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2023 Fi Innovation Awards: F&B Industry Leaders

The Fi Innovation Awards are all about celebrating those who are pushing boundaries and effecting positive change in the food and beverage sector. A panel of respected industry experts, chaired by Prof. Colin Dennis, jud..

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Robotics Days 2023 - Stäubli & Partners

07 November 2023

On November 22 & 23, Stäubli will host the fifth edition of Robotics Days in Mechelen, in collaboration with 19 technology partners. Partner Qing Forward Engineering from Arnhem will offer visitors a unique look into...

Market Disrupted by Chicken Import Surge

06 November 2023

Gert-Jan Oplaat, president of Nepluvi, is sounding the alarm over the massive influx of cheap chicken meat from Ukraine that fails to meet European environmental and animal welfare standards. “While we try to support Ukr...

Protix and Tyson: Sustainability through Insects

06 November 2023

Tyson Foods and Protix, two major players in the food industry, have decided to join forces to produce more sustainable proteins. In an era where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, this partnership marks ...

Beyond Meat: Facing Challenges in 2023

06 November 2023

Beyond Meat, the American manufacturer of meat alternatives, finds itself in a challenging situation for the year 2023. With a recent reduction in their revenue expectations and a disappointing third quarter, they are co...

Food Producers: Highlighting Unique Differences

02 November 2023

The food industry is at a pivotal moment. Following a period of high cost inflation and geopolitical turmoil, some manufacturers are beginning to reap the benefits of lower energy and raw material prices. However, this s...

The 10 most-read stories of October 2023

02 November 2023

 In October, our website was again frequently visited. To ensure that you don't miss the highlights, we have compiled a list of the most-read stories and news articles of October for you. EU wants to turn packaging wo...

Fish Guide Color Codes Updated

02 November 2023

In the ever-evolving world of sustainable fishing, a significant shift has recently been observed in the Netherlands. This change is reflected in the latest updates to the Viswijzer, a tool that assesses the sustainabili...

Circu-Sleeve: Award-Winning Innovation OPACKGROUP

31 October 2023

In a world where sustainability is increasingly becoming the norm, innovative ideas like OPACKGROUP's Circu-Sleeve play a pivotal role. This recent recipient of the Runner Up Award in the Non-Food Sustainability category...

Laurens Hoedemaker: UECBV's New President

31 October 2023

Laurens Hoedemaker, chairman of the Dutch COV and VNV, has been appointed as the new president of the UECBV. This announcement, made during the UECBV's annual Conference and General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, holds si...

Jumbo's vision for a plant-based future

30 October 2023

Over the past few years, we've seen how the supermarket chain Jumbo has been committed to promoting a plant-based diet. With the introduction of numerous vegetarian and vegan products, the store aims for a whopping 60% o...

Infrared Technology: The Future of Fruit Inspection

30 October 2023

In a world where technology and agriculture are increasingly intertwined, there's a groundbreaking development that's set to change the way we perceive fruit. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research have re...

Pork in Europe: Trends, prices and visions for the future

25 October 2023

While pork production has shown a decline, prices remain surprisingly robust. In the first seven months of 2023, production in the EU27 and the UK dropped by 8.6%. At the same time, prices for slaughter pigs and piglets ...

Kidney Foundation: ‘Food industry sabotages healthy choices’

24 October 2023

Our pursuit of health is evident. Yet, why do we find it continually challenging to consistently make healthy food choices? According to recent data, 50% of the Dutch population is overweight or obese, escalating the ris...

The resilience of the Dutch food sector: Reflecting on 2022

24 October 2023

As global crises challenged economies everywhere, the Dutch food industry proved its resilience, stability, and essential economic role in 2022. The 'Food Industry Monitor 2023', compiled for FNLI, scrutinizes these achi...

First Dutch circular meat substitute in the making

24 October 2023

Consumers are on the hunt for healthy and sustainable products, which is why they're increasingly opting for plant-based choices over meat. That's precisely where four Dutch companies aim to make a splash. PeelPioneers, ...