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New survey on opportunities in plant-based sector

Plant-based cheese, ready meals, seafood, and alternatives to eggs are among the biggest opportunities in the plant-based sector, a major new survey by ProVeg International of 6,221 consumers has found. The survey was..

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The Dutch eat less and less meat

21 April 2020

More than 5 million Dutch people eat no or only occasionally meat. This is 36% of the whole of the Netherlands. This group has grown by 7% since 2016. This is evident from the second edition of the Smart Food Monitor, a ...

Consumer deviates to specialized shops and delivery service

17 April 2020

Consumer spending is expected to shrink by a total of around 5% this year, according to a report published by ABN AMRO on Friday 17 April. The bank assumes a scenario in which the intelligent lockdown will last two month...

Corona crisis can bring about major changes in the food sector

16 April 2020

Analysts at Rabobank claim that the corona crisis could cause fundamental changes in the food sector. It is unclear how long the crisis measures will last in the various countries affected. This makes it difficult to est...

11 corona-feiten voor de voedingsindustrie

16 April 2020

Het BfR, het Duitse Federale Instituut voor Risicobeoordeling, publiceerde 30 maart een artikel met feiten over Corona zoals die tot nu toe bekend zijn. Metaflex, specialist in geavanceerde deursystemen, heeft de tekst v...

The ten themes of 2020

02 January 2020

Legislation, consumer behaviour and sustainability. Having a good strategy in 2020 is perhaps more important than ever for the entrepreneur. ABN AMRO is already providing insight and background into ten themes that will ...

Top trend for 2020: “winning with words”

06 December 2019

Increased consumer interest in the stories behind their food and beverage products and their notable influence on purchasing decisions has resulted in companies increasingly paying attention to storytelling in branding s...

Animal-friendly: Mainly out of self-interest

04 December 2019

‘What’s in it for me?’ is de vraag die veel consumenten zichzelf stellen bij het kopen van diervriendelijke producten. Als producent is het daarom verstandig om het eigenbelang van de consument te benadrukken bij verkoop...

The Dutch like to eat consciously

04 December 2019

The majority of the Dutch (60%) indicate that they often eat with a great deal of dedication, according to research, among more than 1,000 respondents commissioned by the Voedingscentrum. The Dutch take their time for me...

Vegamonitor: 'Will eating less meat become standard?'

22 November 2019

More and more Dutch people indicate that they will be eating less meat in the next five years, and people more often think that eating less meat will become the standard in the Netherlands, according to the recently publ...

Convenience generations: major impact on the food market

20 November 2019

Compared to the Millennium, Generation Z is even more food-minded, and eating outdoors is even more self-evident for this generation, according to the FSIN FoodShopper Monitor 2020. We will give a small summary of what i...

Food industry remains stable sector

11 October 2019

The annual Monitor of the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), which was presented on Thursday 10 October, shows that the food industry in the Netherlands continues to develop in a very stable manner. The future challe...

Six ways to tackle the plastic puzzle

10 October 2019

The Dutch use approximately 26 billion plastic food packaging per year and the trend points to a further increase. However, if consumers reduce their use by five packs per year, this could halt growth. This is the conclu...

Eat lunch or be lunch

07 October 2019

Scaling up, more and more efficiency, demanding transparency, increasing demand for sustainability, necessary innovation and unavoidable digitisation. Go ahead and get it done! The food sector will have to face it all at...

Meat consumption in the Netherlands increases

24 September 2019

The total consumption of meat and meat products (based on carcass weight) per capita in the Netherlands in 2018 will be just over 77 kg. This quantity is more than half a kilo above the consumption in 2017. This is the f...

Strong increase in online purchases of food

20 September 2019

Dutch consumers spent €12.5 billion on products and services online in the first six months of 2019, representing an increase of 9% compared to the first six months of 2018. This is shown by figures from the Thuiswinkel ...