KIDV makes packaging guidelines clear
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KIDV makes packaging guidelines clear

  • 25 July 2022

The corporate world faces many challenges in the area of packaging legislation and policy. The Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (KIDV) has published a timeline in which many of these aspects are listed. The current state of affairs regarding the SUP legislation is also published.

KIDV puts legislation and regulations in a clear timeline

The timeline is particularly useful for companies to look ahead to new measures, such as those aimed at reducing single-use cups and food packaging. These will come into force partly in 2023 and partly in 2024 and will have a major impact on different types of packaging. The timeline also provides insight into existing legislation - such as the Packaging Management Decree amended last year - and mentions current topics, such as the extension of producer responsibility and the higher recycling targets. Furthermore, the timeline contains documents and references to the European Commission and the Dutch government, which underpin the circular economy policy for packaging.

After the publication of the ministerial regulation for disposable plastic packaging this spring, the KIDV updated the information on the website about the implementation of the European SUP directive. The KIDV decision trees, with which companies can determine whether their packaging is covered by this directive, have also been updated.

View the timeline (Dutch only)
View the Single Use Plastics Directive (Dutch only)

Source: KIDV