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99.6 per cent slaughterhouses comply with regulations

"In 2021, the NVWA carried out as many as 88,000 inspections at Dutch slaughterhouses. The NVWA's new Compliance Monitor shows that no less than 99.6% of the companies complied with laws and regulations. The companies an..

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The effects of origin labelling on meat products

18 August 2021

Mandatory country-of-origin labelling of meat products appears to be useful for consumers and does not have a major impact on the meat chain, according to research commissioned by the European Commission. Consumers re...

45% prepacked food does not match weight on label

17 August 2021

In 2020, the FPS Economy checked the correctness of the quantity indication of pre-packaged foodstuffs. This revealed that 45% of the checked lots did not comply with the requirements. The checks concerned "pre-packaged ...

LTO: The Dutch want to pay more for sustainable food

12 August 2021

Three quarters of the Dutch consider their lives to be sustainable, for example because they separate waste, turn down the heating or shower for shorter periods. Eating less or no meat is seen as one of the greatest impa...

Detecting bacteria with smart sensors

13 July 2021

Maastricht University, together with the Belgian universities of Leuven and Hasselt, has developed a sensor technology that can detect harmful bacteria on the spot during the production process. Researcher Rocio Arreguin...

EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business

06 July 2021

On Monday July 5th 2021, the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business was signed by 65 pioneering companies and associations. This Code is an essential part of the EU's efforts to increase the availability and aff...

Clean label: not so clean as claimed

01 July 2021

A warning to all producers who are busy making their food products 'clean label'. Food additives that have not been approved are not allowed to be sold or used in foodstuffs. The NVWA ('Dutch Food and Consumer Product Sa...

Hygiene in the cheese industry

24 June 2021

Cheese products are generally safe, but can be subject to bacterial contamination leading to food poisoning or cross-contamination with allergens. The presence of pathogenic or spoilage microorganisms can not only pose a...

New vegetable fat improves products

23 June 2021

Olive oil and other unsaturated fats are liquid, but KU Leuven researchers have now developed an unsaturated fat that remains solid at room temperature. Their product Sterolife can help food companies develop healthy alt...

Online edition Construction-Renovation | Refrigeration-Freezing June 2021

14 June 2021

Anyone wishing to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; regarding energy savings, ...

Construct a building right the first time!

14 June 2021

Anyone who wants to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; concerning energy saving, sustainability a...


14 June 2021

I talk a lot about food safety, that will not surprise anyone. And I talk a lot about food safety testing. Not so strange either. What strikes me in these conversations is the difference in approach to this subject among...

Webinar Allergen management 10 June

08 June 2021

On Thursday afternoon, 10 June, Normec Foodcare organises a webinar on allergen management. Normec Foodcare's allergens specialist will discuss basic principles and preconditions that are important when applying allergen...

Follow-up study on health effects of microplastics started

04 June 2021

On 3 and 4 June, the new MOMENTUM consortium will be officially launched. This launch starts with a two-day online kick-off meeting. This new consortium was already announced during the presentation of the knowledge a...

New approach to food product improvement

25 May 2021

We can conclude that much effort and commitment has been made to improve the supply of products. At the same time, we have to conclude that the estimated intake of sugar and salt in the Netherlands is still too high, des...

Self-test for allergens in food

17 May 2021

If someone with a peanut allergy accidentally ingests traces of peanut, it can have serious or even fatal consequences. Wageningen researchers have developed a simple test that consumers can use to test food for certain ...