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Vleeskalverhouderij in 2023: uitdagingen en kansen

Uitdagingen voor de kalverhouderij komen in versneld tempo op de sector af. Denk aan maatregelen om stikstof te verminderen en het dierenwelzijn te verhogen. De relatie tussen kalverhouder en melkveehouder wordt hierdoor..

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Rabobank: Animal protein companies face an inflection point

07 December 2022

Animal protein companies face an inflection point with a need to respond to structural changes in the market even with production levels and prices likely to remain elevated next year, according to Rabobank Producers ...

Supermarkets notice drop in meat sales

05 December 2022

There has been a significant drop in meat sales in supermarkets over the past year. First of all, this is a correction to last year's supermarket run. In addition, prices are considerably higher, while consumers have les...

Dry summers factor into decline in dairy production

02 December 2022

The milk supply was lower than previous years due to dry summers in 2021 and 2022, among other factors. As a result, dairy production also decreased. In particular, production of milk powders for export decreased. Dairy ...

5 trends that will change the food sector

29 November 2022

The Dutch food sector is moving fast. Convenience trends, including delivery, have been driving growth in the sector for years. Fairly new is the focus on mental convenience. Reducing choice stress will be a major driver...

ING: High energy prices new test for food producers

17 November 2022

Are food producers able to absorb the high input costs, including energy, now that they remain high for the time being? In addition, companies also have to deal with large differences in compensation measures from nation...

Food producer struggles to charge through higher costs

11 November 2022

An accumulation of higher costs at various links in the chain is causing a historic increase in output prices in the food industry. In the coming period, some of these costs are expected to decrease slightly. For instanc...

Industry vulnerable to cybercrime

17 October 2022

Robotising and broadly digitising businesses has a down side: cyber risks are on the rise. At 1 in 5, the risk of a cyber attack is many times higher than the risk of fire (1 in 8,000) or burglary (1 in 250). Yet mitigat...

Major problems for the food industry

19 September 2022

Sharply rising costs and high uncertainty on the sales side are creating extraordinary times in the food industry. In the short term, inflation and a possible recession are the main strategic issues for many food entrepr...

ABN AMRO expects steady trend in demand for fish

26 August 2022

The demand for fish is rising. This is currently causing prices to recover. However, ABN AMRO analysts expect high inflation and lower spending capacity in the second half of this year to put pressure on consumer spendin...

Record number of company closures in food industry

16 August 2022

In the first half of this year, 310 companies in the food industry closed their doors. The number of closures has never been so high since Statistics Netherlands started measuring the number of company closures in 2007. ...

Rabobank: trade in seafood remains strong

02 June 2022

Global demand for fish and seafood rose sharply during corona and is expected to reach USD 13 billion by 2021. Rising demand for fisheries and aquaculture products made fish and seafood the most traded animal protein in ...

Low corn supply has big impact on feed costs

31 May 2022

For its feed, the Netherlands is highly dependent on imports from the Ukraine. Because of the war, the availability of corn is also under pressure. This affects the Dutch pig farming sector and the poultry sector in part...

Inflation blocks sustainability in food sector

24 May 2022

In the coming years, food companies must do more to improve working conditions in international supply chains and to limit environmental damage, due to legislation. At the same time, there is a lot of pressure from custo...

Turmoil in sustainability of the food chain

04 May 2022

The World Bank warns that we are in for a long period of high food prices as a result of the war in Ukraine. After the peak in 2022, it will take years before the prices of grain, palm oil, energy and fertilisers return ...

Labour shortage demands creativity from food companies

19 April 2022

Scarcity in the labour market is slowing down the growth of food companies. The shortage of people requires maximum creativity from entrepreneurs in engaging and binding staff in order to secure future growth. In additio...