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Corona - learn to play outside again

Due to the lack of physical communication, we are now using Teams, Skype etcetera on a large scale. It works. Although... how do you explain the smell of delicious fresh bread? The smoothness of leather? The tenderness o..

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Key pillars of hygiene and process optimisation

10 February 2015

Conveyor belts, plastic modular belts, positive drive belts and conveyor chains: Habasit’s broad product spectrum offers literally endless options to meat-processing companies. “Because we are a full-range supplier, we a...

CIP = fundamental

18 November 2014

Version 7 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety will be applied in audits from July 2015 onwards. The previous version dated from June 2011 and came into effect on 1 January 2012. One fundamental aspect of version 7...

Rodent-proof construction

18 November 2014

Vermin exclusion is an increasingly important aspect of food-safe construction which, although a challenging element within factory design, is not impossible. Here Cordy Volkers, project manager at Bessels Architekten &a...

Respect takes cleaning to the next level

14 October 2014

“In the meat processing industry, cleaning is vital,” states Theo Dolleman, Production Manager at meat processing company Westfort in Oudewater. “Our board of directors expects the standard of cleaning to approach perfec...

The benefits of Kleentec Hygiene

14 October 2014

A hygienic manufacturing environment can help to improve the efficiency and performance of production processes. “However, the responsibility to ensure a hygienic environment should never become a burden on the food manu...

Alleviating hygiene concerns

14 October 2014

Menken, a manufacturer of spreadable salads and meat products, has chosen to completely eliminate any concerns about hygiene by working with Eco2Clean. Eco2Clean shoulders final responsibility for hygiene and supplies th...

Hygiene and cleaning to a higher standard

14 October 2014

A food manufacturer’s production process is always carefully designed down to the smallest detail, yet that efficiency is sometimes still lacking in the cleaning process. Cleaning should run as smoothly as a pit stop. Qu...

Aanbeveling Efaflex roldeur

09 September 2014

De hygiënische snelroldeur, de EFAFLEX SRT-Easy Clean, is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie en extra schone of natte ruimtes. Dankzij de scharnierbare zijkappen en draaibare afdekkappen is deze deur z...


09 September 2014

Hako-AntiBac is an optional feature available on the waste water tanks of our Scrubmaster machines. The antibacterial solution and recovery tanks increase the levels of hygiene in sensitive areas whilst simultaneously re...

Vendrig walk'n closet

09 September 2014

Every day, food manufacturing companies use large quantities of workwear in all shapes and sizes. However, they often lack insight into the logistics flows of their workwear and how to manage it. Vendrig, a company speci...

Maatwerk met foodguard

10 June 2014

Ecolab en Hygiënepartner Brilliant Group bieden het reinigingsconcept Foodguard, een maatwerkoplossing speciaal ontwikkeld voor bedrijven in de voedingsindustrie. Foodguard omvat een totaaloplossing voor uw reiniging en ...

Analyseren met Silliker

10 June 2014

In de afgelopen 25 jaar heeft het laboratorium zich ontwikkeld tot één van de grootste en meest veelzijdige laboratoria en adviesbureaus voor voedselkwaliteit en –veiligheid in Nederland. Opdrachtgevers ervaren de voorde...

Detectable materials

15 April 2014

Legislation and quality systems dictate that the risk of foreign bodies in food products – and the associated hazards to consumers – should be minimised, which is why a growing number of companies are replacing non-detec...