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Food industry vital sector

Food production in the Netherlands remains at an unabated high level. A recent tour of the members of the FNLI shows that production in the factories is at normal levels and that manufacturers are doing everything in the..

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COVID-19 maatregelen MULTIVAC

31 March 2020

MULTIVAC doet er alles aan om haar medewerkers en relaties te beschermen tegen het virus. Wij mogen onszelf momenteel gelukkig prijzen dat geen enkele collega getroffen is door dit virus. Wij informeren u graag dat wij o...

Corona en de effecten op de machinebouwers in food

30 March 2020

Het coronavirus houdt op dit moment de hele wereld en Nederland in zijn greep. De pandemie treft ook de bedrijven die machines ontwikkelen en bouwen voor de voedselproducerende sector. Het bestuur van de vereniging van m...

NVWA: voedingssupplementen helpen niet tegen het coronavirus

27 March 2020

De Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (NVWA) waarschuwt tegen reclames van verkopers van voedingssupplementen die de suggestie wekken dat hun producten helpen tegen het Coronavirus. Er zijn geen voedingssupplementen...

Free From Funtional Food Expo postponed to November

27 March 2020

The organisers of the Free From Functional & Health Ingredients (FFFHI) and Free From Packaging (FFP) have confirmed today that the events, which were planned to take place at the RAI Amsterdam from 24-25 June, will ...

Critical occupational group: the food chain is seen in a broad sense

26 March 2020

A number of professional groups have been identified as crucial to keeping Dutch society running under the conditions of COVID-19. People working in the food chain also belong to this group. The food chain is seen in a b...

FSIN: estimation of corona impact on food sector

24 March 2020

The world has been startled by the coronavirus and gradually the contours of the economic effects are beginning to become visible. FSIN offers direction to the food sector. Not all knowledge and insights about the course...

We won't let you down

17 March 2020

The coronavirus has a major impact on the economy and the continuity of everyone's business operations. The food industry is a vital sector and we all have to deal with it. It will be difficult, but we all have to mak...

Coronavirus: New arrangements

17 March 2020

In order to help entrepreneurs affected by the corona crisis out of the fire, the government has drawn up a few new regulations. Think of short-time working or tax deferrals. Below are the possibilities. Reduced worki...

Zwanenberg and Struik join forces

16 March 2020

The shareholders of Zwanenberg Food Group (ZFG) and Struik Foods Europe have decided that the companies will join forces as of 16 March 2020. This will create a broad food group with 1,800 employees and an annual turnove...

interpack postponed to 2021

13 March 2020

New date 25 February to 3 March 2021 Messe Düsseldorf is postponing the leading international trade fair interpack. It will now take place from 25 February to 3 March 2021. In doing so, Messe Düsseldorf is followin...

Empack postponed to June

12 March 2020

Following the postponement of several food trade fairs, the next edition of the Empack packaging trade fair will also be relocated due to the corona virus. Initially the fair would take place on 31 March, 1 and 2 April 2...

Marijke Evers on the succession of Henny Swinkels

12 March 2020

As of 1 January Henny Swinkels is only ambassador of the veal group VanDrie Group. In Marijke Evers (29) he has a good successor. It is now up to this young and ambitious lady to lead the world's largest veal integrat...

Dutch Supermarkets make food waste transparent

12 March 2020

An average of 98.3% of all food offered by supermarkets in the Netherlands is sold. 1.7% of the food, expressed in kilograms, does not reach the consumer. This shows research carried out by supermarkets, the Central Bure...

Antibacterial packaging less effective for greasier meat

12 March 2020

Researchers at Food Quality and Design discovered that the effect of antibacterial packaging depends, among other things, on the fat content in the meat. The packaging is more effective with lean minced meat than normal ...

EFSA: Food no transmission of corona virus

12 March 2020

EFSA is closely monitoring the situation regarding the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that is affecting a large number of countries across the globe. There is currently no evidence that food is a likely sourc...