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NVWA considers closure of slaughterhouse in Brabant

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has taken significant action against a small abattoir in Brabant due to ongoing concerns regarding animal welfare and hygiene. The NVWA is considering wit..

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Column: Food in focus, safety assured

20 November 2023

Unique recipes, fantastic flavours, and satisfied customers are the driving forces of your food business. But whether you're processing meat, producing confectionery, or delivering dairy, food safety is the standard in e...

ICoMST: From Tradition to Green Innovation - Part II

20 November 2023

This year, over 500 scientists from 44 countries gathered to share the progress and results of meat-related research. Scientists Theo Verkleij and Sara Erasmus from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research attended the congre...

Achieving quality goals with Nutrilab

20 November 2023

Voedselveiligheid is voor ons allen van groot belang. Nutrilab stelt zich op als loyale partner in het borgen van en controleren van voedselveiligheid. Onze passie voor voedselveiligheid maakt ons tot een betrokken en be...

Comprehensive cap inspection for bottles and jars

20 November 2023

Ensuring that bottles and jars are perfectly sealed is crucial. Missed, skewed, or non-sealable caps can lead to unnecessary product wastage and potential recalls. Antares Vision's cap inspection systems ensure that only...

DenDoor: Robust Industrial Door Solutions

20 November 2023

DenDoor-GTS, a supplier and producer of industrial doors, excels in providing advanced access solutions for the food processing and refrigeration/freezing industries. Whether it's high-speed, sliding, or swinging doors, ...

Column Saskia Stender: Cause and Effect on Food Safety

20 November 2023

In my recent column, I touched on the OSV block at the Food Tech Event 2024. The response was overwhelming, full of excitement! Within the first week, 90% of the block was booked, and requests kept pouring in. The soluti...

Food Safety Alert Consultation 2022 Report

20 November 2023

The Food Safety Alert Consultation consists of expert groups in microbiological and chemical food safety who gather and jointly interpret emerging food safety risk signals. They recently reported on the activities and si...

Organic Business Regulation Changes in 2024

16 November 2023

Starting in 2024, a significant shift will occur for organic business operators in the Netherlands. They will be required to implement a risk management plan. This change is not just a regulatory formality but a vital st...

Advantages of Automating Production Control

14 November 2023

In the food industry, there's a growing trend towards automated production control. This shift isn't surprising considering the costly implications of errors, which can lead to expensive recalls and damage to reputation....

Allergen Labelling: Challenges and Developments

13 November 2023

Allergen labelling in the food industry is a critical issue, impacting consumer safety and informed decision-making. Despite clear regulations, challenges persist, particularly in compliance and keeping up with evolving ...

Normec Foodcare and AKSV Join Forces

10 November 2023

In recent news, Normec Foodcare and the industry association AKSV have joined forces to enhance food safety and quality in the convenience food industry. This collaboration is in response to the growing popularity of con...

Improve hygiene in cold storage areas with UVC Light

07 November 2023

Evaporators in the cooling, freezing, and production areas of the food industry pose an underestimated contamination risk. These systems, which cool and circulate air, may appear clean from the outside but are often cont...

Ruys Group Official Partner of Polysto

02 November 2023

The Ruys Group has recently made a significant move in the field of hygienic wall protection. They are now the official Dutch representative for PolySto's high-quality prefab impact bands and wall protection. It's a powe...

Unbreakable, CIP-resistant inline pH sensor

01 November 2023

The new Mettler Toledo InPro X1 is the very first unbreakable, "food-safe", and CIP-resistant pH sensor for inline measurements. The X-chip, the core of the sensor, is virtually unbreakable and is made of high-tech co...

BRCGS or IFS: which one should you choose?

26 October 2023

In the dynamic realm of food safety, both the BRCGS and IFS certificates offer an impressive framework. But how do they differ, and which one is the best fit for your organization? Normec Foodcare delves deeper into thes...