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World Food Experience destination plan overturned

The Council of State ruled on Wednesday 28 December 2022 in the appeal proceedings of the Stichting Milieuwerkgroepen Ede against the zoning plan for the World Food Experience. Unfortunately, the Council of State ruled t..

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Festive opening of MULTIVAC building after makeover

13 December 2022

Together with employees, the main contractor, architect, relations, customers and other stakeholders, Tim Hage, director MULTIVAC Netherlands, opened the completely renovated building in Woerden on Friday 2 December 2022...

Antibacterial and antiviral through and through

21 November 2022

No coating, but antibacterial and antiviral through and through: this is what Jackit has been successfully installing with Sealwise recycled panels in renovations for the food processing industry for over two years. The ...

Start with the basics: Don't give bacteria a chance

21 November 2022

Bacteria are everywhere but often unwanted. Especially in environments such as laboratories and food plants, they should not be given a chance. So how can you prevent bacterial growth? With high-quality antibacterial wal...

Optimised business processes with RBK Group

18 October 2022

streamlines business processes with software solutions such as the well-known FOBIS®. But there is more. With innovative new construction and remodelling, the group acts as a one-stop shop for any company that wants to b...

Major construction project at Voncken Bakery

17 October 2022

Every day, some 150 delivery points plus its own 23 shops are supplied from Voncken Bakery's production location in Kerkrade with, among other things, fresh bread, flans and chocolate products. A huge logistics operation...

Save money with wall panels from Sealwise

17 October 2022

Jackit is a renovation and sealant company specialising in the food industry. The exclusive Sealwise WCB panel material they use for walls, corners and ceilings is thoroughly antibacterial as well as antiviral. It is als...

Online edition June 2022: Construction and renovation | Cooling and freezing

20 June 2022

When you talk about constructing and renovating, you can't avoid talking about sustainability and circularity. But there are more developments that influence construction. (Food) safety requirements are becom...

Judith Witte: The more I learn, the more I realise what I do not know

20 June 2022

I actually wanted to write about the nitrogen crisis here. Because the reduction of nitrogen will seriously hamper or delay construction, especially in regions with high emissions. To make sense of a difficult subject, I...

Construction and renovation: Safety first

20 June 2022

In the food industry, there is always a need for expansion and renovation. Food safety and sustainability requirements become stricter, legislation changes. When you discuss construction and renovation, you cannot avoid ...

The importance of safety in the workplace

20 June 2022

Small packages of grated cheese are an integral part of the Dutch kitchen. Everyone knows that grating yourself results in rather greasy kitchen material. Of course this is no different for a professional cheese processo...

Van der Zee: Fewer locations for more growth

20 June 2022

How do you guarantee quality, continuity and service in times of scarcity of raw materials and personnel? How do you incorporate sustainability into this process? And how do you achieve growth? Van der Zee opted for cent...

Flevosap as good as new thanks to renovation

20 June 2022

When you drink apple juice, it should only be the apple that you taste. It is exactly that pure taste that the people behind the Flevosap brand are working for every day; in their own orchards in Biddinghuizen and at the...

JacKit renovates at Maasland Vleeswaren

16 May 2022

JacKit has recently renovated a quick cooling system with Sealwise at Maasland Vleeswaren B.V. During the job it turned out once again that you can always come across unexpected problems during a renovation. In this case...

Roma Nederland part of Cold Care Group

11 March 2022

Roma Nederland B.V. will become part of the Cold Care Group, a participation of NewPort Capital, with immediate effect (10 March 2022). K.I.M. Nederland B.V. has been part of the group since April 2021. The Cold Care Gro...

Construction robots gain ground; market triples in 2030

09 February 2022

The use of robots is also necessary in the construction sector: to increase labour productivity, make construction safer and more sustainable and reduce failure costs. The good news is that Dutch robot producers and spin...