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Verpakken en etiketteren bij Luiten Food

Betrouwbaarheid is alles voor vleesleverancier Luiten Food uit Stompwijk. Samen met ESPERA kwam het tot een geniale innovatie op het gebied van verpakken. De kern: winnen op snelheid, houdbaarheid, kwaliteit en uitstrali..

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Always on the lookout for sustainable cooperation

11 November 2019

The success of Koç Vleeswaren is due to the great enthusiasm of the Gürcüoğlu brothers, says director Hikmet Gürcüoğlu. This enables the company to make the finest product, production technology and market approach. ...

Brewing clean and tasty beer

11 November 2019

Kees Bubberman brews beer in Middelburg, Zeeland. Since 2015. Thanks to its consistent quality and surprising flavours, Kees' beer is a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond. Beer that is brewed according to a...

Oriental ready for the future

11 November 2019

At the new location of Oriental in The Hague, a new kitchen of 1,500 m² has recently been fitted out. Martin Chan, Managing Director of Oriental Holding Europe: "Here our chefs prepare authentic Asian dishes and products...

What machine suits your company?

07 October 2019

"Does a customer want a sausage of 350 grams instead of 300 grams? We will make it for you. More mustard? No problem! Long rib cut in half in a crate, or rather in three pieces? You name it. I can hardly say no. I like e...

Rejuvenation warrants continuity at Bessels

10 September 2019

Bessels architekten & engineers has its 40th anniversary in October. ‘My ambition is to continue for many more years’, says founder and owner Herman Bessels, who will be 70 soon. But he does not do this on his own: a...

Yakult: ‘We are a bacteria company’

10 September 2019

Worldwide, 40 million people drink the fermented dairy drink Yakult. The production process starts with a small tube of bacteria of our mother company from Japan. ‘Growing a minimum of 6.5 billion bacteria per bottle in ...

Shelf space for the food of the future at LIDL

10 September 2019

Burgers of tomato surpluses, bitterbals of circularly grown oyster mushrooms and muesli of saved peanuts. These and other sustainable products, coming from start-ups, were on the shelves of Lidl last summer. A next step ...

Three generations of passion for honest meat

10 September 2019

Mark Willems was only 18 when he joined his father’s partnership and was given the opportunity to start a meat-processing company within it: the third generation of a family with a passion for honest meat. During the ...

Opportunities for Simons Halal Food

07 May 2019

In 1991, Simons started producing halal meat products on a small scale. In 2019, the company is operating globally on a large scale. What happened between then and now?  Simons Halal Food is the largest supplier ...

Cultuuromslag bij Pieter van Meel

07 May 2019

Als 21-jarige student stapte Thomas van Meel na het wegvallen van zijn vader in het poeliersbedrijf Pieter van Meel. Voor iedereen wennen, niet in de laatste plaats voor hemzelf. Coach Jolande van Driel van CoachHouse hi...

Steam boilers make the difference

07 May 2019

When you enter the premises of catering company Uitgekookt, you immediately taste the atmosphere, the innovation. Future-oriented cooking is key here. The electric steam boilers from Scharff Techniek are of great added v...

Collaboration goes beyond partnership

07 May 2019

Sismatic supplies a broad range of high-quality machines for the food industry, but was lacking a partner in the field of processing and preparing food. Schomaker supplies those machines and has found an ideal partner fo...

With the OSV at Simons Halal

28 April 2019

On Thursday 25 April 2019, we visited Simons Halal Food in Roermond, together with more than 60 members of the Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV).  Simons Halal Food is the largest supplier of private lab...

Setting course at the kitchen table

09 April 2019

Jos Looman (31) started his career at Rundvlees & Co six years ago. As soon as he saw an opportunity, he took on more responsibilities. And now he manages the beef wholesaler. With success: Rundvlees & Co is grow...

Focus on industrial craftsmanship

09 April 2019

Nijland B.V., a company that processes and produces chicken and vegetarian products, always listens to the market. By using the latest technology, they continuously respond to client and consumer demands with new innovat...