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Successful edition of Empack 2024

Empack 2024 in Gorinchem once again marked a highlight in the packaging industry. From April 9 to 11, the Evenementenhal Gorinchem was the venue for a major packaging event, organized by Easyfairs. According to the organ..

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Pringles shifts to recyclable paper packaging

11 January 2024

Pringles is ushering in an environmentally friendly change to its iconic canister. The familiar cylindrical packaging, launched in 1970, is undergoing a transformation with a paper base replacing the traditional metal en...

Upfield Launches Plastic-Free Tub for Plant Butters

09 January 2024

Upfield, a global leader in plant-based foods, has introduced the world's first plastic-free and recyclable paper tub for its plant butters and spreads. Created in collaboration with Footprint, MCC, and Pagès Group, this...

UK Supermarkets Face Plastic Packaging Ban for Fruit and Veg

08 January 2024

The UK government is considering new regulations that could eliminate pre-packed fruit and vegetable packaging in supermarkets. The proposed laws, slated for implementation in 2024, aim to reduce plastic waste by encoura...

PACE as an alternative labeling system? Think in active time!

05 January 2024

Weight loss is a common New Year's resolution for many individuals. While traditional calorie counting seems like an effective strategy, researchers from the University of Antwerp propose an alternative approach. Instead...

Food labels change snacking behavior

05 January 2024

A recent study by the University of Antwerp investigates the practical impact of nutritional labeling on adult snack choices, particularly in a professional setting. Snacking contributes significantly to excessive calori...

Verpact: Future-Proof Alliance for Packaging

27 December 2023

In an ambitious move toward a more sustainable future, Waste Packaging Fund and execution organizations Nedvang, KIDV, and Nederland Schoon unite their forces under the name 'Verpact,' effective January 1, 2024. This mer...

The SUP directive remains a dilemma

19 December 2023

In the Netherlands, a staggering 19 million plastic cups and food containers end up in the trash daily after a single use. Recognizing the urgency for change, the European Single-Use Plastics Directive was implemented. T...

Vergeer and adapa develop innovative cheese packaging

12 December 2023

Vergeer, a leading Dutch cheese supplier, and adapa, a specialized packaging company, join forces to create an innovative cheese packaging that not only catches the eye on the refrigerated shelf but also meets strict req...

Vacuum packaging is once again in style!

12 December 2023

Vacuum sealing fresh food not only saves plastic, space, and extends shelf life but also makes the product stackable and provides optimal protection. When using mono-material, the packaging is also ready for recycling! M...

EU takes a step forward in battle against waste and pollution

06 December 2023

On Wednesday, November 22, the European Parliament made a resolute stand to address the escalating waste crisis while simultaneously promoting reuse and recycling. With an overwhelming majority of 426 votes in favor, 125...

Microplastics under the microscope: 7 bold projects

04 December 2023

Seven innovative research projects collectively receive a subsidy of €2.1 million from ZonMw. These initiatives, united in the MOMENTUM 2.0 consortium, focus on micro- and nanoplastics. Spanning four crucial themes, the ...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at MULTIVAC

23 November 2023

Exciting offers on Black Friday 2023 from MULTIVAC! We're showcasing four brand-new, state-of-the-art MULTIVAC showroom packaging machines at significantly reduced prices. Along with these deals, enjoy additional benefit...

Sismatec & Sismation: Simplifying Automation

20 November 2023

Automation is increasingly significant in production and packaging processes. Sismatec, understanding this trend, has expanded with its automation division ‘Sismation’. This addition enhances their existing offerings, pr...

Allergen Labelling: Challenges and Developments

13 November 2023

Allergen labelling in the food industry is a critical issue, impacting consumer safety and informed decision-making. Despite clear regulations, challenges persist, particularly in compliance and keeping up with evolving ...

Circu-Sleeve: Award-Winning Innovation OPACKGROUP

31 October 2023

In a world where sustainability is increasingly becoming the norm, innovative ideas like OPACKGROUP's Circu-Sleeve play a pivotal role. This recent recipient of the Runner Up Award in the Non-Food Sustainability category...