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Ensuring Continuity with Nocotech

Nocotech provides reliable protection against harmful microorganisms such as Listeria, Salmonella, and EHEC. By maintaining low infection pressure, Nocotech improves food safety and reduces product loss. This results in ..

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Column Judith Witte: Hygiene Protocols in Food Industry

20 November 2023

At our house, the atmosphere is buzzing with the spirit of a 'spring cleaning'. The low-lying autumn sun mercilessly reveals the Saharan sand on the windows - it's high time to clean it off. Climbing to the attic to fetc...

HVO Meat & LETS - Growth & Innovation

20 November 2023

Every business is unique. This calls for tailor-made cleaning solutions, fitting the size, level of contamination, and frequency of cleaning within that business. LETS, drawing from theory and practical experience, provi...

FRP insulation panels: No Chance for Bacteria

20 November 2023

According to Niels Burger, owner of Sentho, the connection between the wall and the floor is a critical point during renovations. As a specialist in hygienic construction projects, Sentho was responsible for a new wall a...

Column Pieter Vos: Still Thriving

20 November 2023

A mountaineer discussed his sport and the often extreme conditions he faces while climbing the world's highest peaks in an interview. He talked about the significant risk of not surviving a descent. He said, "I didn't le...

Innocent & Christeyns: Hygienic Juice Production

20 November 2023

Three years ago, the site in the Food Hub was merely a sandy expanse. Today, it hosts the first factory of Innocent Drinks. The journey to this point was one of pioneering, a task never done alone. Innocent Drinks found ...

Hygienic Design: Pitfalls & Solutions

20 November 2023

What do you understand by 'hygiene'? It's a broad concept, so numerous answers are possible. However, the lack of a clear definition in the design and construction of machinery can have significant consequences, raising ...

Poppies Bakeries Chooses Quality with FenS

20 November 2023

Poppies Bakeries, established in 1976, started by selling traditional Flemish pastries and biscuits to local retailers. They have since grown into an international company with a global customer base. Prioritising safe f...

Surprising benefits of enzymatic cleaners

20 November 2023

Enzymatic cleaners contain specific enzymes that target certain types of contamination for breakdown. As a result, they clean at a deeper level than traditional cleaning agents. New applications of these enzymatic cleane...

ICoMST: From Tradition to Green Innovation - Part II

20 November 2023

This year, over 500 scientists from 44 countries gathered to share the progress and results of meat-related research. Scientists Theo Verkleij and Sara Erasmus from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research attended the congre...

Achieving quality goals with Nutrilab

20 November 2023

Voedselveiligheid is voor ons allen van groot belang. Nutrilab stelt zich op als loyale partner in het borgen van en controleren van voedselveiligheid. Onze passie voor voedselveiligheid maakt ons tot een betrokken en be...

DenDoor: Robust Industrial Door Solutions

20 November 2023

DenDoor-GTS, a supplier and producer of industrial doors, excels in providing advanced access solutions for the food processing and refrigeration/freezing industries. Whether it's high-speed, sliding, or swinging doors, ...

Food Safety Alert Consultation 2022 Report

20 November 2023

The Food Safety Alert Consultation consists of expert groups in microbiological and chemical food safety who gather and jointly interpret emerging food safety risk signals. They recently reported on the activities and si...

Improve hygiene in cold storage areas with UVC Light

07 November 2023

Evaporators in the cooling, freezing, and production areas of the food industry pose an underestimated contamination risk. These systems, which cool and circulate air, may appear clean from the outside but are often cont...

Ruys Group Official Partner of Polysto

02 November 2023

The Ruys Group has recently made a significant move in the field of hygienic wall protection. They are now the official Dutch representative for PolySto's high-quality prefab impact bands and wall protection. It's a powe...

Wiggers Vleeswaren: Safe and hygienic construction

16 October 2023

Since the 1950s, Wiggers Meat products has been producing the Twentsche Bakleverworst (fried liver sausage) and Bakbloedworst (fried blood sausage). Made using an old family recipe, but with a modern twist. As of the sum...