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GEA's first mobile test centre for New Food

Do you want to generate proof-of-concept without investing in your own pilot plant? This is now possible with the complete, mobile and modular industrial test units from GEA. For testing various products in cultivation a..

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Inflation blocks sustainability in food sector

24 May 2022

In the coming years, food companies must do more to improve working conditions in international supply chains and to limit environmental damage, due to legislation. At the same time, there is a lot of pressure from custo...

Turmoil in sustainability of the food chain

04 May 2022

The World Bank warns that we are in for a long period of high food prices as a result of the war in Ukraine. After the peak in 2022, it will take years before the prices of grain, palm oil, energy and fertilisers return ...

Labour shortage demands creativity from food companies

19 April 2022

Scarcity in the labour market is slowing down the growth of food companies. The shortage of people requires maximum creativity from entrepreneurs in engaging and binding staff in order to secure future growth. In additio...

Pork sector under pressure due to high costs

13 April 2022

Producers’ returns will be challenged by rising costs – including feed, energy, freight, herd health, and labor expenses. Production growth is expected to slow, as is global trade. Uncertainty remains regarding how consu...

Placement and hiring of migrant workers

12 April 2022

On 12 April 2022, ABN AMRO published the report 'Recruitment and hiring of labour migrants'. The report examined, among other things, the working conditions of migrant labourers in the food sector. It also describes vari...

Rabobank: 'World trade in poultry remains strong'

06 April 2022

Global poultry demand and trade will remain strong this year. The industry, however, will face challenges related to historic high cost inflation and logistic disruptions, which will especially impact low income countrie...

online editie duurzame productielijnen februari 2022

07 February 2022

Veel start-ups, scale-ups en mkb-ondernemingen in de foodsector ontwikkelen nieuwe producten en innovatieve technieken voor het extraheren van eiwitten uit grondstoffen. De energieprijzen blijven maar stijgen en...

Poster Meat, Fish and Fruit&Vegetable

01 January 2021

Via the trade journal Voedingsindustrie we distribute the poster MEAT, FISH and  Fruit & Vegetable . Because of the great demand, we also have these posters available online. Download them here without any obligation. ...

Rabobank: 'Food prices will remain high in 2022'

02 December 2021

2021 has been a year of unprecedented challenges on different fronts. The world is still fighting Covid and its economic and social consequences, which are still largely uncertain. Climate has been extreme in a number of...

Rabobank: disruptions on meat market also in 2022

23 November 2021

Those hoping that 2022 will bring calm after multiple market disruptions will likely be disappointed, according to Rabobank. Although markets are expected to calm down somewhat in 2022, many drivers of recent changes wil...

ABN AMRO: 'Margins in food sector under pressure'.

08 November 2021

The food sector faces many challenges in the period ahead. Higher energy prices, increased raw material costs and staff shortages will have a major impact on business operations and the already thin margins of food entre...

Food prices rise due to high gas price

19 October 2021

Businesses are suffering from the sharp rise in gas and electricity tariffs. Companies that pay variable energy tariffs are directly affected by the sharp increase in tariffs. Especially companies that use a lot of energ...

Entrepreneurs on the food sector after corona

13 September 2021

The Netherlands is slowly opening up again. What has changed in the past year due to the pandemic?  What is still in store for us? Food entrepreneurs talk about the most striking changes in the market. What will rem...

Unprecedented rise in food industry selling prices

06 September 2021

Output prices in the food industry rose by 8.7 percent in July this year compared to July last year. Such a high price increase in the food industry has not been measured since the start of the CBS publication series in ...

Opportunities in a rapidly changing food market

18 August 2021

Although restaurants are reviving after the corona-lockdowns, night catering and event catering are still struggling. The 'new way of working', where we work from home more often, seems to be a threat, but actually offer...