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99.6 per cent slaughterhouses comply with regulations

"In 2021, the NVWA carried out as many as 88,000 inspections at Dutch slaughterhouses. The NVWA's new Compliance Monitor shows that no less than 99.6% of the companies complied with laws and regulations. The companies an..

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UK food allergy labelling laws tightened

21 October 2021

Since 1 October, the UK Food Information Amendment, better known as Natasha's Law, has been in force, requiring the labelling of pre-packaged food for immediate sale to include a full list of ingredients with the 14 most...

Synchronous drum motors

11 October 2021

Momentum Technologies' synchronous drum motors have a very high power density and generate enormous power in a small diameter. In combination with their high efficiency and servo characteristics, they are the best choice...

Need for business definition personalised nutrition

07 October 2021

On 7 October Foodvalley NL, along with 53 stakeholders, from industry to academia and from start-ups to corporates release a position paper on personalised nutrition. This was prompted by Foodvalley interviews among more...

TNO research basis for WHO/FAO advice on allergen limits

27 September 2021

The WHO/FAO has recommended standards for warning of the possible unintended presence of allergens in food. These standards could help prevent potentially life-threatening situations for food-allergic consumers and signi...

WUR discovers 20 unknown illegal substances in food supplements

16 September 2021

Food supplements are products in the form of pills, powders, drops, capsules, or drinks and are meant to supplement daily food intake. Just like other foods, these products are also monitored for the presence of unknown ...

Complex food company thrives on standardisation

13 September 2021

For a complex production company with a continuous flow of new food concepts, products and customers, an automation system for the control of information flows is extremely important. The Future Food Group found assuranc...

Zweistra on the way to a clean label

13 September 2021

Butcher Zweistra is testing a whole new vegan-blend for his product range. Like many other food producers, he wants a clean label for his products. Natural additives can make an important contribution to this.  K...

Revolutionary bacteria-inhibiting packaging

13 September 2021

Global Flexibles from Krimpen a/d IJssel will soon be marketing a special vacuum and skin film. A packaging film with proven bacterial inhibition that can ensure a longer shelf life of fish, meat and cheese, and less foo...

Mindyourmeat; Product development with passion

13 September 2021

On October 4th, Leo van Etten, owner of 'De Nieuwe Slager', will start a new company specialised in meat substitutes for chefs and butchers. Pieter de Ruijter, commercial manager DEGENS (the butcher's branch of SOLINA-GR...

Effective against all micro-organisms

13 September 2021

The Nocotech disinfection system is successful worldwide. In dental practices, hospitals and even cinemas. And of course in the food industry; in the Netherlands it is mainly used in the fish and meat sector, but increas...

40 years of cleaning technology; LETS comes to you

13 September 2021

LETS bv in Dronten, specialised in cleaning techniques for the food industry, is celebrating: this year the company exists 40 years. With a new management at the helm, the company continues to build on its solid and succ...

Prodoor air doors better for climate and your wallet

13 September 2021

The installation of air doors in the premises of Hanos provides the company with many advantages. Not only do the various production and customer areas remain at the right temperature. The air separations also reduce ene...

It's rush hour in protein land

13 September 2021

It cannot have escaped anyone's attention: proteins are, without exaggeration, the centre of attention. No wonder: the world population is growing, in many places prosperity is increasing, which goes hand in hand with in...

CBL lanceert website ‘Wat zit er in jouw winkelmandje?’

13 September 2021

Sta je weleens stil bij de producten die je in je winkelmandje doet? Dat zouden we eens wat meer moeten doen. Want de producten die jij koopt, komen niet zomaar in de winkel. Daar komt heel wat bij kijken. Wist je bijvoo...

Havantec Hygiene Solutions

31 August 2021

Havantec Hygiene Solutions is your partner in the field of hygienic solutions for the food industry. The total supplier for personal hygiene solutions, (foam) cleaning systems, industrial washing machines, drainage techn...