all set for strict user management policies such as stronger pa...

Personalised nutrition

07 February 2017

Besides sustainability, health is one of the most important issues in the food sector. “In the future, we will see a society in which each individual can and wants to make conscious choices to follow a diet that is preci...

Bizerba helps with process optimation

10 January 2017

Many companies are currently working on process improvements. The most commonly heard reasons for doing so are to improve delivery reliability, customer satisfaction and efficiency. Bizerba actively helps food manufactur...