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Hybrid potato: a revolution in the potato sector

A pioneering development in the potato sector has the potential to increase global food security and make agriculture more sustainable. The hybrid potato is poised to revolutionize both agricultural areas in Africa and W..

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New trading standards for agri-food products

25 April 2023

On Friday 21 April 2023, the Commission proposed a revision of trading standards for a number of agri-food products, such as fruit and vegetables, fruit juices and jams, honey, poultry or eggs. This should help consumers...

Netherlands lags behind EU organic farming ambitions

25 April 2023

A coalition of sustainable businesses and interest groups, called the Robin Food Coalition, is joining forces to force a breakthrough for healthy, social, nature-inclusive agriculture in the Netherlands.  How wil...

Increasingly less food waste in the Netherlands

25 April 2023

Dutch people are wasting less and less food, especially households. Since 2015, we are throwing away 23% less food. In 2022, Dutch people wasted an average of 33.4 kg of food per person at home. But, about a quarter of a...

The 'Bio Top 40': organic as the standard

25 April 2023

Replacing conventional products with an organic alternative is the most effective measure to boost the consumption and production of organic. For this reason, on 21 April 2023, Bionext published the 'Bio Top 40': a list ...

EFSA approves water lentil protein concentrate

21 April 2023

Rubisco Foods has received official confirmation from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that its protein concentrate, extracted from water lentils, is food-safe. The company had applied for Novel Food status in 2...

EU law on deforestation-free products is a reality

19 April 2023

On April 19, 2023, the European Parliament adopts a new law aimed at fighting global deforestation in order to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. The law will require companies to ensure that products sold in t...

What will we eat in a circular food system?

19 April 2023

A circular food system has huge potential benefits for both our own health and the health of our planet. But what will we eat in the circular food system? An international group of researchers from Wageningen University ...

Albert Heijn moving towards B Corp certification

19 April 2023

Albert Heijn is moving towards B Corp certification. Albert Heijn's mission statement is 'Making better food accessible together. For everyone'. B Corp certification fits seamlessly with Albert Heijn's movement towards a...

Innovating for food transition: 'We could step it up a notch'

18 April 2023

Almost all major challenges of our time are linked to our food system; the nitrogen debate, the climate crisis, the biodiversity problem, our health, the energy transition. Things have to change, everyone agrees. That ca...

The Dutch do not want to reduce meat consumption

17 April 2023

Dutch consumers are the least willing to change their meat consumption, according to a recent survey by Bonduelle. Of the six European countries surveyed, the Netherlands scores the highest (32%) in terms of the number o...

Consumers positive about vegetable coating fruit and vegetables

13 April 2023

Applying a vegetable protective coating to fresh fruit and vegetables can ensure quality and extend shelf life. Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (WFBR) investigated what consumers know about such a protective coatin...

Consumer willingness leads to circular economy

11 April 2023

A study by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) shows that the Dutch are willing to consume circularly if it is not more expensive or inconvenient.  The survey shows that most consumers are open ...

Online edition April 2023: Product innovation

11 April 2023

Almost all major challenges of our time are linked to our food system; the nitrogen debate, the climate crisis, the biodiversity problem, our health, the energy transition. Things have to change, everyo...

Renewable proteins and energy from seaweed

11 April 2023

We know seaweed mainly from sushi, and perhaps from chips. But it can also be made into paper, fabric, leather and bioplastic. "In a country like Korea, 30% of what they eat is based on seaweed. We are not ready for that...

CBL wants new basis for sustainability standard

05 April 2023

Supermarket organisations and foodservice companies in the Netherlands have decided to take further steps in the short term to work with Dutch farmers and market gardeners and civil society organisations to achieve a wid...