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Hybrid potato: a revolution in the potato sector

A pioneering development in the potato sector has the potential to increase global food security and make agriculture more sustainable. The hybrid potato is poised to revolutionize both agricultural areas in Africa and W..

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TAPP Coalition: 57% of Dutch support meat and dairy tax

04 April 2023

More than half of the Dutch agree with a levy on meat and dairy provided healthy food is made cheaper, according to a survey by Ipsos among a representative selection of 1,039 Dutch people, commissioned by the TAPP Coali...

New insights for sustainable livestock farming

03 April 2023

Connecting Agri & Food BV recently published a report outlining instruments that can help improve the earning capacity of livestock farmers and create room for investments in sustainability and animal welfare.  ...

Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

01 April 2023

By 2050, we want healthy, affordable, and delicious food. Sustainably produced. Of course, we won't reach that destination overnight. The current system is a result of decades, centuries of built up, the change will also...

Foodvalley up to the plate

01 April 2023

The aim is to get healthy, sustainable and efficiently produced food on our plates. Our experts identify promising opportunities at an early stage, with their sights set on 2050, but with application possibilities for to...

Foodvalley connects insect supply chain

01 April 2023

Insects can play an important role in the circular food system. To allow insects or insect-based foods to end up on the plate of the consumer more often, Foodvalley is setting the chain in motion with, for example, a wor...

Foodvalley Shared Facility Finder

01 April 2023

One of the important tools that Foodvalley NL uses is the Shared Facility Finder (SFF) on Foodleap. This platform allows organisations to find and share pilot and research facilities and equipment. These include kitchen ...

Foodvalley - international partnerships

01 April 2023

People around the world are working on themes similar to those of Foodvalley. It is crucial to identify what is relevant and initiate the right collaborations to accelerate and export concepts where appropriate. Paola...

Foodvalley - Join the journey

01 April 2023

Our mission: In 2050 the food system needs to offer food security to 10 billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food, produced with respect for animals and our planet.  It is a major ...

Zero VAT fruit and vegetables unenforceable

30 March 2023

The plan to reduce VAT on fruit and vegetables from 9% to 0% is not only complicated, it will not help people to eat healthier. This is according to a study by SEO. The neutrality principle in VAT states that the gove...

Rabobank: Still plenty of challenges in food industry

30 March 2023

The food chain is struggling with increasing sustainability requirements, falling global market prices, rising costs, austerity-minded consumers and difficult price negotiations. Rabobank dwells on key economic developme...

ToekomstProef launched: sustainable food in healthcare

30 March 2023

The kick-off of ToekomstProef took place on 23 March 2023. This is an initiative of St. Food+Wellbeing and a number of strategic partners to make eating and drinking in care institutions not only better, but also measura...

Deposit on cans from 1 April 2023

28 March 2023

The first deposit can was handed in on 27 March 2023. This marks an important step towards the official start of the deposit system for cans as of 1 April. Cans with the deposit logo are now pouring in at supermarkets, c...

Quarter more sales for organic products in 2022

27 March 2023

Due to the growing supply of organic products, sales of organic products increased by 25% last year, according to new research by GfK (2023). 15% of the increase in sales was made up of increasing volume and 10% came fro...

Cabinet launches Industry Sustainability Program

27 March 2023

There are great opportunities for industry in the Netherlands to produce cleanly and reduce its negative impact on the living environment. To achieve this, the government will take more control and ensure more cohesion b...

Food Cabinet receives B Corp certification

27 March 2023

For over a decade, Food Cabinet has focused on a sustainable, fair and healthy food system. This is why the organisation chooses to work for and with brands, businesses and organisations that share these ambitions. "We f...