Online edition Construction-Renovation | Refrigeration-Freezing June 2021
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Online edition Construction-Renovation | Refrigeration-Freezing June 2021

  • 14 June 2021

Anyone wishing to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; regarding energy savings, sustainability and food safety. The food industry has also known for decades that respecting the cold chain is crucial to monitoring the quality and food safety of fresh products. What are the main trends and developments in these two fields? What are the trends, what has changed, what are the bottlenecks and pitfalls? And what about the future?

In this issue:

Construct a building right the first time!
Maintaining and monitoring food quality
High-rise and full mechanization at Coenen in Haps
Digitalisation at manufacturer Autodrop
Remkes: Doors influence the functioning of a building
Column Pieter Vos | Intriguing
Complex new building Royal Smilde
Ruys Group; How to choose the right industrial floor
Tap Machinebouw with world class reputation
Adri&Zoon processes cod in one and a half minute
Collaboration Jackit/Ruys
Precast concrete by Willy Naessens
Column Ernest Conradi | 5 minutes to midnight
Boermarke: plant-based cheese is booming
Figures and Trends | There is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel
Column Saskia Stender | I dare to dream again

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