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Contamination risks evaporators severely underestimated

In most refrigeration, freezing and production rooms, evaporators are installed on the ceiling. These might look clean and hygienic on the exterior, but are heavily contaminated on the inside. The result: contamination r..

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Key pillars of hygiene and process optimisation

10 February 2015

Conveyor belts, plastic modular belts, positive drive belts and conveyor chains: Habasit’s broad product spectrum offers literally endless options to meat-processing companies. “Because we are a full-range supplier, we a...

CIP = fundamental

18 November 2014

Version 7 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety will be applied in audits from July 2015 onwards. The previous version dated from June 2011 and came into effect on 1 January 2012. One fundamental aspect of version 7...

Rodent-proof construction

18 November 2014

Vermin exclusion is an increasingly important aspect of food-safe construction which, although a challenging element within factory design, is not impossible. Here Cordy Volkers, project manager at Bessels Architekten &a...

Great Italian Food Trade

18 November 2014

"Food and beverages made in Italy". It sounds easy, but it is difficult to distinguish true excellence in the vast expanse of products that drive the global market. GIFT – Great Italian Food Trade, the international port...

Recruiting, motivating and developing

18 November 2014

The food industry is facing a shortage of technologists, and well-qualified operators are in high demand. It is important to provide training: if you fail to do so, you risk losing out to your competitors. Read on to lea...

Supporting the positive evolution of the company culture

18 November 2014

Vergeer Holland is proof that innovation is always possible, even with a traditional product such as cheese. The company’s product range is evolving all the time, and so too it its workforce: employees have plenty of opp...

Respect takes cleaning to the next level

14 October 2014

“In the meat processing industry, cleaning is vital,” states Theo Dolleman, Production Manager at meat processing company Westfort in Oudewater. “Our board of directors expects the standard of cleaning to approach perfec...

The benefits of Kleentec Hygiene

14 October 2014

A hygienic manufacturing environment can help to improve the efficiency and performance of production processes. “However, the responsibility to ensure a hygienic environment should never become a burden on the food manu...

Alleviating hygiene concerns

14 October 2014

Menken, a manufacturer of spreadable salads and meat products, has chosen to completely eliminate any concerns about hygiene by working with Eco2Clean. Eco2Clean shoulders final responsibility for hygiene and supplies th...

Hygiene and cleaning to a higher standard

14 October 2014

A food manufacturer’s production process is always carefully designed down to the smallest detail, yet that efficiency is sometimes still lacking in the cleaning process. Cleaning should run as smoothly as a pit stop. Qu...

Reinigen met Clean-Machine

14 October 2014

Clean-Machine reinigt voor de voedselverwerkende industrie kratten, bakken, emmers en pallets onder zeer hoge druk en tot 80°C. Na reiniging droogt, desinfecteert en stapelt het bedrijf de kratten. De Clean-Machine reini...

Innovative packaging concept: Mylar

14 October 2014

An innovative packaging concept which enables food products – and their packaging – to be placed from the freezer directly into the oven or microwave or on the contact grill. It saves energy, reduces food waste and impro...

Hygiene and cleaning in your silo

14 October 2014

Do you dare to open your silo just as enthusiastically? Of course, that’s a matter of conscience – but one that should not be underestimated. Because no matter how attractive and flavoursome your products are when they f...

When will you start saving?

09 September 2014

Do you want to reduce container- and IBC cleaning costs while maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards within your company? The innovative cleaning-unit from D&W Process Technology offers you the perfect po...

Snel en betrouwbaar

09 September 2014

Minimaliseren van microbiologische risico’s? Controle krijgen over de fysische eigenschappen van uw product zoals textuur, kleur, smaak en voedingswaarden? Het meten van wateractiviteit (Aw-waarde) met meetinstrumenten v...