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'Learn to recognise the critical points in your factory!'

Roelina Dijk is author of the textbook 'Safe food - microbiological principles, chemical and physical factors', whose fourth updated edition was published recently. Sharing knowledge is her passion: "Giving theory a prac..

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WUR: Revision of dietary guidelines necessary

16 June 2022

Dietary guidelines issued by national governments aim to set a roadmap for healthy living. But a new international study published in Lancet Planetary Health challenges national dietary guidelines assessments to include ...

Fermentation: the road to global health

15 June 2022

Fermented foods and beverages have a long history in human nutrition with evidence of fermentation dating back thousands of years. They are currently experiencing a clear resurgence generated by demands for traditional, ...

Smart biosensor detects bacteria

15 June 2022

How do you ensure that the risk of contamination of your smoothie is as minimal as possible? This was one of the reasons for startup Alberts to participate in research into the development of a biosensor with which food ...

NAPV information campaign starts: 'Every step counts'.

07 June 2022

On 28 June 2022, during a digital meeting, State Secretary Van Ooijen will give the go-ahead for an information campaign about the National Product Improvement Approach (NAPV), under the motto: 'Every step counts. Togeth...

NVWA introduces food safety checkpoint

07 June 2022

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) works together with private inspection agencies that apply a monitoring system to companies that supply food to consumers. These agencies do not replace NVWA su...

Harmful pesticides on fruit and vegetables increased

02 June 2022

European citizens have been exposed to a dramatic rise in the frequency and intensity of residues of the most toxic pesticides on fruits and vegetables sold in the EU, according to a report by PAN Europe. The report cont...

10 important tips for ensuring food safety

01 June 2022

Machines that can be cleaned properly are a primary requirement for preventing problems and guaranteeing food safety. How do you choose the best suitable machine for the job? ABB's white paper "Food Safety" helps compani...

Veggie Smooth Winner Food Boost Challenge

25 May 2022

On Tuesday 24 May 2022 was the final of the Food Boost Challenge. On the stage in the World Horti Center 10 student teams pitched their idea for enticing young people to eat more fruit and vegetable products. Veggie Smoo...

Many companies do not comply with allergen requirements

25 May 2022

Most companies in retail, trade and catering do not properly inform customers about which allergens are contained in the food or dish. This is shown by data from the NVWA. In 2021, the NVWA inspected more than 5,000 busi...

IFS Food 8 draft version published

23 May 2022

IFS Food version 8 is expected around summer 2022. Recently the draft version of IFS Food 8 was published. The IFS Food standard is changed to comply with the Codex Alimentarius CXC 1-1969 version 2020. The upcoming ISO ...

Online edition May 2022: Food safety

16 May 2022

Food producers are expected to do everything reasonably possible to prevent people from getting sick from food. Yet there are still outbreaks and recalls almost every day. Apparently, ensuring food safe...

Column Judith Witte: Taking risks

16 May 2022

Just before Easter, my daughter left in the middle of the night for a 2-year postponed school trip '24 hours to Paris'. Early in the morning, I had the following whatsapp conversation with her: She: Mom, can I have Ki...

WFSR: 'We are getting better at preventing food crises'

16 May 2022

In the event of a major fire, radiation incident or food scandal, the government wants to know quickly whether the food and drinking water are still safe. Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) provides the government wi...

Food safety: much can be achieved with common sense

16 May 2022

Companies in the food chain are expected to do everything that is reasonably possible to prevent people from getting sick from food. Yet there are still outbreaks and almost daily recalls. This suggests that food safety ...

Listeria: How to get rid of it

16 May 2022

In the food industry, there are still many contaminations with - and recalls caused by - Listeria monocytogenes. Simply because companies bring this pathogen indoors every day; the bacterium can be found everywhere in th...