Refrigeration sector joins forces
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Refrigeration sector joins forces

  • 11 November 2020

Providers and end users of refrigeration technology have recently set up the Stichting Netwerk Koude- en Klimaattechniek (NKK). The foundation will supervise the safety and quality of refrigeration systems. Due to the increase in the use of natural refrigerants - ammonia, CO2 and flammable refrigerants - there is also a growing need for installers and end users to be better informed about the risks posed by these refrigerants. Through the NKK, the entire sector is now jointly monitoring the necessary quality.

For the practical implementation and supervision of the quality of training courses and examinations, the Network Cold Chain and Climate Technology works together with the independent foundation InstallQ. InstallQ supervises the requirements for professional competence and the examinations of technical study programmes via an examination committee with experts. The requirements of quality regulations and professional profiles, current legislation and guidelines for working safely with natural refrigerants are taken into account.

The Network also functions as a platform where providers and end users can exchange views on current developments. Where necessary, the Network makes use of working groups that examine specific subjects and enter into dialogue with government authorities and inspections. The required degree of detection of ammonia will soon be on the agenda for a discussion with the government.

The Network has taken over the task from the kliQ foundation, which until now was responsible for supervising the safety of working with natural refrigerants.

Source: Netwerk Koude- en Klimaattechniek