Food Tech Event 2024: Innovation in food technology
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Food Tech Event 2024: Innovation in food technology

  • 08 April 2024

The Food Tech Event is the trade fair for managers and professionals in the food industry: discover the latest innovations and technological developments. The fair's slogan: Technology nourishes the future of the food industry.

Connecting the entire chain

The Food Tech Event brings together the entire chain to collaborate on solutions for (future) challenges: think of a more sustainable and transparent supply chain, rising production costs, the growing labor shortage, scarcity of raw materials, and changing consumer needs. More efficient and sustainable processes with minimal waste, quality assurance, food safety, and hygiene are essential here. Solutions can be found in innovations such as robotics, sensor technology, cloud computing, the internet of things, and data-driven management.

Comprehensive overview

"This can all be quite challenging, especially for SMEs. Therefore, it's crucial to respond well to this and encourage knowledge sharing on these topics," says Judith van den Nieuwenhuijzen, program manager of the Food Tech Event. "With the Food Tech Event, we create an annual meeting place for directors, management, and technical professionals from food processing companies and the beverage industry."

The exhibition floor

On the exhibition floor, you will meet around 100 specialist companies with food and beverage-focused solutions for your production or processing environment. The focus is on six current themes:

  • Technology, machinery, and equipment construction
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Future Food Factory
  • Quality management and control
  • Energy management and saving
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Highlights

Innovations of some exhibitors

The program includes interactive workshops, inspiring lectures, and keynotes by leading experts, including Bolletje & Qing and GEA Food Solutions. In the Demo Area, companies can live demonstrate their techniques to the public, and in the Young Talent Area, you'll meet start-ups and student teams. There will also be an interactive demonstration with artificial intelligence by Staubli and Qing. Attend panel discussions by GMV & EVMI and Next Tech Food Factories, and enhance your knowledge during the seminars organized by Vakblad Voedingsindustrie, EHEDG, and Water Alliance. Of course, there will also be a pleasant networking reception.


Come and listen to inspiring lectures and keynotes by leading experts. The complete program overview is available on the site. Below, we focus on the program on May 16th, organized by Vakblad Voedingsindustrie.

Ceel Elemans, Sector Banker Food ING

The greening of energy use requires more action

Food companies are expected to contribute to the Dutch climate goals. Simply using green electricity from their own solar panels and wind farms will not make the sector climate-neutral. The tasks include electrifying production processes and focusing on energy efficiency. What drives companies to go green? What obstacles are in the way? Scope 1 and 2 are already a challenge, but what about scope 3? Increasing legislation forces companies to reduce CO2, but is that the best motivator?

As a sector specialist, Ceel Elemans follows developments in the food industry and wholesale and foodservice for ING in the Netherlands. Goals: sharing and objectively interpreting sector knowledge with entrepreneurs and trade organizations, and translating sector trends and innovations into practical applications.

John Wallbrink, CEO - Crossmedia Academy

50% time saving: integrate AI directly into your business

Elevate your sales to a new level with AI: the catalyst in customer connection and market insight. In this lecture, we'll show you how AI can improve your sales strategy, double your results, and strengthen your marketing communications. Don't expect an everyday story; prepare for a game-changer in the food industry. Make sure you're there and don't let this innovation pass you by.

John Wallbrink brings over 12 years of experience in AI as a strategic AI prompt consultant. He assists in refining your queries to achieve the best results with AI, ChatGPT, and Google Gemini.

Jorn Ballas, Sales Manager - CSB-System Benelux B.V.

The Smart Food Factory of tomorrow

'Lights-out factories' seem to be the holy grail of future production: reality or just a vision for the future? Discover the blueprint of the smart food factory of tomorrow and learn about concrete strategies that you can use today to improve your operation. How do you optimize the use of resources and address challenges in labor and supply chains? Jorn provides an insightful exploration of state-of-the-art automation, smart ERP solutions, efficient supply chain management, robotics, and AI-driven vision technology.

Jorn Ballas has been working at CSB for 9 years as a sales consultant. His involvement in numerous projects not only demonstrates his analytical expertise but also his ability to create effective custom CSB-System solutions for implementation.

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