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Vleesindustrie levert 7,7% meer varkensvlees

Nederlandse slachterijen hebben in de eerste 28 weken van dit jaar in totaal bijna 8,72 miljoen vleesvarkens geslacht. De toename is deels een gevolg van minder export van slachtvarkens. In vergelijking tot 2020 gingen e..

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Responsible packaging

27 July 2021

In the dynamics of pursuing plastic-saving packaging concepts, we must not lose sight of food safety and the prevention of food waste. This is why MULTIVAC is constantly innovating in order to further develop its packagi...

Aantal foodbedrijven groeit sterk

26 July 2021

Het aantal bedrijven in voedingsindustrie neemt sterk toe, zo blijkt uit een analyse door onze redactie van recent door het CBS gepubliceerde cijfers. Begin derde kwartaal dit jaar telde de voedingsindustrie 6630 bedrijv...

'Taxes that are returned to farmer may be effective'

19 July 2021

Under the right conditions, income from taxes on meat products that is returned to livestock farmers by the government can make the livestock farming sector more sustainable. To be effective, it should also make use of c...

Carrefour launches Food Transition Pact at Belgian level

16 July 2021

Carrefour is launching a Food Transition Pact to bring together its national brand suppliers and seize the opportunity together to change consumer habits. More and more voices are calling for healthier and more environme...

Smart packaging results in sweeter taste

13 July 2021

For consumer acceptance, it is important that a product reduced in sugar tastes sufficiently sweet. Besides compensating the taste with sweeteners, there is another solution: through packaging features such as colour and...

Detecting bacteria with smart sensors

13 July 2021

Maastricht University, together with the Belgian universities of Leuven and Hasselt, has developed a sensor technology that can detect harmful bacteria on the spot during the production process. Researcher Rocio Arreguin...

Takeover of DEEN by Albert Heijn, Vomar and DekaMarkt

12 July 2021

The Dutch Authority for the Consumer & Market (ACM) has approved the sale of DEEN. Of the 80 DEEN stores, 38 will go to Albert Heijn, 23 to Vomar Voordeelmarkt and 19 to DekaMarkt. Albert Heijn will also take over th...

NEN wants ISO working group for plant-based food

12 July 2021

NEN has submitted a proposal to ISO to set up a new working group to work on technical definitions and criteria for plant-based food.  Various studies show that not only the demand for plant-based meals is increa...

Protein transition on existing production lines

08 July 2021

How can you determine whether existing production spaces, machines or lines are also suitable for processing protein-rich raw materials, manufacturing or packaging plant products. To guide the accelerating protein transi...

New collective agreement for vegetable industry

08 July 2021

Workers in the fruit and vegetable processing industry have a new collective agreement. The trade union members (CNV Vakmensen and FNV Voedingsindustrie) have accepted the employers' final CBA offer with a large majority...

Gosschalk increasingly in trouble

06 July 2021

The slaughter capacity is not getting into trouble despite the temporary closure of slaughterhouse Gosschalk. This is what the Central Organization for the Meat Sector (COV) and the Producers Organization for Pig Product...

Government buying worth 18% of total climate footprint

06 July 2021

In 2019, the Dutch government purchased €85 billion worth of products and services; 15 percent of total purchases in the Netherlands. The climate impact of this is 18 percent of the total Dutch climate footprint: that's ...

Russian group wants to acquire HAK

06 July 2021

Investment company NPM Capital has signed a preliminary agreement with Russia's KDV Group to acquire vegetable manufacturer HAK. KDV Group is an international food producer. KDV's products are available at more than 250,...

EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business

06 July 2021

On Monday July 5th 2021, the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business was signed by 65 pioneering companies and associations. This Code is an essential part of the EU's efforts to increase the availability and aff...

Automatically provide healthy product formulation

06 July 2021

Calculating the Nutri-Score is the newest tool in the FAST-Template for Food. The Nutri-Score is calculated based on your recipe and provides immediate insights during recipe creation. This allows you to change recipes i...