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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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WUR: We should not replace meat but reduce it

30 November 2022

The shift to consuming more plant-based protein is an essential aspect of the protein transition. “The responsibility lies not just with the individual consumer, and the solution lies not just in innovative food products...

Too Good To Go starts home delivery with Unilever

29 November 2022

Too Good To Go and Unilever are taking the next step in the fight against food waste. From 29 November 2022, it will be possible to use the Too Good To Go app to have a parcel with products from Unox, Knorr, Calvé and Co...

5 trends that will change the food sector

29 November 2022

The Dutch food sector is moving fast. Convenience trends, including delivery, have been driving growth in the sector for years. Fairly new is the focus on mental convenience. Reducing choice stress will be a major driver...

KIDV: Beverage cartons are quite recyclable

28 November 2022

According to research by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR), the recycling rate of beverage cartons was 31 per cent in 2020. Only the paper fibres were recycled; incidentally, these are not used in new bevera...

Sustainability industry strained by grid congestion

23 November 2022

New connections to the high-voltage grid are virtually impossible in a large part of the Netherlands. Grid operator TenneT reported 17 November 2022 that there is "grid congestion". The Netherlands is accelerating its en...

New opportunities for returned bread

23 November 2022

On 1 January 2023, the cabinet will unilaterally introduce a €30 million burden increase for the agricultural sector. On that day, the contribution that farmers, gardeners, growers, fishermen, processors and importers an...

Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

21 November 2022

We are on a journey, towards a new balance. In 2050, we want healthy, affordable and delicious food. Sustainably produced, of course. And for the people who will be living then: a world population of no less than abou...

Foodvalley - Join the journey

21 November 2022

A typical journey with Foodvalley starts with preparatory work so that innovations can land. We identify opportunities and build perspective towards the food transition towards 2050. Sometimes it's a winding road, to ...

Heat recovery for cleaning processes

21 November 2022

The basic principle of any refrigeration plant is to extract heat from products, among other things, and discharge it to a place where it does not cause a nuisance. The usual starting point is to release this heat to the...

Foodvalley connects insect supply chain

21 November 2022

Insects can play an important role in the circular food system. To make (products from) insects end up on consumers' plates more often, Foodvalley is setting the chain in motion with, among other things, a workshop, as a...

Dedicated to food: when cleaning runs through your veins

21 November 2022

Cleaning food companies with 70 people every day, washing 500,000 crates and 12,000 pieces of company clothing every week, taking over extra tasks from your customers with a smile, continuing to optimise your business an...

Foodvalley Shared Facility Finder

21 November 2022

An important tool with which Foodvalley wants to give the food transition a big push forward is the Shared Facility Finder: a platform on which all kinds of organisations can find and share facilities. Already some 350 r...

Foodvalley - international partnerships

21 November 2022

People around the world are working on similar themes to Foodvalley. It is crucial to pick up what is relevant, start the right collaborations to accelerate, and export concepts where appropriate. Jeroen Wouters Lea...

Foodvalley up to the plate

21 November 2022

Getting healthy, sustainable and efficiently produced food on our plates. Our experts identify promising opportunities at an early stage. With their sights set on 2050, but with application possibilities for today. To do...

WUR: Diversity between various groups of eaters

17 November 2022

Two recently published studies from Wageningen University & Research compared consumers with various eating patterns. The studies focussed specifically on meat eaters, flexitarians and vegetarians, and on the diversi...