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New offensive against packaging waste

State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with producers, is launching a new offensive against packaging waste. She wrote this to the House of Representatives on Thursday 2 July. The ..

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Hightech to feed the world

14 June 2016

The Dutch Topsector Agri & Food has approved eight applications for hightech seed money projects in which companies from the agrifood sector will work together with hightech companies to develop hightech solutions. T...

Direct twee kleuren printen

10 May 2016

De CAB Hermes C is het eerste labelingsysteem dat direct twee kleuren kan printen en vervolgens aanbrengen op een product of verpakking. De machine is speciaal ontwikkeld voor applicaties die moeten voldoen aan de GHS (G...


10 May 2016

Group of Butchers is an innovative manufacturer of meat products with facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over the past few years the company has repeatedly won the ‘Indistrubutie Trofee’ award recognising the ret...

Country of origin labelling

10 May 2016

Schreijer objects to plan that will make food more expensive If the European Parliament gets its way, food prices could rise by almost 10% since producers of ‘lightly processed’ dairy and meat products will be require...

Organic: a concept for the future

10 May 2016

IFOAM-EU recently held its 10th European Organic Congress. The two-day event was officially opened by Martijn van Dam, Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs. Van Dam sees the agricultural transition as offering very...

Digitising the chain

10 May 2016

The new Field Lab called ‘The Smart Connected Supplier Network’ opened recently at the Hannover Messe. The Field Lab is focused on collaboration and sharing information across company borders in the high-tech supply chai...

De toekomst van ons voedsel

10 May 2016

Eind april werd door de Groep ‘Diverse Werkzaamheden’ van de EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) in Den Haag een conferentie georganiseerd  over onder andere voedselproductie en duurzaamheid en gezonde voe...

“A significant quality improvement"

10 May 2016

“Consumers nowadays have such a wide choice so we have to set ourselves apart in several different ways,” says Ferry Stevens, who is responsible for quality at Febo and was closely involved in the brand’s recent upgrade....

Uninvited guests: Toxoplasma gondii

10 May 2016

Virtually all organisms, including humans, can carry parasites: worms, fleas, lice, ticks. Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most common parasitic zoonoses worldwide and it can have severe consequences for pregnant women i...

BIG DATA in practice

10 May 2016

Left Loyalty together with its media partners Wallbrink Crossmedia and b2b Communications is unlocking the secrets of big data in food. Virtually every company uses LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, their own newslett...

Improving quality in chilled food products

10 May 2016

The entire organisation plays a role in quality. It is becoming increasingly common for quality specialists to work together with colleagues from other departments in order to take quality to the next level. Here, three ...

Energiebesparende klimaatscheiding

12 April 2016

Het Biddle industrie-luchtgordijn, model IndAC2 ambient, garandeert niet alleen een optimale klimaatscheiding in de deuropening, maar zorgt ook voor een constante temperatuur in het vrieshuis en reduceert het energieverb...

De revolutie van tray pack handling

12 April 2016

Intralox (IFFA stand 9.0 D77) heeft een revolutionair nieuw systeem ontwikkeld voor het transport van Tray-Pack schaaltjes: Active Integrated Motion™ (AIM™). De AIM-technologie is ontwikkeld voor het samenvoegen, sortere...

Hoge automatiseringsgraad

12 April 2016

Marel lanceert tijdens IFFA (hal 8.0, stand J96/K90) een groot aantal innovatieve oplossingen voor de primaire en secundaire verwerking van vlees. De systemen voor de verdere verwerking hebben een hoge automatiseringsgra...

Developing innovative concepts

12 April 2016

At family-run company Ruitenberg Ingredients in Twello conceptual ideas, ingredients and processes are combined. These three pillars form the basis for the successful development of high-quality products. The company eve...