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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Proseal Case Packer - Today's end-of-line solution

17 October 2022

With the Case Packer, Sismatec and Proseal offer the end-of-line solution for automatically packing trays/punnets/buckets (with top seal or lid) into crates and boxes at up to 160 packs per minute. This machine is the pe...

Pieter Pot wants more packaging-free products

03 October 2022

Pieter Pot is running a campaign during October 2022 to invite consumers as well as major players in the food industry to commit more to packaging-free products. Pieter Pot has been campaigning against the use of single-...

Drink cartons most sustainable way of packaging

13 September 2022

Trade association HEDRA ( consists of Tetra Pak, Elopak and SIG Combibloc) is speaking out following recent reports on the level of sustainability of beverage cartons. Inge Eggermont, director of HEDRA, says: "By using r...

Zodiac printer matches perfectly with foil packaging

12 September 2022

The Zodiac TTO printer is ideal for printing on labels and (flexible) foils. In various foil packaging machines, such as flow packers (horizontal and vertical), tray seal machines and thermoformers, this printer prints t...

Proud of the meat sector: Passion to efficient marketing

12 September 2022

Put two original butchers together and the conversation soon turns to their passion for the butcher's profession and a good piece of meat. Passion that still shines through in their current jobs at Diviande and Sismatec:...

Coding, labelling or inspecting meat substitutes?

12 September 2022

'Your success gives us pleasure'. At De Koningh they go out of their way to help you. With their reliable products and optimal service they make the difference every day. "For over 50 years small and large food companies...

Packaging is the new raw material

09 September 2022

Whether we like it or not, very strict laws and regulations are coming our way in the field of packaging. We find ourselves in the calm before the storm. Warning: DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE if you are a fan of short-sighte...

MULTIVAC nu ook op Slavakto 2022

30 August 2022

Zoek je een flexibele oplossing voor het verpakken van vlees(producten) in kleine of middelgrote batches? De oplossingen van MULTIVAC voor zowel rauw als verwerkt vlees bieden een uitstekend investeringsrendement. Voor s...

The print head is crucial in an inkjet printer

23 August 2022

Several facets play an important role when choosing a small character inkjet printer. Of course the technical specifications, ease of use and reliability. Especially the print head of the machine determines for a large p...

Simple method discovered to destroy PFAS

22 August 2022

There’s finally hope for a simple, cheap way to destroy a class of ubiquitous environmental toxins found in shampoos, fast-food wrappers, and fire-dousing foams. A common ingredient in soap, mixed with water and an organ...

KIDV compares international disposal logos

03 August 2022

The KIDV has made an initial comparison of the use of disposal logos on packaging in various European countries. KIDV published an overview of this, which makes it clear to companies which logos are used in those countri...

Sustainable straws turn out to be unsustainable

02 August 2022

As an alternative to plastic straws, paper straws are mostly used nowadays. These straws are often advertised as 100% biodegradable, but are these plastic alternatives really sustainable and biodegradable? Two bachelo...

KIDV makes packaging guidelines clear

25 July 2022

The corporate world faces many challenges in the area of packaging legislation and policy. The Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (KIDV) has published a timeline in which many of these aspects are listed. The curr...

124 million for approach to circular plastics

18 July 2022

The government has approved the first phase of Circular Plastics NL and is investing 124 million euro from the Growth Fund. With the implementation of Circular Plastics NL, the government, companies and knowledge institu...

Longer shelf life due to new packaging technique

13 July 2022

PerfoTec and Oerlemans Plastics have started a collaboration to make packaging for fruit, vegetables and flowers more sustainable. The machine manufacturer and packaging producer are creating a unique packaging technique...