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Automation 2014

Attention for the most important trend: traceability, but also for the analysis of big data and machines that are becoming more and more coordinated, for vision systems, tablets on the production floor and cyber security. ...

Quality and Innovation 2014

Delivering quality means doing more than just meeting the clear and obvious expectations of the inte...

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Food in the picture 2014

One of the main principles of the current food safety policy is the 'farm to fork' approach, based o...

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Labelling 2014

On 26 March 2015, the Dutch Safety Board published the report 'Risks in the Meat Chain', in which im...

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Improvement Product composition 2014

The food sector is in a state of flux. Even those who want to stay where they are have no choice: ch...

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Innovation and Sustainability 2014

The major themes of 2014 are not limited to our national borders: combating food waste, tackling foo...

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