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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Fermentation is key for the circular economy

27 December 2022

Chemicals and materials from renewable raw materials, such as biomass, will become increasingly important in the circular economy of the future. It is likely that microbial fermentation conversion technology will play a ...

Soil bacteria produce proteins from carbon dioxide

27 December 2022

The soil bacterium Cupriavidus necator can grow on a mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen can be persuaded to produce various useful products, such as amino acids, milk proteins, and building blocks for pharma...

Meer robots ingezet in de voedingsindustrie

21 December 2022

De voedingsindustrie kampt met grote personeelstekorten. Het duurt nog wel even voordat de krapte op de arbeidsmarkt vermindert. In de voedingsindustrie komen zware, repeterende en gevaarlijke taken regelmatig voor. Daar...

Sales of meat and dairy substitutes could double by 2030

16 December 2022

After several years of robust growth, sales of meat and dairy substitutes through the supermarket channel are stagnating this year. For further growth, there are opportunities for producers in terms of innovation, econom...

Low nutritional quality in vegan meat big problem

12 December 2022

There are many challenges regarding the nutritional value of meat substitutes. A study from Chalmers now shows that many of the meat substitutes sold in Sweden claim a high content of iron – but in a form that cannot be ...

Rabobank: Animal protein companies face an inflection point

07 December 2022

Animal protein companies face an inflection point with a need to respond to structural changes in the market even with production levels and prices likely to remain elevated next year, according to Rabobank Producers ...

Time-Travelling Milkman and Peelon best food startups of 2022

05 December 2022

At the Brave New Food Startup Challenge, ten finalists competed against each other with their innovative food applications. During the final pitch round, Dutch startup Time-Travelling Milkman and US startup Peelon won th...

Cosun introduces new meat substitute ingredient

05 December 2022

Cosun Beet Company introduces a new innovative and functional ingredient for meat substitutes: Fidesse®, the only raw material of this 100% vegetable product is Dutch sugar beet pulp. Sugar beet pulp is a side stream ...

WUR: We should not replace meat but reduce it

30 November 2022

The shift to consuming more plant-based protein is an essential aspect of the protein transition. “The responsibility lies not just with the individual consumer, and the solution lies not just in innovative food products...

5 trends that will change the food sector

29 November 2022

The Dutch food sector is moving fast. Convenience trends, including delivery, have been driving growth in the sector for years. Fairly new is the focus on mental convenience. Reducing choice stress will be a major driver...

Food heroes of 2022 announced!

28 November 2022

At the Verspillingsfabriek in Veghel on 25 November 2022, the 2022 Food Heroes were announced: the 6 most impactful food changers in the Netherlands. They were chosen by the professional jury from the 2022 Food100 list a...

Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

21 November 2022

We are on a journey, towards a new balance. In 2050, we want healthy, affordable and delicious food. Sustainably produced, of course. And for the people who will be living then: a world population of no less than abou...

Foodvalley - Join the journey

21 November 2022

A typical journey with Foodvalley starts with preparatory work so that innovations can land. We identify opportunities and build perspective towards the food transition towards 2050. Sometimes it's a winding road, to ...

Heat recovery for cleaning processes

21 November 2022

The basic principle of any refrigeration plant is to extract heat from products, among other things, and discharge it to a place where it does not cause a nuisance. The usual starting point is to release this heat to the...

Foodvalley connects insect supply chain

21 November 2022

Insects can play an important role in the circular food system. To make (products from) insects end up on consumers' plates more often, Foodvalley is setting the chain in motion with, among other things, a workshop, as a...