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Unilever aims to boost ice cream sales with smart freezers

Unilever has increased the deployment of its smart freezer system in an effort to better respond to the growing ice cream market. The company has a total of 3 million refrigerators worldwide, 50,000 of which are classifi..

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Energiebesparende klimaatscheiding

12 April 2016

Het Biddle industrie-luchtgordijn, model IndAC2 ambient, garandeert niet alleen een optimale klimaatscheiding in de deuropening, maar zorgt ook voor een constante temperatuur in het vrieshuis en reduceert het energieverb...

Ultramodern and sustainable solutions at Westfort

09 February 2016

Westfort is the combination of two family-run companies, both with a long history in pork: Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten B.V. and Lunenburg Vlees B.V. They decided to join forces in 2013, and Westfort recently opened i...

MAT Hybrid: sustainable and safe climate zone separation

09 February 2016

If you want to separate two areas with different climates, your first thought will probably be to install a wall and a door. But what if you’re a wholesaler with fresh departments that must be easily accessible and also ...

Industrial door systems for new cold store

08 September 2015

The construction of a new cold store for Ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, NL, was started in 2014 and completed in March 2015. Hörmann supplied and installed overhead and high-speed doors as well as lo...

Keeping fresh products cool

30 June 2015

Van Kempen, a leading player in refrigeration engineering, is specialised in industrial air conditioning for products in the fresh produce, flower, meat and fish sectors. In order to guarantee quality, the company has al...

Research into the transport of partially chilled carcasses

30 June 2015

In September 2014 Vakblad Voedingsindustrie and FoodInBusiness reported on research into the transport of partially chilled carcasses in the light of a possible amendment to EU legislation. It’s high time for an update. ...

Refrigeration systems in the production process

30 June 2015

Refrigeration is an essential aspect of quality management in the entire food chain, and the system should suit the production process. In most companies, however, that process evolves and changes over the years, and leg...

Sustainability made easy

30 June 2015

Nekovri is the leading organisation in The Netherlands in the area of temperature-controlled logistics. “As a self-respecting industry association, Nekovri must be bold enough to look beyond the horizon,” states the orga...