Give Listeria no chance
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Give Listeria no chance

  • 23 June 2022

This small bacterium enters many companies every day uninvited. It then knows how to hide itself very well. Unfortunately, you only notice this when lots of new Listeria strains are born. They can be found on wheels of carts, under boots and clogs, in gutters and cracks and in evaporators and machines. This large family can spread at lightning speed, through the whole production process. And finally end up in your products.

You don't want that, because your customer, the consumer, can become seriously ill as a result. And a recall also costs a lot of money and damage to your reputation. Fortunately, there are solutions. It starts with good and thorough cleaning; that is one thing. After that, it is best to use Nocotech disinfection. Our customers, at least, have no problems with Listeria.

PS: Nocotech works against all bacteria, and also against moulds, yeasts and viruses.