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Incorrect cost allocation in meat and livestock inspections

In a recent development, the Business Appeals Tribunal (CBb) ruled that some of the costs for meat and livestock inspections should not have been borne by slaughterhouses and livestock exporters. This judgment follows a ..

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Sustainable palm oil is the norm

14 June 2016

84% of all the palm oil processed by the Dutch food industry in 2015 was sustainable, according to the final report by the Task Force Sustainable Palm Oil. The percentage of sustainable palm oil in the Dutch food indu...

Hightech to feed the world

14 June 2016

The Dutch Topsector Agri & Food has approved eight applications for hightech seed money projects in which companies from the agrifood sector will work together with hightech companies to develop hightech solutions. T...

RBK Group

10 May 2016

Per 1 januari 2016 heeft de directie; Peter Harmens (links) en Theo Vliek, de RBK Group overgenomen. RBK Group, opgericht in 1978, is een automatiserings- en adviesbureau voor voedingsmiddelenbedrijven. Onder het motto ‘...

Meer betalen voor NVWA-toezicht

10 May 2016

Op 1 mei 2016 zijn de tarieven voor regulier NVWA-toezicht in onder andere pluimveeslachterijen met meer dan 10% verhoogd. De Vereniging van de Nederlandse Pluimvee Verwerkende Industrie (NEPLUVI) reageert furieus op de ...

Organic: a concept for the future

10 May 2016

IFOAM-EU recently held its 10th European Organic Congress. The two-day event was officially opened by Martijn van Dam, Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs. Van Dam sees the agricultural transition as offering very...

De toekomst van ons voedsel

10 May 2016

Eind april werd door de Groep ‘Diverse Werkzaamheden’ van de EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) in Den Haag een conferentie georganiseerd  over onder andere voedselproductie en duurzaamheid en gezonde voe...

“A significant quality improvement"

10 May 2016

“Consumers nowadays have such a wide choice so we have to set ourselves apart in several different ways,” says Ferry Stevens, who is responsible for quality at Febo and was closely involved in the brand’s recent upgrade....

Uninvited guests: Toxoplasma gondii

10 May 2016

Virtually all organisms, including humans, can carry parasites: worms, fleas, lice, ticks. Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most common parasitic zoonoses worldwide and it can have severe consequences for pregnant women i...

Improving quality in chilled food products

10 May 2016

The entire organisation plays a role in quality. It is becoming increasingly common for quality specialists to work together with colleagues from other departments in order to take quality to the next level. Here, three ...

Treat farmers, fishermen and processors with respect

10 May 2016

On 11 April 2016 #Foodtopia – an exhibition about the future of our food – opened at Rabobank headquarters. Food and agriculture expert Prof. Dr. Ir. Louise O. Fresco, chair of the executive board of Wageningen Universit...

Toelating CTGB voor Nocolyse Food

12 April 2016

In maart heeft Simpel Desinfecteren ‘Nocolyse Food’ op de Nederlandse markt gebracht. Eind december 2015 gaf het College voor de toelating van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en biociden (Ctgb) de Nocolyse Food-vloeistof de of...

Food product improvement

12 April 2016

Everyone knows that eating less salt, less saturated fat and less sugar is better for their health. If consumers were to opt in their masses for low-salt alternatives of processed food products it could result in 5% fewe...

Colourful and natural!

12 April 2016

Consumers all over the world are increasingly health-conscious and pay more attention to the products they eat and drink every day. In order to map out the extent of this ongoing trend towards more naturalness and its im...

Food from less-refined ingredients

12 April 2016

To produce our daily foodstuffs, grain, soya beans and potatoes are separated into ingredients, or ‘fractions’, that are as pure as possible. That is inefficient and not particularly sustainable, according to Prof. Dr. A...

Testen van lekdichtheid verpakkingen

08 March 2016

WITT heeft op het gebied van het testen van verpakking op lekdichtheid een nieuwe dimensie toegevoegd. Op stand B107 vertellen ze u meer over de bekende Leakmaster Easy®, die nu ook uit te breiden is met Leakmaster Easy+...