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There are many short chains in Holland

Without noticing, there are many short-chain products in the supermarket, more than many people think. Jan Willem van der Schans, researcher at Wageningen University and Research, has done research on this subject. Accor..

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ASN Bank Wereldprijs zoekt slimme ideeën

21 August 2019

Een droom, briljant idee of concreet businessplan? Startende ondernemers, met een slim idee voor een betere wereld, kunnen zich vanaf deze week inschrijven voor dé competitie voor duurzame start-ups in Nederland. De ASN ...

Kwart bedrijven met personeelstekort

20 August 2019

Personeelstekort is al een tijdje een issue bij bedrijven. Nog steeds ervaart een kwart van alle bedrijven obstakels bij het uitvoeren van bedrijfsactiviteiten door een tekort aan arbeidskrachten. Aan het begin van het d...

Poster Meatindustry

16 August 2019

Every year, the professional magazine 'Voedingsindustrie' publishes a poster (A1) with the structure of the Dutch meat, meat products and convenience food industry. So much is changing in the Netherlands over the course ...

New method for blue energy

15 August 2019

Recently, researchers at Stanford University in America have developed a battery that can generate energy using freshwater and saltwater streams. This makes the research team the first to use a battery to generate 'blue ...

Tomorrow's food: Pills, powders and insects

15 August 2019

On Wednesday 10 July, De Studio, the new location of the NEMO Science Museum at Marineterrein Amsterdam, opened with the exhibition 'Voedsel van morgen' (Tomorrow's food). In this exhibition, NEMO, in collaboration with ...

Control everything you eat in one app

15 August 2019

Foodned wants to bring together different companies, services and applications in one app. In this app you collect all your eating moments and with this app the app maps out your nutrition. The app serves consumers with ...

Too Good To Go saves 1 million meals

13 August 2019

Since 22 January 2018, Too Good To Go has been effectively combating food waste in the Netherlands. The app now has a community of more than 800,000 registered app users who can go to more than 2,000 affiliated locations...

Hoarding Brits for no-deal Brexit

13 August 2019

The British have spent £4 billion on stockpiling in preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit, according to new research. One in five people are already hoarding food, drinks and medicines, and, according to a study b...

Term 'biological' should be better protected

12 August 2019

The organic sector argues for being allowed to protect the term 'organic' itself. Research by RTL News has shown that 68 companies make unjustified use of the protected term. In the Netherlands, the term 'biological' ...

IPCC: Land is a critical resource

09 August 2019

Land is already under increasing pressure and climate change is contributing to this. At the same time, global warming can be kept well below 2°C by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors, including agricultu...

Germany wants higher VAT on meat

09 August 2019

There is currently a political discussion going on in Germany about whether or not to increase the VAT rate on meat. The current VAT rate on meat is 7%. This could be increased to 19%. The approach to this adjustment is ...

&samhoud food makes vegan hot dog

07 August 2019

As of Monday 5 August, the vegetable hot dog will be available at HEMA. This icon of the future was developed by 2-Michelin-star chef Moshik Roth of vegetable-innovator &samhoud food. With this, HEMA is taking an imp...

Dutch price increase higher than EU average

05 August 2019

According to the CBS price dashboard, in the first half of 2019 there were more inflation indicators with a higher than usual price development than in 2018. Consumer prices, wages and prices for owner-occupied dwellings...

Jellyfish: Disgusting? They are useful!

05 August 2019

Global climate change and the human impact on marine ecosystems result in decreasing the number of fish in the ocean. Since overfishing decreases the numbers of jellyfish competitors, their blooms are in rise. They are r...

Additional aid for regional products

02 August 2019

Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) wants to increase the appreciation of Dutch regional products and promote their sale. In cooperation with the provinces, the plan is to organise a special t...