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New proteins, what are they worth?

Proteins: we cannot do without them. But how well are new proteins capable of covering our nutritional needs, and what about when they have undergone all kinds of processing? Protein is an essential macronutrient in o..

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Healthy Food Manifesto drawn up

17 July 2020

On Thursday 16 July, a Healthy Food Manifesto was presented to election committees of political parties on behalf of dozens of organisations, including Transition Coalition Food, TAPP Coalition, Greenhouse Horticulture N...

Resumption of seaweed company Waddenwier

16 July 2020

Where it was previously known that Van Rijsselberghe had to stop his company Waddenwier, he still managed to realise a relaunch. Marc Van Rijsselberghe announced the news himself this week. "We are facing a serious salin...

Founding of Brightlands Future Farming Institute

14 July 2020

To contribute to technological innovation in the agri-food sector, Maastricht University (UM) is establishing a new research institute at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo: the Brightlands Future Farming Institute (BFFI...

CBL aims to set up a Food Collective with farmers

13 July 2020

Since the government promulgated the cattle feed measure, various groups of farmers have carried out actions at supermarket distribution centres. Various interviews with campaigners have shown that they are very concerne...

Less food waste during corona crisis

03 July 2020

A quarter of the households in the Netherlands said they wasted less food during the COVID-19 crisis than before. An online survey of 1,500 consumers, conducted by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and the Dutch Nu...

Ambition increase Sustainable Fruit & Vegetables Barometer

03 July 2020

With the independent quality mark 'Barometer Sustainable Fruit & Vegetables', wholesalers can demonstrate that they are doing business in a more sustainable way. Criteria are sustainable business operations and the p...

New offensive against packaging waste

03 July 2020

State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with producers, is launching a new offensive against packaging waste. She wrote this to the House of Representatives on Thursday 2 July. The ...

Smart Food Alliance: Ten-point plan food system

02 July 2020

Sustainable and healthy food at a fair price is within reach, this is what the Smart Food Alliance states in their 10-point plan. Smart Food Alliance: "Our members are committed to making our food system future-proof. Th...

Fiscal incentives for a healthier food system

01 July 2020

Firm price incentives are necessary to make the population more vital and resilient, according to the Transition Coalition Food. The coalition wants healthy food to become cheaper while highly processed and industrially ...

Toekomstbestendig verpakken

30 June 2020

Bent u producent en/of verwerker van verse levensmiddelen? Innovaties op de verpakkings- en verwerkingstechnologie voor úw producten staan nog altijd hoog op onze agenda! Zoals u de afgelopen periode heeft gezien make...

NIZO: Investigation of astringency in plant-based foods

29 June 2020

Astringency is an well-known aspect (some may call it a defect) of the taste of red wine, green tea and many types of fruit (e.g. grapes, bananas, persimmon). This ‘classical’ type of astringency has been shown by resear...

Dutch food system in 2050: healthy and circular

25 June 2020

Under the leadership of Imke de Boer (Professor of Animal Production Systems) and Evelien de Olde (researcher Animal Production Systems) of Wageningen University & Research, a team of farmers, representatives of natu...

HAK: Vegetable and local becomes the 'Green Normal'

22 June 2020

The Netherlands would benefit if it were to switch more quickly to sustainable, local cultivation methods, shorter supply chains, and a more vegetarian diet in which vegetables and legumes from the season play the main r...

Ongoing growth in more sustainable food

22 June 2020

Total turnover in food in Dutch supermarkets grew by 4.2% in 2019. Turnover in food products with independent quality marks grew much more strongly, by 26%. This is shown by figures from the Retail Quality Mark Monitor o...

25% market share for local food

22 June 2020

"It is possible to achieve a 25% market share of local food within five years," says Drees Peter van den Bosch, chairman of the Taskforce Korte Keten on the basis of the report 'More food from the short chain'. Currently...