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Van Geloven: Lots of cheese, good crust, little dust

A tasty snack is partly characterized by a nice crispy crust. But applying a good, even breadcrumb layer while limiting dust formation and waste is no easy task. Van Geloven Cuijk therefore purchased the latest CrumbMast..

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Agrifirm innovates with sustainable rumen-resistant protein

21 July 2023

Agrifirm has patented a technology called Greenwave that enables climate-friendly production of rumen-resistant protein for cattle feed. This technology not only reduces nitrogen and CO2 emissions in dairy farming, but a...

Scientists create biodegradable food film

20 July 2023

A pioneering research group in São Paulo state, Brazil, has developed a solution to tackle the global plastic waste crisis while preserving food freshness. They have created a biodegradable film, derived from limonene fo...

Chicken reinvented: from waste to delicacy

19 July 2023

Flevo Campus and Low Food recently presented the results of the Low Food Lab Chicken 'Oranjehoen' project. This project investigated practical solutions for reducing food waste from chicken meat. The Dutch mainly eat chi...

Farmers worldwide oppose food from laboratories

18 July 2023

The World Farmers' Organization (WFO), a global organization representing more than 1.2 billion farmers, opposes the acceptance of laboratory-grown food as a substitute for food produced by farmers. The position, adop...

Infrared predicts taste perception of strawberry

17 July 2023

Sometimes a breeder or grower wants to know quickly whether, for example, a strawberry will appeal to the consumer during the breeding process or just before harvest. In such a case, a consumer panel is not the ideal sol...

Snack to the future: The revolutionary food trends of 2040

17 July 2023

Breath-Prints, Me-ganism Diets, Foodgasms, Edible Beauty, 3D Printed Meal Plans, VR Dinner Parties, and Restorative Restaurants: experts predict revolutionary advancements that will transform our food in 2040. Deliver...

Soybean platform as pig protein plant

11 July 2023

Moolec Science SA, a scientific food ingredients company focused on animal protein production in plants, has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in its Meat Replacements Program. The new "Piggy Sooy" soybean platform prod...

PhD research unravels taste

11 July 2023

A new study has brought new insights into the complex world of taste and flavor composition. The mouthfeel model has been confirmed as a valuable tool for measuring taste, according to the dissertation titled "Unraveling...

EU wants to ease rules on genetically modified plants

10 July 2023

On 5 July, the European Union unveiled a proposal for new regulations of new genomic techniques (NGTs) in plant breeding. These techniques offer highly precise and efficient methods for developing plant varieties that ex...

Plant4Texture: choice for meat lovers and flexitarians alike

07 July 2023

KNS introduces Plant4Texture, an innovative hybrid product that allows butchers to offer high-quality artisanal products to flexitarians. By using Plant4Texture, consumers can enjoy the taste and texture of butcher's mea...

Food revolution in the Evoluon with Spacefarming

07 July 2023

The Evoluon in Eindhoven will present the exhibition "Spacefarming: the food of tomorrow" from Sept. 24, 2023 through March 23, 2024. This groundbreaking exhibition, created by Next Nature, takes visitors on a journey of...

Meat vs. Vegan: a battle between tradition and change

07 July 2023

A pilot by supermarket chain Lidl, placing meat substitutes alongside their meat variants on the shelf, has triggered a wave of reactions among consumers. While some customers welcome the opportunity to discover vegetari...

Schouten Europe introduces Pops without Chicken

06 July 2023

Schouten Europe introduces the "Southern Fried Pops without Chicken." With this fully plant-based product, Schouten is responding to the growing demand for plant-based snacks and the need to reduce meat consumption due t...

The Dutch are drinking less milk and eating more cheese

06 July 2023

In the course of the first two decades of the 21st century, the Dutch were drinking less milk but eating more cheese. This is shown by an overview of per capita consumption figures of dairy products and eggs during 2005-...

ABN: Lower food prices in sight

06 July 2023

Je hebt het jezelf ongetwijfeld vaak afgevraagd: Wanneer worden levensmiddelen eindelijk weer betaalbaar? Hoewel een nieuwe prijsoorlog onwaarschijnlijk lijkt, zijn er positieve ontwikkelingen die hoop geven. Na de ongek...