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Remkes: Current nitrogen approach insufficient

The Advisory Council on Nitrogen Problems states that the government's aim to reduce nitrogen emissions by 26% by 2030 is insufficient. According to the Advisory Board, nitrogen emissions must be at least halved in 2030 ..

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People will pay more for cultured meat with right information

17 April 2020

If people are properly informed about cultured meat, most are willing to pay nearly 40 percent more for it than for regular meat, according to research at Maastricht University (UM), where Professor Mark Post created the...

Consumer deviates to specialized shops and delivery service

17 April 2020

Consumer spending is expected to shrink by a total of around 5% this year, according to a report published by ABN AMRO on Friday 17 April. The bank assumes a scenario in which the intelligent lockdown will last two month...

Corona crisis can bring about major changes in the food sector

16 April 2020

Analysts at Rabobank claim that the corona crisis could cause fundamental changes in the food sector. It is unclear how long the crisis measures will last in the various countries affected. This makes it difficult to est...

11 corona-feiten voor de voedingsindustrie

16 April 2020

Het BfR, het Duitse Federale Instituut voor Risicobeoordeling, publiceerde 30 maart een artikel met feiten over Corona zoals die tot nu toe bekend zijn. Metaflex, specialist in geavanceerde deursystemen, heeft de tekst v...

Future Farm ready to conquer Europe

07 April 2020

Future Food Group enters into a unique partnership with Fazenda Futuro. Fazenda Futuro is the first Brazilian food technology company to produce meat from plants and has already made a name for itself on the South Americ...

Hogeslag invests in sustainable employee policy

06 April 2020

"Our people are the company's capital asset. When we stop investing in our people, all other expenses will be a waste", says Rudi Holleboom, director of operations at Hogeslag Olst BV.  Beef producer Hogeslag Ols...

Smart and efficient processing system for chicken fillets

06 April 2020

Processing chicken fillet; that's what Van Leeuwen Chicken Specialities is all about. As quickly and as flexibly as possible, while maintaining the highest quality. With this in mind, Jansen Techniek, in collaboration wi...

Ultra-efficient new micro sieve technology

06 April 2020

Do you want to purify food, or detect contaminants in water at breakneck speed? Then microfiltration is extremely useful. The Dutch company Aquamarijn has developed a new type of micro sieve, 90 percent more economical t...

Dutch Supermarkets make food waste transparent

12 March 2020

An average of 98.3% of all food offered by supermarkets in the Netherlands is sold. 1.7% of the food, expressed in kilograms, does not reach the consumer. This shows research carried out by supermarkets, the Central Bure...

Fabriek voor eiwit uit eendenkroos geopend

10 March 2020

Eiwitten uit waterlinzen (eendenkroos) vormen een goed alternatief voor dierlijke eiwitten. In Raalte opende op 5 maart de proeffabriek van Rubisco Foods (voorheen ABC Kroos) waar ze hoogwaardig eiwit uit eendenkroos win...

Energy transition

09 March 2020

Do you remember? Working in groups on a project at school; that often caused a lot of stress. There were always one or more lazy students among them who didn't do anything, didn't keep appointments, leaned back comfortab...

New techniques help make industry more sustainable

09 March 2020

According to Elies Lemkes, food processing companies have a key position when it comes to making the chain more sustainable. This requires close cooperation with suppliers and customers, as well as the implementation of ...

Sustainable entrepreneurship affects all core processes

09 March 2020

Heterotrophic cultivation instead of autotrophic cultivation. A sense of responsibility from 'grass to glass'. Specially developed water saving systems; sustainable entrepreneurship is widely embraced and implemented in ...

Sustainable ambitions of Van Oers United

09 March 2020

Cees van Diest, Facility and HSE manager at Van Oers United wants to work smarter. So does Ronnie Schiltmans, director and owner of Prodoor in Apeldoorn. Together, they are already well on their way when it comes to the ...

Bolscher: Butcher of the future

09 March 2020

We have to be more careful with our planet. For example, by taking a larger part of our proteins from vegetable sources and opting for sustainable energy. The brothers Roy and Chiel Bolscher, owners and directors of the ...