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Since BrightAnalytics, everyone speaks the same language

Libeert is already convinced of the huge benefits that automated management reporting can offer. Their operational reporting was becoming an increasing sales challenge, which is why the company opted for BrightAnalytics,..

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Adding value to waste from onion processing

21 October 2021

Onion growers and the processing industry, together with colleges Inholland and Van Hall Larenstein, have developed a process to add value to the large amount of residual flow generated by onion cultivation and processin...

UK food allergy labelling laws tightened

21 October 2021

Since 1 October, the UK Food Information Amendment, better known as Natasha's Law, has been in force, requiring the labelling of pre-packaged food for immediate sale to include a full list of ingredients with the 14 most...

Opposition Farm to Fork strategy

20 October 2021

As part of its Green Deal Roadmap, the EU Commission has launched the Farm to Fork (F2F) and Biodiversity (BD) Strategies to cope with the environmental and climate challenges. In recent months, several key reports and s...

EU Parliament supports Farm to Fork strategy

20 October 2021

Healthier food for consumers, a fairer income for farmers and less impact from the food industry on the environment. This is what the European Parliament wants to achieve in the coming years by embracing the so-called 'F...

Supermarkets take major strides in ICSR

19 October 2021

Three years after the international corporate social responsibility (ICSR) Food Covenant was signed, supermarkets affiliated to the CBL are well on their way to implementing their policies in full compliance with the OEC...

Food prices rise due to high gas price

19 October 2021

Businesses are suffering from the sharp rise in gas and electricity tariffs. Companies that pay variable energy tariffs are directly affected by the sharp increase in tariffs. Especially companies that use a lot of energ...

Online auction Process machinery for durable animal feed

15 October 2021

Several machines of Duynie Feed, a specialist in sustainable feed solutions, are auctioned online through the platform of Troostwijk Auctions due to replacement. Among others Flottweg belt filter press, Ventilex fluid be...

Innovative cucumber growers

15 October 2021

Innovative cucumber growers provide cucumbers from their own land all year round, thus making the market less dependent on imports from Southern Europe. They are participating in a research programme to develop the optim...

Vital food sector even after turbulent corona year

14 October 2021

The food industry remains a stable factor for the Dutch economy. This is despite the fact that the Brexit and the corona pandemic made 2020 an unprecedented turbulent year.This is evident from the Food Industry Monitor 2...

Fermentation can improve taste of plant-based proteins

14 October 2021

A new research project, partly funded by the Dutch government’s Top Sector Agri & Food initiative, aims to develop new fermentation processes to improve the quality and flavour of plant-based proteins.  Plant...

Experts wanted for plant-based foods standards committee

14 October 2021

Following an initiative by NEN, the ISO working group 'Plant-based Foods' was recently established. With the development of a new standard, the working group wants to offer clarity to what consumers and food-produci...

New sensors improve the quality of fresh produce

14 October 2021

To truly improve the quality of fresh produce and reduce food waste, you need real-time access to supply conditions and product information at every stage of the supply and production chain. But how do you achieve this? ...

Top Ten Foodtrends 2022: Planet is priority

13 October 2021

Consumers now rank the health of the planet as their number one concern, overtaking personal health which has been the top priority in recent years. In its Top Ten Trends for 2022, Innova Market Insights – the world’s mo...

CBL ambitions 'Sustainable Packaging' in detail

12 October 2021

In 2025, twenty percent less packaging material in the supermarkets than in 2020 and 95 percent of the packaging material is recyclable. How are the members of the CBL going to achieve these ambitious targets drawn up in...

Consumer not willing to pay for sustainable agriculture

12 October 2021

The biggest obstacle to making agriculture more sustainable is the higher price of sustainable products. Research reveals that most Dutch consumers are not willing to pay more for sustainable products, while the producti...