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GEA's first mobile test centre for New Food

Do you want to generate proof-of-concept without investing in your own pilot plant? This is now possible with the complete, mobile and modular industrial test units from GEA. For testing various products in cultivation a..

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Prodoor air doors better for climate and your wallet

13 September 2021

The installation of air doors in the premises of Hanos provides the company with many advantages. Not only do the various production and customer areas remain at the right temperature. The air separations also reduce ene...

Plastic costs society a fortune

07 September 2021

The plastics crisis is assuming unprecedented proportions and the current approach to the problem is failing. This is the conclusion of the new report 'Plastics: The cost to society, environment and the economy' by the W...

PLUS and COOP continue together

06 September 2021

On 6 September 2021, PLUS and COOP announced that they had reached an agreement to continue operating together. The proposed merger will create the 3rd largest service supermarket in the Netherlands, with a nationwide ne...

AH minced meat from tray to bag: 500,000 kg less plastic

03 September 2021

From now on, Albert Heijn's minced meat comes in a bag instead of a box. This saves more than 500,000 kilos of plastic on an annual basis - a 70% saving. For customers, the new packaging also has an advantage in the kitc...

Used, originally reconditioned machines at Empack

31 August 2021

As a fresh produce producer you have the choice at MULTIVAC of state-of-the-art packaging or processing machines as well as used machines with original spare parts. Fast delivery for a smaller budget and still responsibl...

Sustainability: 5 key pillars you need to respond to

30 August 2021

Developments in the food sector are rapid. Consumers are changing, which has consequences for production and distribution. At the same time, the chain must become more sustainable and innovation is not standing still. Cu...

Number of food webshops through the roof

23 August 2021

Because of corona we shop online massively. So it's only logical that the number of new webshops is going through the roof. The number of new food webshops grew the fastest in 2021, with 39% (from 4,660 to 6,500). Among ...

Responsible packaging

27 July 2021

In the dynamics of pursuing plastic-saving packaging concepts, we must not lose sight of food safety and the prevention of food waste. This is why MULTIVAC is constantly innovating in order to further develop its packagi...

Carrefour launches Food Transition Pact at Belgian level

16 July 2021

Carrefour is launching a Food Transition Pact to bring together its national brand suppliers and seize the opportunity together to change consumer habits. More and more voices are calling for healthier and more environme...

Smart packaging results in sweeter taste

13 July 2021

For consumer acceptance, it is important that a product reduced in sugar tastes sufficiently sweet. Besides compensating the taste with sweeteners, there is another solution: through packaging features such as colour and...

Protein transition on existing production lines

08 July 2021

How can you determine whether existing production spaces, machines or lines are also suitable for processing protein-rich raw materials, manufacturing or packaging plant products. To guide the accelerating protein transi...

Automatically provide healthy product formulation

06 July 2021

Calculating the Nutri-Score is the newest tool in the FAST-Template for Food. The Nutri-Score is calculated based on your recipe and provides immediate insights during recipe creation. This allows you to change recipes i...

Clean label: not so clean as claimed

01 July 2021

A warning to all producers who are busy making their food products 'clean label'. Food additives that have not been approved are not allowed to be sold or used in foodstuffs. The NVWA ('Dutch Food and Consumer Product Sa...

Avoid food waste using sensors during transport

28 June 2021

TNO has recently launched the IoT4AGRI project. The aim of the project is to investigate whether food wastage during transport can be prevented at an acceptable cost and to monitor quality losses so that any necessary in...

Universities take part in 'Well Packaged' project

28 June 2021

Companies make all kinds of considerations when choosing how to package their food product in a sustainable way. Over the next 2 years this choice process will be studied by HAS University together with The Hague Univers...