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High demand for Dutch food

ABN AMRO estimates, based on export figures, that the export value of Dutch food products has increased by 5% over the whole of 2019. The export value of meat rose hardest, by more than 7 percent, as a result of African ..

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Packaging and labelling at Luiten Food

22 January 2020

Reliability is everything for meat supplier Luiten Food from Stompwijk. Together with ESPERA it came to a genius innovation in the field of packaging. The core: winning on speed, shelf life, quality and appearance.  V...

Longer shelf life fruit and vegetables

21 January 2020

Strawberry packaging at a constant high speed, corn cobs durable packaging; this is just a few of the MULTIVAC packaging concepts shown on the FRUIT LOGISTICA. Come to the stand and find out about packaging solutions tha...

Moving Mountains launches No-Pork burger

21 January 2020

Moving Mountains, known from vegetable burgers and hot dogs, is continuously developing various alternative meat products. After recently launching a sausage, the No-Pork Burger is now also available to the market. While...

KIDV: Ambitious out-of-home sector plan

20 January 2020

Leaders in the out-of-home sector will take concrete measures in the coming years to make packaging more sustainable and reduce litter. In collaboration with the Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV), a Se...

Dutch veal on International Grüne Woche

17 January 2020

Following its culinary campaign in Germany, the VanDrie Group is treating visitors to the Grüne Woche to a veal breakfast.  German consumers place high demands on their food and demand products that are produced ...

Huge sales increase in hybrid vegetable products

15 January 2020

Hybrid vegetable products have been available in Dutch supermarkets since 2016, and there are more and more variations on the shelves. Existing products are enriched with vegetables and legumes as ingredients. This gives...

Foodybag reduces food waste

14 January 2020

As of January 13th, restaurants will be able to display a special #waste-free logo behind their windows or on their menus to show their commitment to fighting food waste. What is not eaten may be taken home. The logo, la...

Dutch people think price of healthy food is too low

14 January 2020

Consumers think that our food has become healthier and more sustainable; we pay too little for it. These results of the study were presented at the New Year's Café of Schuttelaar & Partners, the consultancy for a hea...

Alternatives plastic can be worse for the environment

13 January 2020

Experts say that alternatives to plastic can sometimes have an even worse impact on the environment than plastic itself. Their use would, among other things, lead to higher CO2 emissions. The British Circular Taskforc...

Plukon and Fresh Care Convenience join forces

13 January 2020

Plukon Food Group and Staay Food Group announced on Friday 10 January that they had concluded an agreement in principle for the acquisition by Plukon of 51% of the shares of Fresh Care Convenience B.V. in Dronten (FCC). ...

Half meat and half vegetable in the meat shelf

08 January 2020

New for consumers who want to eat less meat but don't want to compromise on healthy properties and delicious taste, who are looking for the balance between enjoyment, responsible living and sustainability. FiftyFifty is ...

The Urker Zalmhuys is ready for the future

07 January 2020

In 2016 a major renovation started, which will be completed in 2020. The business premises will then be five times as large. In the meantime, a large part of the fresh produce department has been renovated. Various new m...

HAK: ‘Vegetables make everyone happy’

07 January 2020

The Netherlands dangles with an average of 134 grams at the bottom of the European lists of daily vegetable consumption. That is just over half of the recommended amount of 250 grams/day. The experts are more than unanim...

Unemployment comes to a standstill

07 January 2020

Both the Dutch and European unemployment rates have not fallen in recent months. The average unemployment rate in the EU countries will be 6.3 from May 2019, and the Dutch rate will be 3.5 from August. This makes the Net...

Bionext: Organic is Booming

07 January 2020

The maverick or hip and progressive: for a long time organic was mainly a niche market. But that's going to change a lot in the coming decade. 5X where and why organic will be booming in the next 10 years, according to M...