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Consequences of corona contamination in slaughterhouses

Daily news about corona infections in the food industry, not only in meat processors, but also in the fruit sector has been affected. Stay informed via our timeline.  18 Juni 2020 Largest slaughterhouse of Tönnies ..

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New two-part stainless steel drains

10 October 2017

The two companies ACO and Ruys Vloeren are both specialists in their own field – the former in drainage technology, and the latter in puddle-free floors primarily for the food processing industry. Last year the companies...

Is your heat exchanger really clean?

10 October 2017

In the food industry, heat exchangers and pasteurisers play an important role in ensuring product safety and extending shelf life. At the same time, this equipment has a poor reputation; internal leaks, contamination and...

‘All stakeholders are in control, 24/7'

10 October 2017

As a food processing company, Kleendesk gives you an at-a-glance insight into your hygiene performance at any point in time. The online platform provides a real-time overview of technical problems, microbiological statis...

Pool of cleaning professionals guarantees continuity

10 October 2017

“For us, continuity is the most important thing of all,” says Robert-Jan Weel from Meatstreet, a meat processing company. By that, he means not only a consistently high level of hygiene but also continuity in the standar...

Cleaning versus food safety

10 October 2017

If the structure and the criteria for cleaning activities are properly defined, monitored, adjusted as necessary and optimised, the food safety risks can be managed while also reducing the cleaning costs. However, this r...

Automated disinfection

10 October 2017

The company called Simpel Desinfecteren has developed a prototype that enables a space to be disinfected automatically without human intervention. The system is based on a timer, so it can be automatically activated in t...

Naleving slachthuizen hoog

10 October 2017

Roodvleesslachthuizen leven wet- en regelgeving over het algemeen goed na. Dat blijkt uit de 2e naleefmonitor roodvleesslachthuizen van de NVWA. Bij roodvlees gaat het om vlees van runderen, paarden, varkens, schapen en ...

Ensuring hygiene is always up to audit standards

13 June 2017

As a company, how far do you need to go in terms of working hygienically? Gert Visscher, director of Eco2Clean, regularly asks food manufacturing companies that question. There is no clear-cut answer. One thing he does k...

The impact of stainless steel on food quality

13 June 2017

Stainless steel was developed in America over a hundred years ago for use in the weapons industry. Nowadays, stainless steel – based on the combination of iron, chromium, nickel and often also molybdenum – has become an ...

High-care, high-risk and clean-room technology

09 May 2017

Customers and governments alike are imposing ever-stricter microbiological requirements on food. Therefore, although cost-intensive, it is definitely advisable to use a high-care area when working with higher-risk food p...

Hygiene matters

09 May 2017

Hygiene and efficient cleaning processes are essential in ensuring food safety. Surfaces and equipment must be easy to clean, and waste water from cleaning processes must be disposed of quickly through efficient drainage...

New: remote disinfection

09 May 2017

The company called Simpel Desinfecteren has introduced a new disinfection system for permanent installation which automatically disinfects the production area at pre-set times. While the Nocospray and Nocomax disinfec...

Responsible packaging

06 March 2017

Since December 2016 Henri van de Bilt, a BRC/IFS-certified manufacturer of meat products, has been disinfecting sustainably using Nocolyse Food. This has enabled the company to integrate extra safety into its disinfectio...

Maintenance and repairs

14 November 2016

The food industry places high demands on floors: they must be able to cope with heavy mechanical loads, be easy to clean thoroughly, offer sufficient anti-slip properties in wet conditions and be resistant to oils, fats ...

Considerable savings

14 November 2016

It’s now almost a year since the Nocospray disinfection concept obtained Ctgb authorisation as a biocide; a good time to take stock of the current situation. “One important finding has been that disinfecting productio...